10% Happier: A True Story of an Anchorman's Quest For Peace

July 31, 2014   10 Comments

There are two types of book that I can’t get enough of – autobiography and self help (also know as self improvement).

10% Happier Book Review

I love learning other people’s stories – how they overcome adversity and achieve whatever they achieve. I also love learning from gurus who have something share on how to get happier, healthier, or help me understand my 10 year old daughter.

I wrote a self help book so I doubt it should surprise anyone that I love the genre.

This book is BOTH a self-help and autobiography so how could I not love it?

Dan Harris of Nightline has written an easy to read (I might call it a “beach read”) tale of his adventures as a journalist and happiness seeker.

10% Happier hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list probably because he devoted 13 minutes of Nightline to promoting it (what I would do for 13 minutes of nationwide television coverage).

But, I think it IS a good book and one that might help many find that their lives are out of control. He details his journey into television news, cocaine use, on-air meltdown, and eventual salvation in meditation.

All the time he is talking about his journey, the voice in his head (he uses a swear word to describe the voice - it rhymes with “gas bowl”) is extremely judgmental of the hippy, Birkenstock wearing, grey frizzy haired people who meditate.

Then he learns to meditate anyway and he finds it makes him substantially happier. How about that?

He works on “being mindful” instead of always checking his iPhone for the latest and he starts to eat less because he is paying attention instead of simply stuffing his face.

I don’t know if I would like Dan Harris if I met him, but I like that he wrote this book because I think he honestly wants to help people who want to get happier and don’t know where to start.

His story might inspire you to take some more deep breaths, smell the flowers, and enjoy your life (10% more).

Have any of you read 10% Happier? What did you think?

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I love getting your suggestions and plan to buy your book when I visit the United States.

I just wanted to point out that your title should read AN Anchorman. Not A Anchorman. For some people these little spelling and grammarical items are important.

Since you're being so picky, the word is actually grammatical. Now that made me 10% happier. :)

There you go, Lisa ! You are right again....

I am now inspired to write a review of your amazing book on Amazon...I keep putting it off..But today's the day

LOVED the book..and you! Another 10% for LIsa...

Thank you for putting this book on my radar! Snack Girl to the Rescue is already on my summer reading list!

Funny, I just finished this book last week. 5 stars (out of five)!

.....and you are RIGHT. it's 'a' cause MAN is what it applies to, not ANCHOR. Mr. picky made the classic MIS-read, haha!!!

Lisa, have you read it yet? It's a great book I think;, i bought it and read it in one day as the title struck me as realistic. He doesn't oversell, which is rare in media I think and is honest about the ups and downs in his life and journey.


That rule does not apply to "a or an". The correct usage is "a" should be used before words that begin with consonant sounds (b,c,d,f,g..)per the website Anchorman does begin with a vowel sound.

I loved this book and want to join in Dan's quest to bring meditation to the masses!

I tried hard to like the book, but found it very difficult to get into. I guess that I was put off by his caustic bend on life. I got 1/3 of the way through and he still hadn't gotten into the meditation part of it. I'd borrowed it from the library and found two other bookmarks within the first half of the book, so maybe other readers found it difficult to finish as well. Oh,well, just another side of the opinion poll...

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