Aldi Review

February 20, 2018   74 Comments

My Aldi review is for those who have driven by it and wondered if they should go in.

Aldi review

It arrived in my town next to the Home Depot and it didn’t really look like a grocery store. Aldi is a discount supermarket and it reminds me of a miniature Costco. It has its own brands of food and random other stuff that is heavily discounted.

The business model is fewer employees (paid a living wage) and a small footprint make a lower cost market.

The first thing you notice is that the carts are not hanging out in the parking lot. You must insert a quarter to get a cart and then you get the quarter back when you bring the cart back to the stack of them. This is easy and since the store and parking lot are pretty small – no big deal.

You must also remember to bring your own bags or you have to buy some.

Aldi has regular prices on nuts and dried fruit. Stay away from the cookies, crackers, sugary cereal, and potato chips!

The produce area doesn’t have everything that a regular grocery store has in stock. But, there are some DEALS on fresh produce. Aldi, like Costco has excellent prices on produce. Unlike Costco, you don’t have to buy enough to feed a small town when you shop there. I saw my local food bank buying bags and bags of navel oranges for their kitchen. At Aldi, the produce is $1 or $2 less per item than a regular grocery store – it can really add up.

Aldi even has organic produce! Again, these greens cost significantly less than my regular store. Whenever I shop there, I save $10-$20 on my groceries but what they have is limited and I end up shopping at another store (which is a pain).

They have meats (fresh, boneless, skinless chicken breast was $1.69 per pound), cheeses, milk, eggs, and bread.

There is also a bunch of random stuff. For example this:

An adult coloring book! Just what I needed! Or this:

I don’t know what a spin mop is but I may need this as well.

Overall, I have found the quality of the food to be good and the prices at Aldi significantly less than other stores. But, if you are like me, and looking for specific items, Aldi is limited.

I recommend it for those of you trying to eat healthy on a budget. There is some good stuff at Aldi!

Do you like Aldi? What have you found there?

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I too have a very similar opinion of Aldi's. I do like the produce though the same stuff is not always there. The nuts are a very good buy. Overall I do shop at Aldi's often, maybe not every week.

Love their fair trade coffee for less then 5 bucks. Mine doesn't have a very large produce, which not sure if they are all like that. I also thought that they would have more organic as the advertising seems to suggest. Overall I do like the prices and a lot of the items.

After we retired we began to buy a few things at Aldi. Soon it was enough to use the local grocery store for the fill in items or the sale items. Aldi or Save A Lot for us is always the midweek run for something we ran out of. We have the time to shop 2 or 3 stores since they are relitively close.

I feel we save money buying items on sale and adjusting our menu.

Love our Aldi for the convenience. I can actually walk to it if need be. I am there usually once a week for something. They do carry the bread I use for weight watchers. It is the same 647 bread sold in the big stores but under the Aldi brand art a savings of at least $2.00. So I am very pleased with Aldi even though my main shopping is at Shop Rite.

I shop there rather infrequently (a bit of a hassle locationwise) but have been known to make a special trip there because of great prices on eggs and produce. What actually prompted this response was the comment on “spin mop”. I have a spin mop (different brand) and I LOVE it! Never would have thought I’d be so excited about a mop (since housekeeping isn’t high on my priority list) but it’s right up there with my Scrub Daddy (another personal fave). Like I said, not exactly a merry maid but these 2 items DO make my life easier. Just a personal (unpaid😉) endorsement.

I love Aldis. And the spin mop is a great product . I have bought 2.Good prices on everything especially fresh vegetables and fruits. Seems sometimes they don't last as long as what I buy at local store but if you use them in a reasonable amount of time it is a bargain.

I have really found some bargains there and frequently save on holiday baking items. I also got an $8 small high quality area rug once. I got a $10 pair of summer slip on canvas shoes once that I still wear. Unfortunately, like others have noted, you can't depend on finding certain items again. It is sort of hit or miss but I steal go at least once a month.

I shop at Aldis all the time, more so when it was right around the corner. Now I have to make a special trip there, but I still do. As mentioned, their produce prices are very reasonable. Their frozen veggies are fantastic and beats the Shop Rite brand by a mile. They also have jumbo frozen shrimp that surpasses any other brand I've tried and the price is very low. Cheeses, dairy, etc. all very good quality. I do think they are devoting too much space to non-food items these days considering the store is small, but that doesn't mean I still don't look at it and have been known to buy some of it. Maybe a spin mop is next!

I love Aldis. I live in an area where there are several of them. Each store is a little different in what they sell and their sale prices. I also buy the bread that you can eat on WW. Sometimes they will have it on sale for 99 cents. Can beat that. All in all it is a great store to shop at and not so over whelming with too many choices to pick from.

Thanks for the information. I’ve never been in an Aldi since it’s not convenient for me but I have rode by and wondered. Now I know I will need a quarter if I use a cart and I need my own bag.

Aldi is my regular grocery. Since it came to town, I've cut $200 from my monthly grocery budget. As a lifetime Weight Watchers member, I find it provides just about everything I need to stay, successfully, on program. I've been noticing how Aldi is becoming more and more organic and gluten-free. And I thoroughly enjoy Aldi-Mart. You never know what might be available from a laminator to tools to pajamas. Love my Aldi!

I love Aldi! I usually start my shopping there then go to the regular grocery store to pick up what I couldn't get at Aldi. I live in a small town and the two stores are literally across the street from each other so it's not as big a pain to do this as it might be for others.

We've had an Aldi's for years and recently it closed for remodel. Much better selection than before but I noticed prices did go up some but still can be a better buy than Wal-Mart or Kroger. Overall love the store and I've not purchased anything that I didn't like.

In the UK our Aldis are just part of the fabric. You know Trader Joes is an Aldi brand, right? It’s owned by Aldi.

I shop Aldi weekly. As you get used to the store, you find the items you will use & enjoy. I love their chopped salads, red pepper hummus, Greek yogurt & chicken fingers are always a hit with my kids. Milk, eggs, chicken & canned items are SO much cheaper than a regular store. I do still make a trip to the grocery store for the things Aldi doesn’t carry, but it’s always my first stop for the savings. Just yesterday I picked up corn tortillas for less than $2 - when Cub Foods had them at $9. Aldi now carries LaCroix sparkling water which I love. On a side note, they have the BEST kitty litter I’ve tried, & with 2 cats - we’ve tried MANY brands. This one is half the price & works great!

Aldi's USA started and still are in Germany, where I've read much good things about recycling, elimination of packaging materials and elimination of food waste. They seem to have priorities that make sense. They own Trader Joe's so we may see similar positives in how our grocery experience changes in the future. I make a special trip [20min-trip] to save on nut milks, fruit and fresh vegetables. Between Aldi's and my favorite little local health food store, the big super market is now the occasional market for me and fading fast. I spend [and save] my dollars like a vote for change whenever possible. I'm so happy there's an Aldi's in CT not too far away! Thanks for the Aldi post!

I love Aldi..

Prices are great and lots of gluten free options. Produce is great..

Give it a try folks..

We do not have one in our town. When we get there we buy chickpeas, kidney beans,black beans, fire roasted tomatoes etc. by the cases. Also almond milk and vegan meatballs are priced great. Love Aldi's


We love Aldi! Milk, eggs, and produce are so much cheaper than regular stores. We also buy frozen foods, cheese, snack products, and baking products. I’ve also heard their Winking Owl wine is good and cheap, although not every store sells alcohol.

Love Aldi’s! Shop there first every time! Fun finds, always something you weren’t expecting. In order to save, I can adjust my menu to what’s available. Always have fresh meat and with produce or anything else, they will take returns, no questions asked!

I love Aldi. Their produce is excellent as is their cheese products (cream cheese, sliced cheeses). Their spaghetti, rice mixes and canned parmesian cheese are very reasonable. Ice cream is of great quality and frozen products (vegs, etc) are great. They are also very nice (personnel) and very helpful. A very good alternative!

PS-always keep paper bags in my trunk!

I LOVE Aldies! We have three in our area......I try to do

most of my shopping EVERYTHING I get there...

the chicken tenders (not frozen) are wonderful! Love the

produce, milk, eggs,cereal......even found some great

leggings there that I wear All the time1 ha! They were $7.99

and wash and wear beautifullly! I am also using their

humidifier....LOVE IT! That was $14.99

The people that work there are always friendly, helpful

and they know their stock if I am looking for something

in particular!!

YEA for Aldies!!!

I have shopped about a 1/2 dozen times over many years. The nearest one to me now is about 45 minutes away. The last time I was there I did find a box of fancy cookies. They tasted pretty good. I know they have a purpose for charging a quarter for a cart, but I don't carry change, so everything I buy is hand held, purchased, placed in the trunk of the car, like you do at BJ's. We have another store in our area that don't have bags unless you purchase them. I wouldn't do may regular shopping in one of them. I did find you need to watch the dates a little more closely

Great place yo shop and save money on good quality food. Should be one in every town. Love Aldi

I love Aldi. I always shop there first & then go elsewhere for anything else I need that they don't sell. Love all the European cookies & products they also sell that you'd pay a lot more for elsewhere. I figure I save at least $50 a week by shopping there. Don't be afraid of trying their canned goods or any of their products because you don't recognize the make as they're great quality & I've never been disappointed when I've tried them.

I have been shopping at Aldi's now for a few years and it has helped tremendously with the grocery bill. Some weeks we only have 50 dollars or much less to shop with and we can still eat ok. I mostly buy produce and Organic items like coffee creamer and chicken broth.

Aldi's is my first choice grocery store because I rather like the limited selection and great prices though it did take me about three trips to get comfortable with what they offer. But, their prices can't be beat and I know I am saving a lot of money. You'll find items that are carried in some Trader Joe's - like specialty cheeses. Their huge pizza's for $5 are a great buy, and I add ingredients if I wish. Just Sunday, avocados were $.59!

It's not Whole Foods, but with our household's tight budget it's very workable. I keep a list for a nearby Hannaford's Market where I purchase the few items Aldi's doesn't carry - like my fussy cat's canned food.

I agree with most, good prices, quality on their limited selection. They do have a consistency problem, though, so if you have more than one near you, find the best one. As in well-stocked and clean.

What is the bread for WW everyone is talkibg about?

Your photos made me so homesick! I lived in Germany for many years and was a regular Aldi shopper. I hope they come to Washington State.

About 5 or 6 years ago one of my mom's employees introduced me to Aldi's on Boston Rd in Springfield as a place to shop cheaper. I do not know why because then she started trashing the produce quality. The produce there was okay but did not have the freshness longevity as other places I noticed. Selection for me on items were limited and I would finish my shop at Stop N Shop. Even when I know shop at Price Rite I will not buy their cauliflower or strawberries; strawberries turn bad to quickly and the cauliflower always has patches of mold on it. As stated above, Also does not consistently have the same kind of produce so it's difficult to plan unless you go somewhere else for your needed items.

I've shopped at Aldi since it opened in my neighborhood about 5 years ago. It's terrific! While sometimes they don't have the items you previously purchased, it's a great place and quite inexpensive!!! I love it..This store comes originally from Germany and having visited there it's a booming supermarket overseas!!!

The majority of my food consumption is organic (as long as the stock market keeps going up, i will be able to afford organic.... :-) ). When it is time to re-stock, Aldi is my first stop. The organic produce is never the same, but for example, they had organic avocados for $0.50 each a few weeks ago. Bought 12 and had a special 'Avocado' week. I agree with Lisa that you should check out Aldi's, especially for the budget minded.

Love Aldi's! Milk, eggs, produce, meats and GLUTEN FREE selection. Not to mention the fun, off-the-wall products that change every week. When they have cookware - I jump on it. Probably won't find your specialty foods, but can get you started with basics.

I always check out produce deals and "Aldi Finds". That Spin Mop is great, as is the robotic floor duster that was also $19.99.

How do Aldi prices compare to discount stores like Walmart or Costco for the same or similar products?

Beside the infamous 647 bread, what Weight Watcher-friendly items/brands do they carry in the low 0-3 SP range, fat-free, or sugar-free?

If you’re familiar with Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, is Aldi similar? Grocery Outlet has become my #1 store for WW-friendly foods at a lower-than-retail price. No Aldi nearby, but may stop in to see what the excitement’s about if traveling past one!🌻

Eggs and milk are the cheapest anywear. There specialty cheeses are very reasonable as well as prosciutto. I tool a cooking class at William Sonoma and the chef told us what products to purchase there. Many of there canned goods are organic and so much cheaper than my regular store. Aldi owns Trader Joe’s or vice versa so everything is good quality and you really save

We've shopped at Aldi once or twice and have had the same basic impression: it's ok but not our first choice for weekly shopping. But a Lidl store recently opened in our area -- it's the same concept as Aldi and has awesome store-made breads -- and it's growing on my husband, especially. Greek yogurt for 0.58, iceberg lettuce for 0.79, and good prices on milk, eggs, and frozen seafood.

I have been impressed with almost everything I have purchased there and save a ton of money. I hit them early on a Saturday then go to Wegmans to finish my list. My only complaint has been their raw chicken breast. It has that condition that no matter how well cooked the chicken is it still has a "raw" texture. Aside from that I really enjoy shopping there.

I rarely shop at Aldi even though there is one close to my home. They have a very limited selection, the stores are too small to shop comfortably, and there is always a long line at the checkout lane because it is not staffed well. It's just not a good shopping experience for me.

I am fortunate enough to live smack in the middle of three separate Aldi stores. They are all slightly different, and they even have different prices! Overall, it is my favorite place to go shopping because I save so much money. The Aldi brand diapers are also very good! I am able to save more money shopping at Aldi than I would save shopping at Costco or BJ's.

I am curious as to the bread at Aldi’s that Rita posted above being the same as 647 .. is this the low cal tat is 1 pt per slice on WW?

I live in the Seattle area and we do not have any Aldi stores in our state. My mother lives in Southern California and had three stores nearby. I am so jealous! I love this store and stop in numerous times when I’m down there visiting. Lately we’ve been getting Aldi commercials on our local tv station. This prompted me to email them and ask if they were planning on opening stores here. Sadly they are not at this time. I hope they reconsider as its getting more and more expensive to live in this area. It would tremendously benefit our communities.

My Aldi is right next to my Kroger which makes it really easy to hit both stores. I have noticed that when they have something on sale, like eggs for .69 a dozen, it is in very limited quantity. The produce is fresh and very well priced. Their yogurt is very good.

One opened about half an hour away, in Wareham. I'll be shopping there soon to see the goodies. A friend raves about it!

I love ALDI they opened in my aarea in october of last year they have great prices on quality meat and Vegtables as well as healthy snacks don't be afraid of the snack aisle there are heealthy snacks there . I have found when I read the labels of their store brands they have far less salt and sugar then the few name brand items they carry. I also spend far less money then at other grocery stores. I find that it has many specialty items that are not found in other stores. I like that it is smaller then other stores because I don't have to spend all day looking for my groceries. I understand why you don't consider it a grocery store because of it size but I think it is a grocery store and I am happy that I can find a little of everything there.

Great review Lisa! I need to try Aldi's! I always thought they were just dirt cheap with dirt cheap stuff, but it sounds like that's not the case. And I recently (since I last talked to you about Trader Joe's) heard they are owned by the same family ... one of your commentors here confirmed that ... who knew??? That's gotta mean they have some good things, in my opinion! Thank you!

I love this store! I am learning to tailor my menu's around what they carry which is very limited, but I am making it work. The quality of the food is on par with more familiar brands in the bigger stores and I save a pretty good amount on my budgeted amt. for food. FYI the only thing I bought there that I would never buy again is toilet paper - yikes!

I started shopping at Aldi about 6yrs ago. I grew up in Chicago’s western suburbs where Aldi’s US headquarters is. They’ve been around Chicago since the 70s. They used to have a rather shoddy reputation for selling “generic” products that weren’t very good.

I absolutely love Aldi now. They stock a lot of chemical-laden junk food that is slowly being replaced by healthier alternatives. They now have lots of GF and organic options that a very reasonably priced. A can or organic blk beans is .89 and a large plastic box of organic baby spinach or kale is 2.69.

I love that you can get all kinds of German products (Aldi is a German company) and a few Trader Joe’s items (Aldi owns TJ’s) that are in different packaging, but are the same product. Although those items seem to change over time (for ex: Aldi sold TJ’s organic blue corn chips for a while, but now they’re different).

I have been buying from Aldi's for several years, since opening in my town. The savings are quite substantial. Their brand of Almond Milk is $1.99/half gallon. Unlike others, unsweetened means unsweetened. Their brand of Plain Greek Yogurt/1 qt. is $3.49 and does not have a bitter after tase. From what I understand the parent company of Aldi's is Trader Joes. I go there first, before hitting my regular grocery store, Shoprite. I don't own a car but instead walk there & back which is about a 20 block walk. They did open one last year by my grocery store, Shoprite. I go to Aldi's first, then a few blocks away, I go to my grocery store for what I need but can't find at Aldi's.To me, even having to go out of my way is worth it.

A few people mentioned a bread that is Weight Watchers friendly. I'd love to know the name of it so I can buy the right one.

enjoyed finding out the info on Aldi's Thank You!

It is wonderful to get the opinions of others. Looking forward

to the adventure of shopping there. Let you know what I think.

Have a wonderful & Safe week.


Every Saturday morning I have my Aldi fix. Love the store here including the extremely hard working and personable staff...they literally do it all. Wanted to mention their wonderful specialty European sweets, cheeses, coffees, breads and other goodies that are scarce in other local food stores. If you want to get into the Aldi groupies... go for it. Try their brands a few ar a time...excellent buyers bring the shopper great shopping.

We do not have Aldi's here in Salinas, CA. But as for that spin mop. We have one. LOVE IT!!

I like Aldi’s. They have 100% Maple Syrup at the lowest price anywhere. I really love their produce. The sweet peppers, baby cukes, blueberries, bananas are so well priced. Best canned bean cost too. Love my local Aldi’s.

And they have the fastest checkout! They have barcodes all over their products. They just put the groceries back in your cart and they provide an area for you to bag.

They have a good line of gluten free products also called Live G Free.

I love Aldi's too! I am curious which bread the weight watchers member use. Thanks, Snack Girl!

Aldi isn't too close, but I shop there 1-2 times a month for nuts, frozen meat and veggies, cheese, and paper goods. The prices are much better than the closer stores. If they have any produce that I need, I also get that, as those prices are also much better.

Across the street from our Aldi, a Lidl (another German grocery chain) is also opening. I would be interested to hear comparisons by people who shop at both.

I love Aldi! I’ve been shopping there for around 28 years, and they’ve come along way. I do the majority of my grocery shopping here. And the special items they get in are great!

Hello everyone & thank you for your "e" mail & info on "Aldi"

but, we do not have any stores in the state of Massachusetts.

I searched every site possible. However the good news is that

Aldi is opening 900 new stores in this country. Where? they

did not say. I searched every site for so long, no more info.

Well, I will let you know when they open in my state. Then I

too can share what I think about there food & products.

Thanks for all your sharing. I enjoyed it all very much. Happy shopping.

Be safe, good health, anneippi

I love Aldi. I am a senior citizen. We shop at local stores and Costco and Sam's. I like the size of Aldi. I try to do as much shopping there as possible. It is considerably cheaper and you aren't tempted to buy enough to feed a small village!

annieppl There is an Aldi store in Wareham, Massachusetts. A friend has gone and told me about it. I've confirmed it by emailing the store a few weeks ago to ask about wheelchair accessibility

I found out about Aldi's through my sister. She buys gluten free products there. Live G Free. Small selection but most items very good. Cake mixes, mac and cheese,pretzels, snaps all favorites of my GF granddaughters. Worth the trip

Aldi customer for 20+ years! Keeps getting better! Works for our vegan plant-based lifestyle! Love love love!

I shop Aldi but have noticed the prices have been getting higher and they are in line with they competitor prices but I also notied alot none grocery items. Last few weeks the hometown store grocery was's cheaper on a lot of items I think Aldi's are starting to raise their prices because they're getting too big lot of overhead there the bigger you get lot of items 30 to 40 cent up !! They keep this up word of out travels fast sorry Aldi but it the truth you were the store to goto but not no more the other store are catching on.

I'm sorry but the prices at Aldi's have gone up lately. I get better deals at Jewel. I use to shop st Aldi all the time. Now you have so many other items that shouldn't even be there. The sale paper had one page of food and like I said cost more than other stores. Very disappointing.

I've read often that Aldi has Weight Watcher friendly bread. What does the label say so I can recognize it?


Its the fit & active 45 calorie multigrain bread. And its delicious!

Thanks for the info on the bread.

As I am a paraplegic, I CANNOT shop at Aldi's, because they have no shopping basket that I can carry on my lap...and I was told that they have no interest in GETTING baskets..apparently they choose not to deal with US and simply don't care if we're able to shop there or not. Unfortunately, this attitude is not uncommon.

I LOVE Aldi’s Appreciate the organic produce, good bread Even organic eggs are well priced

But a word about the staff.... pleasant, personable, flexible, hard working and by far the FASTEST cashiers anywhere!

Congrats to Aldi for paying their staff a living wage!!! We all appreciate it

Pam, I’ve been in a wheelchair for ten years and find that stores aren’t really comfortable for the disabled. If I could transfer to the motorized carts, I might have a better chance to shop. I can’t reach below, above or in back. I’m now in an electric chair but can’t drive, steer & push a cart.

There needs to be a wheelchair shopping cart. Not as deep or as large, with Velcro straps to attach to our handrails. Plastic, not metal, the size of two hand baskets is fine. I shop with someone so they help quite a bit.

I’m going to Wareham on Wednesday to shop at Aldi’s. Hope to find a good restaurant nearby.

I was first introduced to Aldi's when I was visiting my mother in Ohio and she said she wanted to go to Aldi's. The prices were so much cheaper which was a plus for her being on a fixed income and I enjoyed walking through the store and seeing the items they offered. I do like Aldi's and whenever I visited my mom we would always go there. She's no longer here, but when someone mentions the store, it brings a warm and fuzzy feeling to my stomach and a smile to my face. Love those memories.

Verbally assaulted in store by customer. He skipped the line and i asked him if he thought that was ok. He told me to f off and meet him in the parking lot. He continued yelling at me in the parking lot, cut me off several times while yelling at me. Security guard did nothing to prevent him from attacking me.

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