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I want to try a new flavor b/c i'm lactose intolerant and have to avoid most ice cream!

I want to try a new flavor because curling up on the couch and eating an entire pint of ice cream is sometimes the best cure to a bad day. Curling up with a pint of Artic Zero give me all of the comfort and none of the guilt.

I'm super curious about this, though I am generally suspicious of "replacement foods"

I'd love to try Arctic Zero! Snickerdoodle Dandy sounds perfect!

I would love to try these! I have several health issues including PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) which has just recently rendered me insulin resistant. I love ice cream and I live in S. FL where it is always ice cream weather! It would be awesome if this product could serve as a safe and healthy substitute!

I would love to mix banana pudding with brownie blast!!

I try my best to eat a healthy diet, but have a HUGE sweet tooth. Arctic Zero can help me enjoy sweets without feeling so bad.

I am a big fan of the current Artic Zero flavors, and cannot wait to try the new ones!!!

I would like to try an ice cream product that is lower in sugar since i have diabetes, controlled by diet and exercise. I do miss my ice cream!

I want to win because I am trying to be healthy, but ice cream is my weakness and I would love to try these!!!

Hello Snackgirl, I love your blog, I learn so much. I would love to try Artic Zero because I had gastric bypass and really miss ice cream. This sounds like a treat I can have without remorse. Thanks for all you do.

Desperately trying to keep my husband heart-healthy with high fiber foods and recipes that don't taste bad. Your cookbook has been awesome!!! --so anything/everything you recommend - I always want to try. Artic Zero would satisfy our sweet tooth craving at the end of our high veggie/high fruit/low meat/ day!

I'd like to try this. It sounds interesting and snickerdoodle sounds yum

I am dying to try these new flavors!!! They sound incredible.

I'm eating low carb but ice cream is a big weakness. It doesn't have to be if I had some Arctic Zero!

Because I'm obsessed with their chunky brownie flavor and want more more more ice cream!

I like trying new products - especially ice cream!

Oh My !!! I want to try - sounds to Die for :)

Oh, I NEED that Banana Pudding flavor RIGHT NOW!

I've stopped buying full pints of ice cream - I only buy the mini ones now so I don't eat the whole thing. :(

I would love to try any flavor as my husband is lactose intolerant so it is hard to find lactose free ice cream in a variety of flavors. The snickerdoodle and brownie flavors sound amazing!

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