Motivation to Change From A Documentary About Four Kids and Their Weight Loss Journeys: Bite Size

April 6, 2015   7 Comments

I don’t review documentaries very often here on Snack Girl but I like films about food.

Bite Size Review

My favorite food documentary of all time has to be Super Size Me. Morgan Spurlock attempts to eat McDonald’s for 30 days. It does not end well.

This documentary, Bite Size is about four inspiring kids who are overweight and their struggles to get healthier. This isn’t “The Biggest Loser” where everyone loses all the weight in months – no, these stories are much more realistic as each child has to confront the internal and external factors that contribute to their weight.

Here is the trailer:

If you struggle with weight loss, you will see yourself in these kids because the film is honest. At one point in the story, I found myself wanting to jump out of my chair and grab the chips out of the child’s hand. The computer screen stopped me from doing that - argh!

The kids are from different backgrounds and have different motivations except for the fact that all of them are bullied because of their weight. The strength of the documentary is that it doesn't simply talk about the biological reasons for their weight gain (too many calories, lack of exercise , etc.) but the emotional reasons as well.

Documentaries are a powerful form of storytelling and this one is very good. You want these kids to succeed and find yourself angry at the societal factors that hold them back.

Parents, teachers, caregivers, and children will learn a lot from these American kids who want to be healthy - compassion and respect for people who struggle with being overweight.

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Bite Size

Bite Size

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I just watched the trailer - I am going to purchase this from Itunes and watch it. It looks so inspiring - thank you!

Looks so great! Can't wait to watch it.

It IS inspiring and a very well made documentary.

I have an overweight daughter and this trailer breaks my heart! I have 3 children that are not biologically mine but they struggle with eating too much. It's completely my fault because I let them. About a week ago my hubby and I, who are also overweight, decided that we were only going to eat once- meaning no seconds. My kids are having a hard time with it but I feel that this is the baby step we need to take first before we change our diet. I have 7 children total and I want to teach them good habits by setting the example!

That looks like a great documentary. I agree with Moy, his father is jumping on him, but here he is filling his face with crap as well. If you want your kids to be healthy you have to be the example. That means clearing the crap out of the house. If he wants his double greasy burger than he can have it outside of the house like maybe on his lunch breaks when he goes to work. I'm not sure if he has a lot of will power, but that would be the ideal way for him to get his junky fix without his son seeing him. I was chubby when I was young, but I wasn't overweight. My Dad would say things like Why are you eating that cookie your already as big as a house ( I was no where near it). My parents never let my sister and I go outside and play, so how were we supposed to stay active. We weren't in any clubs. It was school and home that's it, so in High School I joined cheerleading and then he complained about that. lol "You need to eat more". My diet and eating habits didn't change it's just that I had practice for 2 hours 3 times a week unless it was around competition then it was every day for 2 hours. My last 2 years of high school I chose to be active and I would then hear my father jump on my sister. No where near fat, so I told him "Until you get crowned Mr. Universe yourself, you have no room to talk." He wasn't aware that my sister was taking diet pills since she was 15. My mother tried to counteract what my father would say, but my sister was at the age of liking boys, so if Daddy says that and he was a boy then that must be what boys are thinking about her. Father wasn't raised with sisters he had all brothers and waaaay back when if you insulted people enough they would prove you wrong. To him that was giving motivation, but I told him that is not how it is now. If you jump on someone too hard they will self destruct, He gets it now, but it did cause it's damage waaay back when we didn't need it.

Hi Tiffany! That is so great you want to get healthy and show your kids better habits. I understand about the not having seconds. It's a hard habit to break. What I have done in the past is still have 1 portion but have 2 smaller portions. That way it still feels like I have seconds but it's really one portion. and it forces me to get up from the table and walk to get the "second" portion AKA the second half of the one portion. Smaller plates helps with this too.

I cried watching the trailer.....this wont be pretty :)

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