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Lisa Cain, aka Snack Girl
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In 2006, I was sitting in a doctor’s office receiving the news that I needed to lose weight. After having 2 children, the pounds were increasing and my doctor was worried that the numbers on the scale would keep going up.

I had to lose weight and I wasn’t sure how. I tried a whole bunch of different diets and found that I could lose weight but then I would gain it back.

It was time for a different approach.

My new strategy was to go after each bad habit, one by one, until I became healthier. I stopped weighing myself and started paying attention to how I felt when I ate food that nourished me.

In 2009, I started writing Snack Girl because most packaged snacks are junk food and I wanted to create a resource for healthy snacking. My thought was that if I could start replacing cookies, chips, ice cream, soda, and candy with something healthy – that could be a start toward a healthier lifestyle.

Five years later, Snack Girl is growing (hurray!) with more and more people who want to make a shift.

After I started writing about healthy snacking for a while, I found that my readers wanted MORE than snacks. They wanted breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and strategies for dealing with the onslaught of food that keeps on coming.

I wrote my book, Snack Girl to the Rescue!, as a guide to address as many issues as I could think of to help people get healthy. The recipes in the book are like a toolbox of delicious, easy food that supports your body.

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Dear Snack Girl

I love love love this website. I am a Direstor of a Fitness Cluc in Bronxville, NY and have shared this wwebsite with all the members. It gives great information and tips. Just wanted to say Thank You.


Creme de la peanut paninis are a favorite in my household. I had forgotten about the oldie-but-goodie: Ants on a Log. Thanks for the reminder.

I am so impressed with your website. I am working toward becoming healthier and need practical advice. I find all the "healthy" foods so confusing in the store because as you said they try and make it a selling point, but they aren't always what they are advertized to be.

Hi Lisa. I just want you to know I gave you a well deserved award for being one of my top four favorite blogs! I really love reading what you have to say... Check out my blog for the compliments!

I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled across this website today (the hamburger experiment was linked to another site I visit regularly) and I find it amazing and informative. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Glad to share you views. I teach community based classes on basic eating and cooking techniques. Consumerism is a immersed into the classes as much as possible. I am a consumer nutrition , aka common sense back to basics, educator. I am enjoying your site. I too am a stumbler, slym22.

I agree, eating healthier is a lot easier than people think. It's simply making the right food choices. Proper meal planning and eating at home, you can control the ingredients, ensuring a healthy dish for your family.

Yahoo and Amen! What an awesome site! Are we in a wellness revolution or what? I teach individuals, families and small groups on how to have diet and lifestyle be their number one health strategy! And we offer an easy way for people to get the nutrition of fruits and vegetables every day. Everything that you are promoting! You go girl!

Love your site! Your posts are informative and digestible. I love your applicable information and your explanation of how easy it is to make better eating decisions. Thank you!

Hi, I found your site from a link from Jenn at Slim Shoppin'. OMG, I love it!!! I've already bookmarked it and will be visiting regularly! Thanks for all the great info!

An inspiration! Well written and full of valuable information. Keep it up!

I'm an AVID snacker and smart snacking has been the KEY to making sure I'm hitting my health goals (without feeling hungry). I love Snack Girl because Lisa incorporates reviews of packaged products with easy recipes AND includes nutritional information for all her snacks. She's inclusive too, so if you're gluten-free, on weight-watchers or diabetic you can find recipes there. She's great on pre-planning, getting the most bang for your buck & recipes that are so easy ANYONE can make them. She's humble, funny & smart. Great content & I'm a big fan. Sign up for the newsletter! Only one I actually look forward to!

@Haywood Jablomi Lisa provides incredible & incredibly informed tips daily on her blog, enhanced by her scientific background. She also writes about her weight loss journey on a regular basis and encourages thousands of people to make healthier choices. As anyone will tell you, you don't need to be thin (or pose in a bikini) to be healthy, but you do need to make informed choices about what you put in your body. I don't need a full body shot to tell you that Lisa's advice is sound & scientifically (and humanly) informed. I love the fact that she's a working mom, with a family & a passion for helping others. :)

I found your site through another food blog on Med food. Great idea to have a forum on snacks!

I'm really enjoying your blog. I started blogging this year and will be doing a series in June on eating Whole Foods. I plan to publish our families weekly menu and I have a feeling I may be linking your site for recipes, especially with my kids. One thing I'm looking for is a delicious morning energy boosting drink. I plan to experiment but was wondering if you have one you love. I want some green in mine but want my kids to like the taste. Thanks for all your work!

I love your sunny cute face! You are adorable in your picture, and I thank you so, so, much for your awesome blog! I get so much great inspiration here to keep eating the way I am on weight watchers, and I have lost 15 pounds--about a pound a week so far! Love it!

Hi Lisa -

Love your blog, it's great to have a place online to go for healthy snacks when you're out of ideas! Take care, Kate.

I've just bought your bought today here in Christchurch, New Zealand, and I'm so excited to read it!

Hi Lisa,

Please accept my thank you on behalf of those who don't take the time to write.

I try most of your recipes and really enjoy your topics and point of view.

You rocked the bikini!

You are an inspiration and I look forward to all that you post and take the time to discuss. You have a beautiful family and I'm a better person, cook, more educated woman and encouraged by your freely sharing information.

I had not heard of you until someone on Food Babe asked if she had seen the article you wrote on her. ;) peaked my interest so I came to check you out. I think you both are helping improving the health of our country and just like everyone has different tastes in foods... we all have different tastes in healthy food mentors. Bottom more real foods and less processed crap! Keep up the momentum!

I saw the comment on Food Babe and researched you. I'm so glad I found your site! I'll be up reading tonight for sure. I'm not educated formally in food but have read extensively. Been a fat kid, fat teen, fat adult plus had to learn about sugar triggers in diabetics. I love learning about food additives and the like. Keep up the great work. From Southeastern Mass

I LOVE your blog. I have struggled with my weight all my life. I've gone from a size 10 to currently 24. Right now I'm 301 lbs and I eventually want to get back to a healthy weight. Your tips and recipes are VERY helpful especially since I just joined Weight Watchers. Keep up the good work. It is very appreciated. :)

Nice blog! I just discovered this gem and its way better then most sites. Your posts are really informative, keep up the good work.

Hi Lisa !

This webiste is great for me, it's great to have a place online to go for healthy. Have fun

So excited to have found your website. Thank you for creating and maintaining it. I am so excited to start trying your recipes!

Love your weight loss tips, thanks so much for your passionate writing. Keep those articles flowing!

I've just bought your bought today here in Christchurch, New Zealand, and I'm so excited to read it!

Worked for W W on Long Island years ago. We had a pilot program with prepared food! Most of it was really delicious. Of course, sodium was an issue. Did it for 1 year, didn’t really take off!!

It's always nice to see a picture of the person your texting,cute picture.I love this site the information you have is GREAT makes me stay closer to my WW program.If they change the program,the only thing I'll get new is the program.It's nice to know ahead of time what's going on,I feel like it's a secret lol Keep doing what your doing you do such a wonderful job.I look forward to it every day. I also love reading the comments their very helpful. Thanks again.

Nice blog! I just discovered this gem and its way better then most sites. Your posts are really informative, keep up the good work.

I've read your book Lisa. Great, funny, great advice! Decided to stop by and say Hi!

Thank you, Lisa, from Argentina!

Hi! Just sent you an email since I am trying some more of your recipes today! Everything I have tried is great!

[Super] Snack Girl Saves The Day— with delicious, healthier food options!

Thank you for taking the time to inspire a lighter side of deliciousness that myself and my family enjoy on a regular basis.

You Rock!

Penny, Massachusetts


I made the pumpkin angel food cake with a pie pumpkin which I pureed myself, but not enough. Use really smooth pumpkin -- canned-- all my pumpkin floated to the bottom -- pumpkin upside down cake. I will try again with industrially pureed canned pumpkin.

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