Roasted bean juice is a nutritious drink

May 8, 2009   5 Comments

Coffee is roasted bean juice. Since we don't pick the beans, roast them, and grind them, we forget that coffee is derived from plants. It has all the nutritious components of beans without the calories.


How can you go wrong drinking coffee? Well, we all know it contains caffeine and that caffeine is a drug. Caffeine IS a stimulant, but you could do much worse (think cocaine). As long as you drink a reasonable amount (which depends on your weight, etc.), coffee is a wonderful snack.

Because coffee is roasted bean juice, there seem to be some health benefits to drinking it. For example, a study in Finland linked consumption of three to six cups of coffee per day with a 25 percent lower risk of diabetes.

Also, recent studies confirm that caffeine can raise blood pressure, but this effect is observed with soft drinks, not coffee. Laboratory studies suggest that perhaps coffee’s healthful compounds can counterbalance the blood-pressure raising effects of caffeine.

Now, of course, you might prefer your coffee with cream and sugar. If you are watching your weight, you probably want to use low-fat milk but even with this addition this is a truly low calorie snack.

If you want to evaluate your caffeine consumption, take a look at Energy Fiend. Our friends at Energy Fiend have developed a site to help you explore the caffeine content in energy drinks, soda, coffees, and food. Check it out at:

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I sure do love my coffee - if it is good there is no need for sweetener or cream. Unfortunately, it is hard to find good coffee. Thanks for sharing.

I love my coffee as well. I usually try to go for some Sugar free creamer and some Splenda for the sugar.

Not sure if it's the healthiest.

There are worse places to get your caffeine.

My wife drinks primarily diet coke, lots of it. I drink primarily coke, also lots of it. (I know, not a good thing.) She was just recently diagnosed with aspartame poisoning. When aspartame builds up in your system, it turns into formaldehyde.

My issue is finding a juice that tastes good and is healthy, or moderately healthy. Every time I find a juice I like, it turns out to be worse for me than coke. (Yes I know, I should just drink water, but I want something with flavor.)

I just noticed (after subscribing) that Coffee is listed as one of the healthy snacks. I understand that it probably is low caloried and healthy to some extent, but what about Green Tea? i'm just curious as to why coffee is listed but tea isn't at all (or maybe i'm just biased because i love my tea, and i think it's better than coffee XD)

Ha, ha, ha - Roasted bean juice anyone?

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