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May 13, 2014   20 Comments

Brooke is one of the many bloggers who are doing their best to help people get healthy.

Brooke Not on a Diet

Her blog, Brooke Not On A Diet, catalogues her 172 pound weight loss and she does it without fads or gimmicks. She does use Weight Watchers and stuff like indoor herb gardens.

She lost weight by eating healthier and moving more. From her site:

I eat real food and never tell myself I can’t have something. This is life and, quite frankly, life is too short not to indulge in the occasional cupcake!

I, of course, instantly loved her. But, she did something bigger than stand up for real food and cupcakes.

The short version of the story is that Shape interviewed her about her weight loss and then asked her for a photo. Here it is:

The freelancer assigned to the article told her that Shape had a policy that meant she needed to put a shirt on.


Instead of sending in a photo with a t-shirt, Brooke did something awesome. She demonstrated the kind of integrity we wish CELEBRITIES would choose when being featured and said,

…I am going to have to kindly decline being featured on Shape online. If you are not willing to show my body as is, then I don’t want to be part of it.

You go girl!

Then, the internet took over because she wrote this post about it: Why I Refused to Put a Shirt on For Shape and it went viral.

Which meant that Brooke ended up on The Today Show in Australia, Good Morning America, and NBC’s Today (among other venues) telling her story.

It all ends with a story in Shape magazine and her bikini photo will be in it. Shape chalked the mistake up to a freelancer’s misunderstanding of their policies and now wants to do an article on extreme weight loss with bikini-clad bodies. See here – Media Whirlwind and a Resolution with Shape.

My take is that if Brooke hadn’t used her blog as a mouthpiece for change, Shape would have run the article without her. You have to love the internet for allowing individuals to stand up to the man (or in this case a major media corporation that thinks it can define beauty as washboard abs).

She got to tell everyone that her body is beautiful and I know that she helped a lot of people with their body image. Brava, Brooke! You are my hero.

What do you think of her stand?

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I read this article and I say "good for her" not everyone has a body that is the image of perfection. If she is happy and healthy that's all that truly matters.

Good for her! You would think with the popularity of "reality tv" we would all want to see real people with real bodies and real lives....not the fake, air-brushed, plastic surgery-filled kind of things that are in magazines & on tv these days!

What an inspiration Brooke is and you also for helping to spread the word! Were I not your fan I probably never would have seen this strong determined woman!!

Hooray for Brooke! Someone who is comfortable in their skin and lost weight for all the right reasons. Though I still struggle to get off the pounds, I have never been ashamed of my body. I just know that it is in my best interests both health-wise and mobility-wise to lose some weight.

Brooke is a good role-model for women. Eat healthy and indulge occasionally. Moderation is the key along with exercise, exercise, exercise!

My thought is that's the Shape cover-up (pun intended). It's the same issue with the program The Biggest Loser really. They show contestants in sports bras and shorts or men in short as they weigh in... up until about midway through the season when you know things are getting too loose in skin. Oh then out comes the t-shirts to cover them up.

It drove me crazy when I attended WW meetings and the woman kept saying oh you lose weight all the skin tightens up. No, not past a certain weight point for your size or past a certain age it doesn't but I heard women in there with that expectation who were going to be badly disappointed.

Too many times all the emphasis is on losing weight and no consideration really of what happens when you do.

A real woman, with real weight loss, and the REAL results! Bravo to you!

I'm so inspired by Brooke, she is incredible and brave woman. I'm working hard at being healthy myself and I know my ab's will not be a washboard, but that's OK. I still love my body and the fact that I can move it everyday, because I have friends who are in wheel chairs. So I know how lucky I'am.

Shape should help her get assistance & money to get the excess skin off. She shared her pic & information. She is a inspiration. Changing the way you eat is Hard! Starting exercising is hard. I have 14lbs to go to be my idea weight. I was 150, I'm 144 & I'm going to get down to 134. I'm 5' 6", 52 yrs old & that is a good weight for me. I walk fast up & down hills 35 min & then I swim 5 to 10 min 5 days a week. I also eat like Brooke, but as you get older, you have to eat less unless you're burning up those calories. Congrats Brooke.

I love it! I lost 112lbs and never truly enjoyed or was proud of myself, because my body looked awful. I focused on the lose skin and not the true accomplishment of losing all the weight.

I love Brooke's story-way to go Brooke. I am rethinking my journey. Thanks for sharing your bravery-it is making me re-evaluate the true meaning of getting fit and healthy.



SHAPE should pay for a plastic surgeon as an apology. She is a brave young woman with integrity! As much as she is proud of her weight loss, I bet she would like to get rid of the loose skin and it is an expensive procedure. Not necessarily for looks but for comfort and for her new smaller size to fit!

Thanks for sharing Brooks story and the power of GOOD of the internet!

Good for her. People don't realize that when you lose over 100 lbs there WILL BE excess fat that is not always easy to get rid of. She looks great.

I'm with her, having lost 200 pounds I also have some excess skin and sagging but I feel great and I am in the best shape of my life. Our society still focuses too much on how you look and not on more important things - your health and how you feel every day. Thank you for taking a stand with your picture!

I think this young woman has got a lot of pride and she should have. To me she looks great! I wish I could loose the 70 pounds I have put on due to medication. I wish I had her out look on life! You go girl I am so proud of what you have let people see. Yes you are the REAL person no artificial fluff there. I hope you d find the money to have the skin removed. I say this not for the looks but to make yourself more comfortable. But even if you don't in your heart you know what you have accomplished GODD FOR YOU!!

Bravo Brooke

Way to go girl!!!!! She's done a fantastic job taking back her health, and that's truly what this is about..

And yes, I think Shape should find her a surgeon and pay the tab, she's done exactly what Shape promotes us to do, why not show her a little "appreciation"

She's done an awesome job!!

Brooke is brave. Not for telling Shape to shove it, but for displaying her less-than-perfect silhouette all over the web. It took "guts". My belly looks much like hers after 100 lost pounds, and I have no intention of baring my belly!

I am so inspired by Brooke! I think she's taken a stance for all of us out there whose bodies aren't perfect. A while ago I stopped buying most "women's" magazines as they all seem way too focused on setting up unrealistic expectations just so women will feel inadequate and buy their advertisers' products. I wish there were more images of real women in magazines. Thanks snack girl for mentioning her!

Brooke you are really so honest to post your real photo and also your post is great to read.

Brooke, I heard about your story from Good Morning America and how you took a stand with Shape Magazine. I think it's terrible that they tried to dictate what you should wear in the picture submitted for the story they were going to write about regarding your weight loss. It takes away from your story, your weight loss, and what you've accomplished!

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