Best Thing to Order at Subway: Use the App!

October 14, 2020   7 Comments

The best thing to order at Subway is the intersection of what you like in a sandwich and the healthiest choice.

Best Thing to Order at Subway: Use the App!

I know I have been getting tired of cooking. Actually, it is in’t the cooking so much as the pots, pans, and general mess that I then have to clean up after I cook. My family does a good job helping out but I am still tired of it all. My husband cooks half the time and I am still fed up!

Sometimes you just want to order out or go out to eat (ha!). In my state, Massachusetts, most of the restaurants have some outdoor dining and all have take-out.

The chains (Subway, McDonald’s, Chipotle…) all have apps for ordering and I feel quite empowered by them. Why? Now I know how many calories I am adding with all the options!

Subway has turned this into a science and I had a blast figuring out my best thing to order.

Right away, Subway hits you with the drinks and the chips. But you are in control! You are using the app - not going to stand there staring at the drinks, chips or cookies - so you can avoid them. These options are junk food and you don’t need them.

Of course, I think the best thing at Subway is the Veggie Delight. I mean it has “veggie” in the name - how can you go wrong?

Just the 6 inch sandwich - with veggies and bread - is 230 calories. When you add mayo or mustard - that number goes up. The app allows you to add “light” amounts so you can customize your sandwich to your preferences.

For example, want more spinach? You can add DOUBLE the spinach. I am a fan of double spinach.

I took a look at the different Subway salad dressings. Here you can see the calorie count as you order. And, if you order say “light oil” it reduces the calories to reflect that you are using less of it.

You can hit the PLUS in the right corner to customize or you can swipe on each ingredient in the sandwich to add more or less (and see the calorie amounts).

I created a 6-inch Veggie Delite with 9-grain wheat, double spinach, red onions, banana peppers, olives, tomatoes, light oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, and oregano (which is my best thing to get at Subway). The total calories for this sandwich is 260 and it tastes pretty good.

But, the best part is now that I have downloaded and signed into the app - it saves my order with all the preferences. All I do now is reorder. This means I don’t have to rethink every choice (mayo? buffalo sauce? cheese? guacamole?).

After I ordered, I picked it up and walked out so I hardly had any contact with a person. Also ordering online was better than having to YELL through my mask at the poor sandwich maker behind the counter.

What do you think the best thing to get at Subway? Please share.

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Subway calls dressings sauces.

I like the Veggie Delight w/ turkey breast and oil & vinegar. Double spinach is my favorite also.

My son and I have been picking up(using the app) and having a picnic at a state park( nearby). I get the veggie salad with extra spinach, no onions, add banana peppers, extra black olives and avocado( .75 extra). I brought a homemade hard boiled egg to cut on top. His sandwich is the double meat turkey, spinach, cucumbers and honey mustard

Did you see that Subway bread was declared "not bread" in Ireland --because of the high sugar content? We are so inured to everything tasting sweet here.…

@Jeanne - Wow. Unbelievable. That actually ticks me off that food providers assume that everyone wants/needs things sweet-tasting. I end up making many things from scratch because I watch my sugar intake (prediabetes). Good for them in Ireland. I wish they would do that here.

Any thoughts on the veggie patty? I actually really like it, but I think it’s loaded with sodium?

Love veggie patty on flatbread with spinach bl olives peppers very little honey mustard.

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