Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

(makes 9)

9 eggs
1/3 pound thinly sliced ham
1/3 pound thinly sliced cheddar cheese
2 packages 100% whole grain English muffins

Heat oven to 400F. Crack eggs into bowl and whisk until blended. Spray 8 inch square pan with non-stick spray and pour eggs into pan. Bake for 8 minutes. Cut 9 square pieces and assemble sandwiches. Open muffin, put on egg, 1/2 slice cheese, and 1/2 slice ham. Store in fridge until ready to eat. Heat for 30 seconds in microwave before serving.

276 calories, 11.6 g fat, 27.7 g carbohydrates, 17.2 g protein, 4.6 g fiber, 643 mg sodium, 7 Points+ per sandwich

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