Snack Girl Wants To Come To Your Book Club

May 15, 2014   9 Comments

Looking for a new hot book for your club?

Book Club Makeover

Have I got the book for you! It is funny, encouraging, and best of all it includes food. Not gourmet fancy-shmancy food, but easy to make, healthy, and affordable food.

Not only is the book amazing, but the author would like to come to your book club (if she lives close enough) or she would appear via Skype, speaker phone, Google Hangout, FaceTime or beam herself into your club (probably not beam – but that would be cool).

This author is super fun (some would say charming and delightful) and she wants to meet you.

Right about now, you probably have figured out that I am talking about myself and my book, Snack Girl To The Rescue!.

(I think my mother MIGHT call me charming and delightful.)

Why would you read a cookbook at a book club? Snack Girl To The Rescue! isn’t entirely a cookbook. The first half of the book is filled with stories about changing your relationship with food and covers topics such as body image, emotional eating, and food marketing.

The second half of the book IS a cookbook, but it has the easiest, most delicious, and healthy recipes EVER (with the nutrition facts included).

Wouldn't it be enjoyable to change it up? I'm not suggesting you give up the wine and cheese, but I am trying to insert myself and add some healthy food.

Here are some fresh book club ideas:

  • Everyone makes a new Snack Girl healthy snack (or their favorite snack) and shares with the group.
  • Bring your sneakers, get off the couch, and take a short walk around the neighborhood before you start discussing the book.
  • Make and share 20 minute “sanity saver” dinners and share the recipes.

Or you could read a fiction book AND Snack Girl To The Rescue!. I would come up with a specific snack menu (easy to make) to fit the theme of your chosen book.

I would love to support your group in any step that they would like to take toward getting healthier.

How do we do this? Shoot me an e-mail at and we can talk about what your book club would like to try. I am remarkably flexible (actually, I can't touch my toes).

If you live close to Amherst, Massachusetts, I would be happy to meet your group in person (and I would bring some snacks).

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Sounds like a fun idea! Gathering my ladies...

I'm not in a book club, but I love your accessibility! If you ever vacation on the west coast, let us know!

Our local library already has your book!

Congratulations on your book. I do plan on picking up a copy. I think what you do is wonderful. Thank you Lisa.

Hi Lisa. Would it be possible to order a book through you and save the middle man - AND get a signed copy??? That would be great!

Snack Girl am in the Valley for Mt Holyoke Reunion too bad you weren't signing books this weekend:). I live in FL would U come there

Gathering my ladies, also! We can really use a snack food make-over!!

@Patrice - I don't get down to Florida often - but maybe I could show up via conference call? Not as fun I guess.

Sadly, I'm currently in France so doesn't look likely... And when I'm at home I'm in New Zealand in the Pacific! I just wanted to say that I love love love your blog and plan on picking up your book for my birthday in two weeks. Thank you for all the work you do :)

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