The Mystery of Celebrity Diets and Cleanses

October 14, 2015   9 Comments

Let’s say you have decided to lose some weight and instead of talking to your doctor, you choose to research the magazines next to the supermarket check-out counter.

Celebrity Diets and Cleanses

I know you have stood there and wondered how Kim lost the baby weight so quickly and how Beyonce looks so radiant after doing a cleanse.

I have!

There are also stories of celebrities gaining weight, like Lady Gaga who seemed to go from skeleton like to curvy in a matter of minutes. She got criticized for her weight gain (as all celebrity weight changes are fodder for the press) and told everyone to stick it.

If you had a job where EVERYWHERE you went there were cameras and you had to do things like photo shoots for Vogue or movie shoots where a camera was trained on your tush – then that image was projected on a massive screen – do you think you would be sane about your appearance?

I ask this question because celebrities seem to be trying to sell us the latest weight loss strategies and cleanses and I wonder, “What is up with that?”. Is this just another strategy to make money or do they actually believe that drinking lemon-pepper water for 10 days is a good idea?

There is no evidence that doing a cleanse helps you clear out toxins. Gwyneth might be surprised to find out that our liver and kidneys do an excellent job of cleansing our bodies on a daily basis. When you pee – you get rid of toxins. I would choose water if I am obsessive about urinating – since it is the best cleansing method our bodies have going.

What cleanses do help you do is lose weight. Surprise! Not eating for a few days will lead to quick weight loss. If you are going to be in a bikini shooting a commercial for a perfume – and you have been chowing down on bacon cheeseburgers – then a cleanse would be perfect to ensure you look okay. Of course, I am sure the Photoshop guy will help you out in post-production.

I do think the celebrities that endorse extreme weight loss measures believe in them and do them. I am simply not sure their tactics are relevant to the rest of us.

The best way to lose weight isn’t an extreme diet. A progressive lifestyle change is the best strategy and will include (hopefully) eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and some dairy in a moderate fashion. That’s it!

Put down the Cheetos pick up the apple and forget about spending bank on the latest juice fad.

Have you tried a cleanse? Why did you try it and did it help?

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Well, you can give it a try by scheduling a colonoscopy. Kill two birds with one stone. (And if we are over fifty, we should be scheduling one anyway).

I would add reasonable exercise to the new healthy us. The plan to lose weight and being healthy is to eat reasonably and excercise moderately. And remember, we put the weight on over a long period of time. It is reasonable to think it should take time to lose it in a healthy way.

I've never done a cleanse because I also know there isn't any proof that it does anything for us. I have had a couple of colonoscopies (a major cleansing) and any weight loss comes back in a day or two.

I'm not going to say ALL cleanses are bad. Some are from so far in left field you wonder how no one died yet. But there are others I will advocate, but not for losing weight or detoxifying. I do one every year after the holidays as kind of a reset. It bills itself as a detoxifying diet, but I see it as a "get back on track" diet. Start the day with lemon water and eat any raw fruits and vegetables any which way you like (no added fats) for a total of 7 days. After the holidays, you body does thank you for it and you feel more motivated to attack the rest of the year. I recommend it, but never as a "lose weight quick" or "detoxify your body" diet. Those never work. I advocate this as a reset because every so often we need a reboot.

I agree! As with most things in life...simple is usually the best route to go. We tend to over think everything today. What was healthy yesterday is still healthy today: eat well-balanced meals, exercise, drink lots if water.

Never did a cleanse, but I do drink plenty of water. People who believe in a cleanse will say water just isn't enough but for me it is...

What annoys me about the Master Cleanse is that you get 900 calories a day but it's from maple syrup. How is having that much sugar cleansing or healthy? There aren't any nutrients.

I do actually lead a cleanse but it's based on whole foods: chicken, fish, vegetables, whole grains and berries. You eat 3 meals a day and there is a healthy snack option as well. It's full of vitamins and nutrients, not sugar.

I juice cause I like it in the summer when it's super hot, but I still eat. I eat fruits and veggies clean lean meats and I try to steer clear of salt and refined sugars during that time. My Cousin is in the "business" and she said that it helps you drop some pounds and not bloat,and sure the celebs look great, but they are miserable. She said not worth it. I eat 5-6 times a day, but it's small meals. Doing that helps me not over eat. My grandmother told me not too long ago, "If you were eating right to begin with then you wouldn't need a cleanse."

I totally agree. If we eat right and drink water to support our liver and kidneys they do just fine.

comment 1: Eating well is key to maintaining strength, energy, a healthy immune system and general lung heath.

The key to a healthy balanced diet is not to ban or omit any foods or food groups but to balance what you eat

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