Why This Chobani Let Snack Girl Down

April 3, 2014   79 Comments

Snack Girl likes to have a midmorning snack to keep the writing going. It is amazing how a little tummy rumble can distract.

Chobani Simply 100

Since I write about snacks, I have a bunch to take to work and one of my favorites is Greek yogurt. I typically buy FAGE when I see it on sale but I also like Chobani. I was running late for picking my children up from school when I bought this Chobani.

What is SO infuriating is that I make a living talking about reading labels, and I still get tricked into buying something that I didn’t want.

Here is what I read on the side of the label before tossing this into my cart:

No artificial sweeteners. is the line that I read and that meant to me that I would like this yogurt. I don’t have a problem with artificial sweeteners except for the taste. For those who are diabetic or need to cut way down on sugar, I realize these are a great option – but I avoid them.

I opened up my Chobani Simply 100 and took a bite. Yuck! What is going on? It has that fake artificial sweetener flavor. There can’t be sucralose in this?! A quick review of the ingredients led me to “Stevia Leaf Extract”. AHA!

Stevia leaf is not considered an “artificial” sweetener because it is derived from a leaf instead of a chemical reaction. But, it isn’t sugar or honey or maple syrup. I suppose you might call it a sweet flavoring agent with no calories. The problem, for me, is that it TASTES like an artificial sweetener.

Also, there is an argument to be made that stevia is also a chemical compound that is highly processed. At what point does the sweetener extracted from a plant via a chemical process become an “artificial flavor”? Sometimes these definitions seem arbitrary to me.

I wrote about the manufacturing of stevia here: Is Stevia/Truvia/PureVia A Safe Sweetener? I stick by my assertion that stevia is to be consumed in moderation.

Chobani is allowed to call “stevia leaf extract” a natural sweetener and I am now stuck standing in the yogurt aisle reading the ingredients list every time I buy something. I bought THREE of these and I am going to have to find someone who likes them.

What do you think of stevia in yogurt?

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I don't mind the flavor of stevia and prefer NuNaturals brand. It seems to me to be a better alternative than sugar. I do read labels on yogurt (or just about anything questionable) as it's often surprising what is advertised and what is actually on the label.

I fell for that too. Im glad I'm not the only one

While I do not object to the taste of Stevia I do object to its inclusion in Chobani. Like you, I trusted the company to be forthright and honest with its yogurt. So based on my new impression of how they conduct themselves when it comes to labeling, I feel they let you (and me) down. That is a mark-down in grade.

I get the plane Cnobani greek. very low in Carbs, I add a small amount of frozen blue berries, If you like it a little sweeter a tad of healthy honey will work.

Love Chobani 100. For 2 points plus it is a much better alternative than the one that WW endorses.Mostly natural ingredients ....

I also despise the taste of any artificial sweeteners. I consider Stevia "artificial" because it tastes artificial. I would rather eat unsweetened, plain yogurt with only added fruit or vanilla extract.

Nasty, I don't care for the taste of it. Yes I read all the labels , I can't even enjoy any red flavored yogurt berry, etc. Because of the crushed up little bugs they use for color. That can't be safe. Ughhhhh!

Plain yogurt is the way to go. Fage is my first choice because I can add my own sweetener, usually honey or I can make a dip for veggies with other spices. Stevia is not my favorite. Agreed on the taste. It's distinct. It's better in an iced tea if I've no other choice!

What about Chobani producing Greek yogurt with milk from cows fed with GMO animal feed? I used to live on Chobani, but I refuse to purchase it after I learned about their refusal to eliminate genetically engineered material from their products.

So glad I'm not the only one who says "yuck" to Stevia. To me, it has an awful aftertaste, not unlike aspertame. I agree that the labelling is deceptive, but as soon as you see the "100 Calories" for a fruit-flavored yogurt, be suspicious.

My rule is nothing touting ''natural'' on the label as it has proven to be meaningless and just a form of deceptive labeling. With yogurt I stick to plain organic and add my own fruit, occasional sweeteners like maple syrup or honey, nuts, etc. To make it convenient, I purchase a doz. half-pint Ball jars and screw on lids [to replace the 2-piece canning lids], put frozen/fresh fruit on the bottom, then maybe a sweetener if needed, yogurt, then maybe homemade granola or plain nuts. I make up a 4 days' supply. I find Stonyfield's plain to be very thick too.

Siggi's Icelandic skyr is by far my favorite yogurt!

i am glad Snack Girl that you brough it up, since i was tempted to buy a whole packet of stivia to replace other kinds of artificial sweeteners, it was "purely disgusting" and i could not make myself use it. the natural kind that i tried (dried leaves) in the past weren't any better.

I can taste artificial sweeteners blindfolded and Stevia is included. Most yogurts are so fake tasting and consumers are completely misled into thinking it is a healthy choice now that manufacturers like Chobani "fool" us into believing that. I also do not like inulin being added to Chobani and many others.

So sorry that you got rooked with the Chobani 100. I know how easily it can happen to the best of us. I know about Chaboni (the GMO factor) and the Stevia but I still choose their brand even over Siggi's (which texture I adore). I'm totally into the 2% coconut right now (4ppl). I also adore the chobani coconut with dark choc pieces and slivered almonds (a giant 6 ppl but so worth it). I flirted with making my own yogurt but I got turn off when I realized it takes 5c milk to make 1.5 c greek yogurt.

Thank you Snack Girl I thought I was the only one who fell for this. I also bought these and was mortified with the taste. Stevia gives me an awful headache so I felt terrible after only one spoonful. I was very saddened with Chobani.

I also fell for this. I read that it had no artifical sweetener and thought great, this is for me! As soon as I tasted it I knew it was false advertising.

I bought this one too. Took one bite gagged and tossed it in the trash. DISGUSTING!!

I returned the rest of the 4 pack to Target. They asked if anything was wrong with it and I said it tastes terrible. I'm not spending almost $4 on something to throw it out.

I too was disappointed in the taste and will not buy it again.

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