Apple Butter Recipe: No Sugar!

Apple Butter Recipe No Sugar

October 15, 2018   7 Comments

This apple butter recipe is a major update from my last one. About 6 years ago, I posted a recipe using one cup of sugar.

A friend of mine recently had a heart incident and is avoiding all sugar. She told me that she bought apple butter that had no sugar added and I said, “Wait a minute! You can make it.”

Trader Joe’s Healthy Food

Trader Joe’s Healthy Food

At Trader Joe’s healthy food is everywhere! It is a great store for those of us on the “stop eating crap” train.....

October 14, 2018   13 Comments

Wellness Wins

Wellness Wins: New for WW

Wellness Wins is a program by WW (formerly Weight Watchers) to help you instill new good habits.....

October 10, 2018   30 Comments

Roasted Butternut Squash

Roasted Butternut Squash

Roasted butternut squash is the poster recipe of fall for the healthy food set....

October 9, 2018   7 Comments

Healthy Choices at Dunkin Donuts

Healthy Choices at Dunkin Donuts

Are there healthy choices at Dunkin Donuts? A friend of mine asked me to find out....

October 7, 2018   13 Comments

Weight Watchers Changes 2019

Weight Watchers Changes 2019 - No Longer Weight Watchers!

Here we go again. For Weight Watchers members it is time to start wondering what is up the sleeves at Weight Watchers corporate.....

October 3, 2018   63 Comments

Baked Zucchini Lasagna

Baked Zucchini Lasagna

Lasagna is one of those foods that top favorite foods lists and so I came up with baked zucchini lasagna to help lighten this classic.....

October 1, 2018   15 Comments

Pumpkin Dip for Apples

Pumpkin Dip for Apples **VIDEO**

Are you looking for a healthy dip to serve in a flash? Look no further than this pumpkin dip for apples....

September 30, 2018   10 Comments

Non Fat Plain Greek Yogurt

Non Fat Plain Greek Yogurt Review

This non fat plain Greek yogurt review is in response to readers who want someone else to go try all the options.....

September 26, 2018   20 Comments

Lentil Pasta Sauce

Lentil Pasta Sauce: Zero Points!

his lentil pasta sauce is my kind of recipe. Delicious, inexpensive, and it can be served on just about anything

September 24, 2018   9 Comments

Healthy Food at Costco

Healthy Food at Costco

The list of healthy food at Costco is pretty long. Almost as long as the list for unhealthy food!....

September 23, 2018   23 Comments

Can You Ditch the Diets and Eat Intuitively?

Can You Ditch the Diet and Eat Intuitively?

Who needs diets if you can eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full?....

September 19, 2018   25 Comments

Light Instant Pot Chicken and Rice

Light Instant Pot Chicken and Rice

This light Instant Pot chicken and rice is a keeper. Who doesn’t love chicken and rice?....

September 17, 2018   12 Comments

A Low Fat Diet Could Kill You

A Low Fat Diet Could Kill You

I usually don’t create such alarmist titles but I want to get my point across. Are you paying attention now?

September 16, 2018   13 Comments

Cottage Cheese Waffle Recipe

Cottage Cheese Waffle Recipe

This cottage cheese waffle recipe is made with a blender and I love how easy it is.....

September 12, 2018   22 Comments


One Mile Swim in Maine: The Lobsterman Triathlon

I will do just about anything for lobster including swim in the ocean for a mile.....

September 10, 2018   16 Comments

How to Drink More Water

How to Drink More Water

How do you drink more water? I know there are some water haters out there.....

September 9, 2018   14 Comments

Healthy Apple Recipes

Healthy Apple Recipes

Healthy apple recipes are so simple to create. The apple is such a perfect fruit – sweet, crunchy, and it bakes well.....

September 5, 2018   1 Comment

Mason Jar Soup

Mason Jar Soup

Mason jar soup is the soup you want for the start of fall. It is easy, portable, and people will be jealous of your ingenuity....

September 3, 2018   3 Comments

snack girl 49

Snack Girl Turns 49

Yes, today is my birthday and I really am 49. Can you still be a girl at 49?....

September 2, 2018   112 Comments

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