Built Boost Reviews: Do These Drinks Live Up to the Hype?

May 2, 2020   11 Comments

This Built Boost review is for those of you who are looking for a water upgrade. Some of us get bored with simply water.

Built Boost Reviews: Do These Drinks Live Up to the Hype?

Many of us need or want to drink more water. Why? Well for many reasons but the main one is that drinking more water can help with weight loss.

Drink water before a meal and you may feel more full (and eat less food as a result).

I drink a glass of water before I go to bed and one as soon as I wake up. This system keeps my systems humming (and there are consequences if I forget). I would rather not share the consequences - TMI!

Built Bar introduced Built Boost as a natural energy drink with zero calories and no caffeine.

It is a powder product that includes 100% of your daily value of vitamins, a ton of B12 and B6.

Also, it has maca root, ashwagandha, and rhodiolo rosea - herbs that have been used to reduce stress, enhance brain function, and improve mental performance. The statements on the efficacy of the herbs have not been evaluated by the FDA.

I am a big fan of evidence-based claims for health products which makes me skeptical of the health claims of these herbs.

Built Boost is like a multi-vitamin in liquid form.

You dump a packet of powder into a cold 16 ounce water bottle and shake.

I bought a mixed bag for $29.95 and received six flavors: pina colada, mango tangerine, strawberry vanilla, fruit punch, pineapple strawberry, and black cherry lemonade.

The good news is that it has zero calories and could help some people drink more water (and get some vitamins they might be missing).

The bad news is that Built used sucralose to sweeten these drinks. If you are not a fan of the sucralose - Built Boost is not for you.

I found all of these to taste like bad fruit punch. They had a sickly sweet flavor that I did not enjoy. I would not buy these again.

My advice is (if you are interested in this product) is to take a multi-vitamin and flavor your water with lemon juice, mint extract, or infuse it with berries.

Try to come up with a system that makes drinking more water an easy part of your day and not a chore. Drinking water alone (without any additional supplements) will help you feel more energetic especially if you are dehydrated. It seems obvious but some people don't pay attention to when they are dried out.

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True Citrus now makes water enhancers that are made from cyrystallized fruits, no sugar, no calories, non-GMO, no sugar substitutes. Three ingredients (lime oil, lime juice, citric acid)I put one of the little powder packets into a glass of water and add some stevia powder and it's wonderfully refreshing. You can also use them in recipes calling for that particular fruit; I think they come in 5-6 flavors.

I received a package of the strawberry vanilla Boost drink and like the taste. The only drawback I have consistently found with this product is that is doesn't completely disolve in the bottle of water. There is always powder residue no matter how I hard I shake the bottle, start with a less filled bottle, etc.

I've been using these since they sent me free samples with my built bars when they first started and I love them. I've never had a problem drinking water but I still put one in my 40 oz Hydroflask every morning and then another in the afternoon when I refill it. I love all the flavors. But to each their own. :)

I like the Built Boost, but not all flavors. I have no problem with Splenda. More water is needed than the recommended. Try about 1/2 pack per 16 oz of water.

I got excited reading this until I got to the part contains sucralose. Wish they didn't add any sweetener.

I found built boost to be very tasty. I love all the flavors. My energy levels are ten fold compared to taking a vitamin.

Had been a loyal Built Boost user (self & wife) for many months now. The last batch however was very disappointing. More than half of the tubs had a horrible taste. If i could imagine what dirty dishwater tasted like, those tubs would qualify.

Just our 2020 orders totaled 12. Hundreds of dollars in orders so the bad stock was not just that we did not like the product, we did and still do, just cannot trust company quality control.

Would have liked to share this with the company, but logging into the site was just too difficult.

Would like to order more Built Boost but can’t pull up order form.

They changed the flavors and packaging. the new flavors are horrible. I complained and they gave me a $15 gift card. I bought two more flovors to try. Both tasted equally terrible. There is a bad aftertaste. I will not buy anymore.

Personally I agree that the powders are super sweet, definitely need to dilute it with a bit more water. Other than that, I love the fruit punch flavor. I am also skeptical about the added "herbs" but as long as they are not harmful, I'm drinking more "water" so I am happy!

What would you suggest in way of vitamins added to water, instead? I would prefer a non-caffeinated drink mix. I've used the Boost packets and like them, but don't like the sucralose component. Also, the flavors I do like have been out of stock for awhile. I'm looking to change to something else but am having a hard time finding a better option.

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