Crunchy Cauliflower Recipe

Crunchy Cauliflower Recipe

January 20, 2020   19 Comments

This crunchy cauliflower recipe is your go-to appetizer for the Super Bowl!

I have been criticized for my love of cauliflower but I continue to cook with it no matter what the consequences.

Healthy After School Snacks

25 ideas for Healthy After-School Snacks

These 25 ideas for healthy after-school snacks will stop you from scratching your head when your kids run in the door.

January 19, 2020   9 Comments

A Simple List for How to Get Healthy

A Simple List for How to Get Healthy

I saw this list of 48 words posted by a Canadian doctor and I was inspired.....

January 16, 2020   15 Comments

Healthy Banana Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins Recipe

Healthy Banana Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins Recipe

Try this healthy banana blueberry oatmeal muffins recipe if you are having the breakfast blues.....

January 14, 2020   8 Comments

Cooking Turkey Breast in an Oven Bag

Cooking Turkey Breast in an Oven Bag

Cooking turkey breast in an oven bag saves you so much and worry......

January 11, 2020   53 Comments

Homemade Caesar Salad Dressing: No Mayo

Homemade Caesar Salad Dressing: No Mayo

My homemade Caesar salad dressing with no mayo was created out of necessity. (I was out of mayo)......

January 9, 2020   11 Comments

slender kitchen review

Make It Easy to Plan Healthy Meals: Slender Kitchen

Are you looking for a plan so you don’t fall back into your old habits? Join the club!....

January 6, 2020   7 Comments

Built Bar Review

Built Bar Review

This Built Bar review was inspired by a bunch of comments on a previous post......

January 4, 2020   99 Comments

WW New Plan 2020: Purple Review

WW New Plan 2020: Purple Review

WW’s (Weight Watchers) new program for 2020 includes a Purple Plan. WW went with colors for the titles of their plans in order not to stigmatize any of them.....

January 2, 2020   10 Comments


Best Vegetable Soup Recipe

This is the best vegetable soup recipe on my whole block! Or maybe in this house?....

December 31, 2019   32 Comments


Time for Some Changes

It is time for some changes and some goals. Don’t worry! You got this!.....

December 29, 2019   35 Comments


Healthy New Year’s Eve

A healthy New Year’s eve is within reach. You can start your New Year’s resolutions a little early with some wise choices....

December 27, 2019   4 Comments

holiday card 2019

Peace, Love, and Warmth

I am taking a break with my family and friends and I wanted to leave you with this image.....

December 24, 2019   27 Comments

Vanilla Meringue Cookie Recipe

Vanilla Meringue Cookie Recipe

This vanilla meringue cookie recipe will win your heart. Not only is it gluten-free but it only has five ingredients and 9 calories per cookie!

December 22, 2019   34 Comments

Crustless Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Crustless Pumpkin Pie Recipe

This crustless pumpkin pie recipe should have been posted before Thanksgiving but I didn’t like of it......

December 19, 2019   6 Comments

Healthy Christmas Snacks

Healthy Christmas Snacks

These healthy Christmas snacks will be ignored by most of my audience - and it is okay.....

December 16, 2019   12 Comments

Dash Egg Cooker Review

Dash Egg Cooker Review: Is it Worth it?

This Dash Egg Cooker review is for all those people who wonder if they need yet another kitchen appliance.

December 15, 2019   13 Comments

Healthy Eggnog Recipe

Healthier Egg Nog Recipe

A healthy eggnog recipe? Can it be done?...

December 11, 2019   26 Comments

Celery Reindeer: A Healthy Holiday Snack

Celery Reindeer: A Healthy Holiday Snack

Every year I attempt to throw something healthy into the holiday mix. Every year no one reads my missives......

December 9, 2019   3 Comments

Strawberry Santa Hats

Strawberry Santa Hats

You can’t get any more easy and fun than strawberry Santa hats.....

December 6, 2019   6 Comments

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