Bath Salts Recipe

Vanilla Bath Salts Recipe

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Makes 1½ cups

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1 cup Epsom salts (found at supermarket in healthy and beauty aisle)
½ cup kosher salt (baking aisle)
1 freezer bag, quart sized
¼ teaspoon vanilla


Place both salts into freezer bag and mix. Add vanilla and toss until salts are coated and aroma is to your satisfaction. If using essential oils, add 5 drops and smell to see if you like it.

Spread salts on waxed paper on a rimmed baking sheet and dry for 1 hour. Place in air-tight jar.

To Use: Start a nice hot bath and add ½ cup – 1 cup to the water as it fills the tub. Light some candles (and if you have kids – lock the door). Turn off the phone and announce that you are going to a happy place.

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