Chicken Soup Recipe Correction

Chicken Soup Recipe Correction

January 7, 2011

"Everyone makes mistakes and so do I." - Grover from Sesame Street

So, I was reading my chicken soup recipe and realized I left out a really important piece of information. argh.

Today, I went back and fixed it - but if you read the post earlier in the week and are planning to make my chicken soup - I need to alert you to the change.

I use a 3-4 pound chicken to make the chicken stock AND the soup. So, I simmer the chicken in liquid and then the next day I remove the meat from the chicken carcass and add it to the soup.

As of NOW, the post includes this update:

Chicken Noodle Soup

There is probably a reason (scrambled brains) that I stick to simple snack recipes versus long complicated recipes :)

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