Wasabi peas

Wasabi peas

June 1, 2009   6 Comments

What exactly are Wasabi peas? They are fried peas with a mustard sauce on them. You can find them in most Asian sections of the supermarket. They go great with beer and are a great replacement for Doritos or Fritos.

Sweet, salty, and spicy, Wasabi peas have it all. A fried food usually wouldn't merit a smiley face but this one is different. Hailing from Japan, the mustard like taste of Wasabi is so strong that you can't eat many of them. Check out Rice crackers if you want something less powerful.

It would be difficult to eat the entire 1/4 cup serving in one sitting. Your stomach would probably start to protest after about 10 peas.

The fantastic thing about Wasabi peas is that you are eating peas! Peas have iron, protein, vitamins, and other things you need to have a healthy body. Of course, an entire cup of peas is 100 calories so you are adding some fat to the pea. But, they are so tasty it is worth it.

It is rare to find a processed vegetable that still retains its character without too much fat. If you are looking for a great tasting, nutritious snack, that (if you eat in moderation) won't add to your waistline, wasabi peas are an answer.

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I've seen them so many times, but never picked up a can because I just do not like the taste of wasabi...but I do have a friend whose favorite food is wasabi (but first in the list is candy). I'll try them if someone offers me some because it'd be a waste to buy a can and not like/eat them.

on December 22, 2010

Being a chile head, I can tell you....you can definitely eat more than a few of these guys, esp after you develope a taste for them. Luckily, this isn't a bad thing.

In addition to the iron, protein, and carbs, they also contain fiber. Wasabi also has health benefits and contains isothiocyanates which are believed to offer cancer protection. It's considered an anti inflammatory, and has antibacterial properties.

Add in the fact that these are also very shelf stable, light weight, and perfect to throw in your pack for the trail. Throw in some dried frut, nuts and seeds....and you're goood to go.

on March 16, 2011

Oooh, wasabi peas are plenty of tasty! Just make sure to have a beverage with them

on March 31, 2011

Make sure you check the label - Baked are best - fried not so good. M&S offer a little snack pot which are quite cheap

on May 18, 2011

wasabi peas are great and you definetly don't have to worry about eating of the serving size. They're so spicy you won't be able to eat over it!!

on August 20, 2012

I love the mighty punch these little peas offer. They also have a great crunch to their size, but I agree with LS: Once you develop a taste for them, you can definitely eat more than a 1/4 cup if you're not aware of portion size. (If you buy these at health food store bulk bins, that's easy to do). Another thing to watch for is the ingredients.
They often contain artificial dyes for either the peas or the wasabi. Not good!!

on September 26, 2012

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