Breyers Delights Review

June 21, 2018   19 Comments

This Breyers Delights review may stop you from getting a stomachache. I believe Breyers is trying to get you to eat an entire pint of ice cream.

Breyers Delights Review

Breyers Delights is a new low calorie ice cream that boasts large amounts of protein. I decided to look into it because I like finding alternatives to heavy food. Recently, I wrote Miracle Noodle reviews and Caulipower Pizza Review to determine if they were good substitutes for pasta and pizza respectively.

Take a look at this marketing!

I believe they are suggesting that you get out a spoon and eat all 300 calories or so of the pint. Why is this a good idea? Well, I think they know that most of us are aware that an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch has 1,200 calories.

(and many of us have attempted to eat it in one go)

How do they do it? This is one of those highly engineered “Franken Foods” that tries to replace regular ingredients with substitutes.

Here are the Breyer Delight’s ingredients for their Vanilla flavor:

As you can see, they use skim milk (no problem there) and sugar alcohol to make this product. They are using soluble corn fiber to make it creamy and a little bit of stevia to add more sweetness.

What does this do? Check out Breyers Delight Vanilla nutrition facts:

90 calories for 2/3 of a cup! Wowza. That is 3 Weight Watchers Freestyle points for you WW members out there.

But of course, if it doesn’t taste like ice cream then it won’t be worth it.

I did a taste test with a number of the flavors including vanilla, cookies-n-cream, chocolate and this one – known as vanilla cupcake.

I also asked my family to taste all of the flavors (including my children) in the hopes of getting a variety of opinions.

The vanilla cupcake (photographed above) was the worst of the lot. It tasted like chemicals and bore little resemblance to delicious cupcakes or ice cream. My family agreed but my husband still said he would eat it. Why? I don’t know.

The best of the bunch BY FAR with the chocolate flavor. It did taste very chocolatey and everyone liked it. It wasn’t too sweet and I appreciated that.

I went ahead and ate my 2/3 of a cup and then later my stomach started to hurt. I checked in with my family and my husband also had a stomachache. I am so glad that I didn’t eat the whole pint.

I knew the culprit!! Sugar alcohols!! Sugar alcohols, which are a form of carbohydrate that are not very well digested, are a common cause of upset stomach, particularly when consumed in high amounts. The names of some of the most common sugar alcohols that you’ll probably recognize from packages are xylitol, mannitol, sorbitol, maltitol, and erythritol.

It was not pleasant and so I would say that if you are sensitive to sugar alcohols – stay away from this product.

I think it would be better to avoid ice cream than to eat this. Or, you could stick to a small serving of very delicious ice cream and slowly enjoy every bite.

Have you tried Breyers Delights? What did you think?

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I haven't seen it in the stores on the South Shore yet. But, I avoid anything with sugar alcohol from past experience. The pain of the gas, diarrhea and cramps, in memory, literally has me sweating. Most diabetics have overindulged on sugarfree candy and never forgot it. The hours of a burning tushy you simply can't forget-- ever.

I have tried this brand (I had a coupon) as well as 3 other brands of "but you can eat the entire pint" faux ice-cream. No thanks, I'd rather indulge my summer ice-cream craving once or twice a week treat with the real deal at a local ice-cream store. Just didn't do it for me!

Sorry, I only buy Hagen Daz. A few spoonfuls and I am happy. A pint can go a long way if I eat just a few spoonfuls at a time.

Thanks for this review Lisa. I'll share it with my weight-conscious friends and family--no one needs a tummy ache! I too, vote for small amounts of the real deal when you must have ice cream, like Hagen Das! Homemade or store-bought fruit bars are another satisfier. :)

I have tried this too. I don't have a problem with erythritol so I did eat half the container with no reaction. I felt the taste was OK but the price was just too high for my budget. The price of the one pint container was almost the same as the mini quart size of regular Breyers. I don't see why substituting erythritol and skim milk for whole milk and sugar justifies the high cost. I am a diabetic so I am used of missing some of the taste and flavor of full calorie ice cream, but the premium price for diabetic friendly foods is really irritating.

Ive tried it. Its okay the winner in the low cal ice cream wars is Enlightened followed by Chilly Cow. Of course what you can do is buy a Cuisinart ice cream maker which is not that bad in price and make your own.

I find anything with even a hint of stevia does the same thing to me so this combo would probably put me over the edge - especially with colitis - thanks for the warning!

Made the mistake eating another "low sugar" brand and it was a bad enough experience that I will always on the look-out for those sugar alcohols so that I can avoid the associated stomach distress! Ugh!!! Definitely not worth it for me!

This is something I wouldn’t consider. I am working at eating as Whole Foods as possible. I have always found that the more processed a food is the worst my tummy reacts.

I received an ice cream maker and plan to use it. Skim milk, Splenda, sugarfree chocolate chips, vanilla, sugarfree KoolAid–type flavorings, and puréed fresh strawberries all make wonderful tasting ice cream. No sorbitol-like Issues, no chemicals and stabilizers I can’t pronounce.

I tried a popular low calorie ice cream when it first hit the “top”. Pumped with air, it was good but too airy and light. And $5.99/pint is $23.96/half gallon. Yikes! They’re taking advantage of those on diets but crave ice cream.

These fancy delights are too fancy for my wallet. <—$50 for an ice cream maker and flavorings for seventy-five days of summer at eight ounces a day equals about seventy dollars for thirty-seven pints of ice cream. Under two bucks a pint and little work for fresh, homemade, healthier ice cream.

For working moms, the machine does the work. Measure, push a button, wish a container or two and that is it. Make early in the morning and by afternoon you have it!

Thanks for the review. I have a sensitive stomach and I will stick with low-fat ice cream. My husband had no problem when he ate a pint.

I LOVE Bryers Delights - not only do I love it, but I buy several when I can find it on SALE. Shop Rite often has it for $2.88 a pint - that's when I buy several Chocolate and Chocolate Chip Mint. I leave them out for about 15 minutes (the chocolate defrosts quicker than the Chocolate Chip Mint) and then I put about 2 Tablespoons of each in a little Joy wafer cone (25 calories) and that is my favorite treat at the end of each night. I don't get a stomach ache, so I guess I'm not sensitive to sugar alcohols. My sister said that the Butter Pecan is good too! I have not found any of the other flavors to be good...stick to CHOCOLATE and CHOCOLATE CHIP MINT! WAY better than HALO - which I think DOES taste like chemicals!

Lauren, What kind of ice cream maker do you use? Thanks

i can't do the sugar alcohols either. stomach pain and gas. people get fooled by them thinking they are magic weight loss additives but your body can't deal with them. i have the same problem with splenda. not a good thing

I had the same reaction to Popsicle brand no sugar fudgesicles. I finally pieced it together and realized it was the sugar alcohols. I am trying to stick to making my own frozen treats using a banana base - the one I make with cocoa powder tastes the best by far, but am experimenting with other recipes that use yogurt and fruit.

I wish I had the control to only eat a small amount of fake ice cream, but I do not. My only control is not buying stuff - once it is in the house, forget trying to limit myself!

I never tried the new ice cream. I have a suggestion, for a short time period, reduce the cost of Delights so the Breyer's lovers and new customers can taste these flavors. Try to reduce the sugar alcohols if possible. Maybe add a vanilla chocolate chip.

Worst ice cream l have ever tasted, wouldn’t even say it was ice cream.

Sooner have small amount of Ben and Jerry’s.

The only thing better than Bryers Delight is ISKREAM chocolate chip mint bars - hard to find though.

So delicious! I got the raspberry fudge flavour and it was so light and yummy! The sugar alcohols didn’t upset my stomach, but I felt satisfied. Way better than HALO (which tastes like pure dirt).

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