The Best Flour for Healthy Baking

March 3, 2015   8 Comments

How do you impart health into a cookie, cake, or bread?

The Best Flour for Healthy Baking

You use 100% whole wheat flour which includes the germ layer with all the nutrients. White flour is stripped of this layer.

The problem with whole wheat flour is that it can make your baked goods dense and the flavor reminds some of cardboard. Also, you lose the fluffiness that is so compelling about baked goods.

Here is my solution:

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What flour do you use for healthier baking?

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Whole wheat pastry flour is also a good choice. It doesn't have the heavy density that whole wheat flour does but has more nutrients than white. I DO use white whole wheat flour also but I pay extra for King Arthur's brand as I think it tastes best. PS I love your youtube channel! :)

Yes! Great tip, Snack Girl. I also find Whole Wheat Pastry flour works really well as a white flour substitute as well. I like having two options since not all markets sell white whole-wheat.

I have a friend that uses the gluten free type flours like rice flour coconut flour stuff like that. I didn't even know that white whole wheat flour existed. I'll try to remember that you have to add more moisture should I get around to baking with it.

White whole wheat did NOT work well for my Hamentashen 3 cornered cookies, so I am redoing them with regular flour.

Thanks, Lisa! Since I've seen the white whole wheat on this website so often, I've bought a bag but am still waiting for the chance to use it. Guess it won't be on the hamentashen I'm making this week! (thanks Rhonda) Maybe it doesn't roll out well and is better in dropped cookies, breads, etc. But I'm definitely going to try the white whole wheat. Love the videos, Lisa!

The last time I made pizza dough, I used quinoa flour (found at my local bulk food store). It did make the dough a little more dense than white flour dough, but not as bad as whole wheat, and I really liked it. I will be trying it in my bread machine next.

My husband was cheap when he got our internet service. If we watch many videos we run out of data. Wish I knew the answer but not bad enough to run out of internet before the month is over.

I have been using WWP flour for a couple years now. I have a muffin made with WWP flour, oats, and wheat germ and/or flax seed every day. I add whatever fruit is in season or add dried fruits to muffins and substitute fat free yogurt or unsweetened applesauce for oil. I use whole wheat flour with beer bread as I think the coarser texture taste better then WWP flour.

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