Searching for the Perfect Gift? Look No Further (also, Massachusetts Snack Girl Events)

December 1, 2014   7 Comments

Looking for that unique something that your friend or family member doesn’t have already?

Book Sale and Events

I know how difficult it is to get a present that is unique and helpful. My last visit to Target netted a Christmas sweater for my husband that says, “Take Me Gnome Tonight” (don’t tell him).

Anywhoo, it can be a challenge.

My solution for you is a copy of Snack Girl to the Rescue! signed by the author (me). This book is much more helpful than a bad holiday sweater and I will autograph it and dedicate it to your friend or family member.

Why my book and not The Hunger Games Trilogy Box Set? My book is also about hunger but instead of violent sports, I teach you how to control hunger in a humorous way.

Think of me as your new BFF that has lost 20 pounds, five years ago, and keeps finding ways to keep off the weight without stressing. I am encouraging, funny, and supportive and I am not interested in making you feel bad when you finish the Haagen Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip at 3 AM.

My recipes are healthy, delicious, and easy to make and most of them have not appeared on

Also, I will be at three events in the upcoming weeks so you can come and meet me (and I can hand you a copy – which only costs $12 because I don’t have to ship it).

  • Concord Cookware (Concord, MA) on Sunday, December 7th from 1-4PM. I will be giving out samples of my favorite healthy holiday treat and signing books.
  • Holiday Market Place (Ludlow, MA) on Monday, December 8th from 6-8 PM. There is a charge to attend ($15) but holiday food and drinks (non-alcoholic) is served. Location is Ludlow Country Club
  • West Springfield Public Library (West Springfield, MA) on Tuesday, December 9th at 6:30 PM. I will be talking about keeping healthy during the holidays (and staying trim).

If you can’t make it to my events, I will send you a copy for $18 (including Priority mail shipping).

Just complete this form and pay on paypal to get a signed and dedicated copy of Snack Girl to the Rescue:

  • Book costs $18 including Priority Mail shipping (about $6) within the USA.
  • They are only on sale for one week to ensure the book arrives before December 17th.
  • Include the name of your friend or family member so I can sign it to them.

If you have any questions, post them below or e-mail

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So I am all for buying the snack girl book and I love this website, but PLEASE don't buy this book as a gift for someone else. It's incredibly insulting, and speaking as someone who has received something similar, it doesn't help a person's self esteem. Really, I love this website and I think it's great to buy the book for yourself.

I have the book and truly love it and Snack Girl. I have always been interested in healthy foods, easy and tasty. I would be thrilled to receive the book and would not be offended. My friends and family all know how I am and what I like.

UNLESS you know she has been WANTING it!

I think Lisa's book is a wonderful, funny, wise book which anyone would enjoy, whether fit or not. Rather than an insult to another, it would be a compliment to that person's intelligence and love of good living. Maybe you know someone super sensitive to a body image problem whom you know would be insulted by a book about healthy living. But most of my friends know what they look like and are not insulted by anything wonderful I give them like Lisa's book. I would even give it to my mother-unlaw!

Self help books of any kind are in the top five gifts NOT to give.

I agree with Marilyn. I would not have considered this book as insulting to anyone. I share her website with everyone I care about because she provides fantastic tips about healthy eating. I have a couple of friends that would love this and I would love it if someone gave me this book as a gift! (I can provide my address ;)

In any gift giving situation you must consider the recipient and if you think that there is a possibility they could be insulted, then absolutely, do not give them anything that could hurt them.

Sam and Kris- I think most people know who in their life has been struggling with their weight. Most people know personally if they are as well and should be pleased to receive a book of recipes that will assist them in losing or maintaining their weight.

This may not fly well with someone new to one's circle unless they have indicated their struggle to lose weight.

This is not a "self help" book per se but a guide for anyone wanting to eat healthier. If anyone would get insulted by any book that offers something good or helpful then there are problems that may be more complex than just eating habits in my humble opinion.

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