How to Make Boring Raw Vegetables Pop

April 28, 2015   9 Comments

I know that I shouldn’t call raw vegetables “boring”. That isn’t very nice.

Make Raw Vegetables Pop

I do find them to be dull, though.

The good news is that they are colorful and that makes them very appealing in the right context. For example, have you ever wondered why Doritos are orange (like a carrot)?

A Dorito is far more interesting to me than a lone carrot. But, when I place a carrot with some celery, red peppers, and a cup of ranch dressing made of green pepper – I forget there is such a thing as a Dorito.

As much as we would like to deny it, we eat with our eyes as much as our stomachs. One of the reasons, I believe, that we have an obesity epidemic is that so much of the food that we are around LOOKS delicious.

Have you noticed the case at Starbucks with the baked goods? The lighting makes them look like Hollywood stars on the red carpet. ME WANT SOME.

I am able to resist the Starbucks baked goods after I review the calorie counts on the labels. Whoa.

You have to make your healthy food look as good as it tastes – otherwise it will feel like a chore to eat it. A plastic tub with carrots doesn’t look anywhere near as nice as the platter I created in the photo.

This didn’t take me a lot of time and my family scarfed this down in minutes. I don’t think they knew it was good for them!

All you have to do to make the "green pepper cup" is cut it in half and clean out the seeds. Be sure to pick out a pepper that stands up well. I tried a few in the supermarket before I found a perfect one. Spoon in some ranch dressing or hummus and you are done.

How do you make vegetables appealing?

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Perhaps we should take Snack Girl's temperature--where is the signature cauliflower?

This looks so yummy and like a party! An after school party!! yum yum. Thank you!

I love that photo. It is so true that if we have something like that in our face, we won't be tempted with those chips. What a bunch of junk I just said. I want chips but if I want to lose the 25 lbs I own, I better not. I do admire my love for mayo, and need better choices in dip. Thanks for every thing you do. Hugs

If you cut a thin slice off the bottom (without cutting through the wall), any pepper will stand up--no need to root around in the produce section. Great points about eating with our eyes and making our food appealing! It matters :)

@Lois - Brilliant!! Thank you.

I'm obsessed with the current trend of "spiralizing" my vegetables. Something about my carrots, peppers, potatoes, zucchini, etc. looking like strands of pasta has made me add SO MANY MORE VEGGIES (and fruit) to pretty much every recipe. Also, that platter looks really yummy.

Thanks Lisa, I think I will try this idea at our family gathering this weekend. I am always looking for healthy alternatives to snack foods. :)

You're so right - they can be dull! We also love incorporating some blanched veggies in these types of platters - blanched carrots, asparagus, broccoli are a little easier to eat vs raw! :)

How do I make them appealing? I roast them! But love, love the

pepper as a dip vessel - will definitely be doing that with hummus or yogurt dip. Thanks!

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