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Hello Snack Girl!

I am doing Weight Watchers point plus. I believe the flex version is so mcuh better: with the point plus, those 29 daily points make the whole process besides very slow, frustrating. I have decided to go for 25 daily and I am doing fine...

my question:

When I shall I cut down my daily points as I loose weight?

Thank you!

I would ask your WW host, if you are actually attending meetings.

If not, then cut your poinst down one by one to about 25 or 26 when you are comfortable with how much you are eating. You do not need to go any lower. After a few weeks your hunger is not as bad as now you are much more use to the new calorie level.

I'm doing the Thin Deluxe diet, and losing 1/2 to 1 pound a day. It is a answer to prayer. I was praying to show me something I could lose weight on. I've tried it all, and Thin deluxe works with even a thyroid problem.

I love the Strawberry jam recipie and will be making that next weekend.

Thank you for all you post. It really helps, and I share with all my people.

I have tried twice since the new system and followed to a T and I just don't lose. I just figured the old way was what my body liked. No excuses just facts.

I am 160 pounds. How many Weight Watcher points would I use now?

Jo Ann, there is more than your weight that have to be taken into consideration to know how many Weight Watcher point you would need to use. If you are not a WW member there are a few free apps out there that can help you determine that. There is one called "Easy Point Calculator" that has a tab that will allow you to input your information to determine your daily allowance points. Cannot say for sure that this is totally accurate as WW information is trademarked but it is a good place to start if you are not a paying WW member.

i am regularly receiving your mails of recepies and searches of good and bad eating. i also tried some of your snack recepies its really good. but i need a little help, i want to know how to have a balanced diet, how to manage healthy eating, what all to eat.

I had gastric bypass surgery 7 years ago but have become disabled and confined to wheelchair. I lost 140 but gained back 20. I would like to lose 40 . Will your tips help me? Exercise is confined to upper body and aquatics are not an issue either. Thanks for listening.

Hey. I have this disgusting habit of eating junk foods (chips, sweets etc.) everyday. Do you have any healthy snack alternatives that wont make me crave junk food? Please! Thank you.

Hey girls! I was tired of trying all those WW diet things because I felt hungry all the time and couldn't stop snacking .. But I just discovered the most amazing drink ever! It's called Botan! Taste kind of weird at the beginning but it's a great appetite suppressant.

Hello everyone,

Just wanna say first love your brownies probably the best ones ive ever had. And to the Girls ive written about 4 most popular diets here…

Some of these posts were really helpful, and easy to read, and I always appreciate a well-written article :) I had gained a few pounds in the past 6 months, because my schedule changed and I started eating out a lot more than I used to and indulging in more fast-food than I used to... and it's not that i'm overweight, i know the pounds i want to lose are so called "vanity-pounds", but the thing is, at my current weight, most of my clothes don't fit anymore and i simply can't afford an entirely new wardrobe. Hence, my decision to do something about it :) So, I started researching, started a diet journal, and a a daily exercise routine. I even started a blog on healthy lifestyle to help me stay focused and hopefully help others, too, and it really has made a difference.

The one thing that really helped me was tracking what I eat... i never realised how many calories were in my favourite foods! It was a bit depressing there for a while, but as you said in your "Reduce your muffin top post", there always are lower-calorie versions you can substitute for. Whole-grain diet bread, low-fat yoghurt and oven-baked chips were awesome finds and made my diet feel a lot easier!

Good luck to everyone out there trying to lose weight, but remember to always love your body as it is!

thank You For Ten Weight Loss Posts

I am spending too much money with Weight Watchers...will this be costly also?

Ladies you will not keep the weight off long with all that calorie restricting! Please go high carb low fat vegan and you can eat as much as you care for every day. I lost 50 pounds effortlessly and feel the best I ever have!

Just splendid posts! I have read your 10 weight loss posts. I likes the best 5 Ways To Stop Stress Eating post. But I have searched for many days "fruit ambrosia" recipe. So, if you add, then that will be good for me. I hope, you will do that.

Awesome article I have visit all the post mention in the post . Great work.

Read more Post About Multi-Vitamin at…

Great piece of work. And I must say....really appreciate Jaki. 120 pounds!! Is it really possible?!

If you are not losing on WW start counting points for fruit, zero point fruit adds calories and sugar...once you eat 3 fruits start tracking them!

what is the thin deluxe diet?

Help full information 👍

What are your thoughts on the Keto diet? Saw this review, and it's got me thinking: NO TO KETO! LOL! I'd love your opinion though!…

Hola Snack Girl!

I have an out of control Type 2 diabetes diet. I've started (for 3 weeks so far) to lay off the junk food, (including all sweets) and drink only water now. My question is,do you have any recipes for a diabetic friendly jam?


How. Can. I. Loose. Pooch. Fat?

I would love to see some recipes fitting for a single person. I don't have ten people to feed, so making veggie tacos takes more thinking! There are a lot of us "older" singles, 79 here, interested in losing or keeping weight down. Would certainly appreciate your help on that!

I been gaining weight I'm trying to go back to my normal weight any tips on what to eat

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