Cosori Air Fryer Review: The Gift of the Season?

November 29, 2019   11 Comments

I bought this COSORI Air Fryer to review it for the holidays. People seem to love how these units air fry instead of deep fry.

Cosori Air Fryer Review

It is a COSORI Air Fryer, 5.8 Quart, and 1700-Watt cooker for making literally lighter food.

On the top of the unit when I plucked it out of the box it said:

Wouldn’t that be so sad? You bought this thing and filled it with oil thinking that you had purchased a deep fryer and alas, this appliance uses AIR.

The air fryer pushes hot air around the food and can make a crunchy exterior.

Basically, you use this drawer to put your food in the cooker and it pumps air all around it.

I like cooking appliances that I can set and forget like my Best Slow Cooker and my Instant Pot. I happen to own two Instant Pots and my favorite recipe isInstant Pot Refried Beans.

The COSORI air fryer comes with this nice recipe book that included a bunch of easy recipes.

I decided to give the COSORI air fryer a shot with the quintessential deep fried food that everyone loves - french fries. I believe that if this thing can make a decent french fry - then it can make just about anything.

First, you have to cut up the potatoes.

Then, you soak them in cold water for about 15 minutes, dry them, toss them in a little oil, salt, pepper, and paprika.

You preheat your machine and then you hit the FRENCH FRY BUTTON -see here:

You toss them half way through the cycle and then you end up with these:

Can you layer the basket with food and expect it to be crunchy? I found that you cannot. I stuffed too many potato slices in this air fryer and they ended up with soggy - but perfectly cooked.

I really liked the air fryer and would put fewer potatoes in the box the next time I used it. My biggest problem is that with a family of four, I think I would have to run it twice to get enough for a side dish.

Also, I think I wouldn’t use this for roasting (as I have a great oven) so it would be only for that deep fried effect that you would like with fish, chicken, or fries.

I can see, though, for people who don’t like to cook - that this could be a really fun tool. You just toss your food in a basket and walk away - it comes out crunchy!!

The COSORI basket was very easy to wash (it is non-stick) and it goes in the dishwasher. I give that a thumbs up.

Have you tried any air fryers? What did you think? Is this the gift of the season?

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Gave a hint to my son yesterday who gave me an instant pot last year that I would like one. 😁

I have neither an air fryer nor a slow cooker. The portion you mentioned would be okay since it's just me and my husband. I've been on the fence about either of these since I'm concerned about storage and counter space. I've been considering the appliance that is an convection oven, air fryer, slow cooker (how is this even possible? Ina pot, maybe?)toaster, etc., since this combines several. I know Emeril has one. Anyone tried these?

I bought the small Dash. For a single person or a couple, it's quite handy. I haven't done Fries, but use it to cook small steaks, Shrimp, & Bacon. It's great for roasting those mini-Peppers with a smidgen of oil or reheating pieces from rotisserie chickens (I happen to like my chicken with skin on; this keeps it nice and crisp without adding oil.

I got the K Mart air fryer a few months ago. $79.00 NZ. I practically use it everyday. It’s great for two people and don’t know how I managed without it. Am always doing different things in it and it surprises me how versatile it is.

I'm interested in all comments, still not persuaded that another appliance cluttering my limited countertop is a 'must-have'.

Target had the Instant Vortex Air Fryer on sale, so picked that up. It works well, but there was very little information included with it. The machine has buttons for airfry, roast, broil, and reheat. But for the life of me, I don't see any difference in what they do. You just set temp and time for any of the options, and let the thing work.

When the air-fryer first came out, so did utubes on dry oven frying, which I found to make great potato fries in all shapes and quantities, I just use a crinkle-cutter for xtra crispiness and flair. After nearly 50 yrs of home-making, I try to not accumulate appliances that seem like passing fads esp if I can make do.. When I got married I had an electric frying pan, it was the big thing in the 70’s that didn't last. I had a deep fryer for xmas italian angel wing cookies. Then a big air-popper [now I use a collapsible silicone bowl]. A stand-mixer was okay until the big Kitchenaide was a must [too heavy now, I rarely drag it out]. I recently tossed my hand-mixer when my daughter whipped up the creamiest ‘mashed’ potatoes with her immersion blender. Who knew? The kids loved the sandwich-maker thru their teen yrs [kinda a hot pocket maker]. I'm still loving my $10 waffle iron and a paninni maker that doubles as a tofu-cooker, hashbrown maker, and onion crisper. Oh, [after years of British TV watching] I traded in my tea kettle for an electric one, right up there with the microwave in terms of convenience, counter space and daily usage. Today my newest, used almost daily, favorite appliance OF ALL is a high-speed blender.


your comment made me smile.

so true about appliances going in and out of style. my mom had a Westinghouse (worked for the company for 37 years) electric skillet which my husband insists makes the. best. scrambled. eggs. ever. i just smile. i do love my Breville fast slow pressure cooker (InstantPot clone) alot. a gift from my great aunt. especially now, it’s in constant use. and my next most used appliance is my Vitamix. every. day. an air fryer??...i’d suggest you save your money. i tried it...i certainly don’t need it on a daily basis.

I use mine in place of the oven since there are only two of us. I love it Keeps, chicken and pork chops moist inside, crisp on the outside and way faster cooling time. Great for those who have to make a meal when they Get home from work.

I have an Air Fryer but never use it. I have made Fried Chicken in it one time and it was good. I have an Instant Pot and I love it. I cook in it 3 days a week. I would love to see Instant Pot recipes on this site and I like them Healthy. I am on Weight Watchers the Blue Plan and love it. I would appreiate receipes if possible.

Thanks When are you coming out with another book I bought one years ago Snack Girl and I love it!!

This is the best appliance I have ever had. I make everything in it. The beauty is if you cook a fatty meat like lamb or pork steak the fat runs out and is not absorbed by the meat. Healthier and absolutely delicious every time And homemade french fries??? Wow, ;don't even get me sstarted. I LOVE IT.

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