Cottage Cheese Snack Ideas

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A cottage cheese snack can be a perfect way to make it to the next meal. But cottage cheese is so boring on its own!

Cottage Cheese Snack Ideas

What can you do with it? Toss some stuff in it! You have to love the nutritional profile of cottage cheese as it is a low calorie way to get some protein.

My favorite is 2% fat cottage cheese.

The nutrition facts for 1/2 cup:

90 calories, 2.5 g fat, 1.5 g saturated fat, 5 g carbohydrates, 4 g sugar, 13 g protein, 0 g fiber, 350 mg sodium, 2 Purple, 2 Blue, 2 Green WW SmartPts

When you go to choose cottage cheese at the grocery store there are about one million options (country, 0% fat, 4% fat, no sodium…..)

I would love to hear from cottage cheese lovers what they choose. I tend to stay with the same thing but I am open to new ideas. I have tried some products that were “pre-flavored” and I hated them. For me, mixing in something fresh makes a cottage cheese snack a great snack.

My favorite waffle recipe incorporates cottage cheese - see cottage cheese waffle recipe.

You can go either sweet or savory with cottage cheese. I believe the simplest option here is black pepper. Just grind some black pepper and stuff it in your mouth.

I also think cottage cheese is great in the summer when we all start to look for something cold. Can it stop you from eating ice cream? Maybe! Why not give it a try?

  • raisins and cinnamon
  • black pepper
  • jam or jelly
  • Mrs. Dash and tomato
  • pineapple chunks
  • pesto
  • applesauce
  • chopped nuts
  • canned peaches or pears
  • WASA crackers, tomatoes, and red pepper flakes
  • apple butter
  • garlic powder and green peppers
  • salted sunflower seeds
  • cantaloupe
  • strawberries and blueberries

What is your favorite cottage cheese snack? Which brand/type of cottage cheese do you buy? Thanks for sharing!!

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In South Africa we have a Pick n Pay store (similar to Trader Joe's) that has their own brand of cottage cheese. I buy the smooth plain fat free one. I like to make cloud bread, there are lots of recipes online for it. I also mix in some sweetener and/or carob powder and freeze it in ice cream moulds. If you leave it out for 5 mins before eating, its exactly like ice cream.

I love to buy fat free cottage cheese and add a freshly chopped mango. Nice afternoon treat!

0% fat cottage cheese with fresh blueberries and a dash of cinnamon is my favorite way to eat it. My daughter likes it plain or with a scoop of sugar free jelly,

I mix mine with grated carrot and chopped apple for a good salad or snack.

I love Fat-free or 2% cottage cheese with watermelon. I have to watch my salt intake, so the saltiness of the cottage cheese helps me not miss salt on the watermelon. So this is good for summer.

In winter I like crisp red grapes with cottage cheese. I eat this often for lunch at work and instead of ice cream while watching tv at night.

Actually, any fruit and cottage cheese is so good!

One of my favorite ways to enjoy cottage cheese is with cinnamon and chopped apple. Sometimes I add a few walnuts too. So good!

I like it with berries and granola for breakfast.

I like cottage cheese with Everything but the Bagel seasoning, very flavorful.

A cold juicy orange with cottage cheese...yum!

For lunch; cottage cheese mixed with tuna... I know it sounds crazy but the two compliment each other and they are very nutritious

We eat cottage cheese with our eggs or plain with pepper

I eat lentil curry ( think daal) with cottage cheese. My mom used to make lasagna using cottage cheese instead of ricotta and now that's the only way I make it. I actually think ricotta is gross. Toast with marinara and cottage cheese is also a win!

I eat cottage cheese almost every day. I’m very picky on the brand. My favorites are Good Culture and Trader Joe’s. I like it with chopped tomato, s&p, a little basil, and some feta sprinkled on. I like with any fruit. Sometimes I use it in place of salad dressing. I love the tuna idea and I’m going to give that a try!

Don't like sweet flavoring with my cottage cheese. Ever since I accidently mixed them at the salad bar, sunflower seeds mixed with my cottage is my favorite!

Knudsen low fat!! How I miss it; can't seem to find it where I live. Daisy is a close second. Love it with any fresh fruit or eggs or tomatoes. Thanks for the reminders of how good it can be!

As one person mentioned above mango and organic Trader Joes cottage cheese is one of my favorites. But my in-laws who are from Nava, Mexico eat cottage cheese with fresh made beans. I am now loving that too!

I really like the Lucerne brand of FF cottage cheese, it is the creamiest ff I've had. For savory I like it with salsa. The blueberries way is also a standard for me as is in season melons. But my daughter who is also a WW uses frozen peas, cold hard boiled egg mixes it in morning and takes it to work for her lunch. It's very tasty, I have to admit to have it for breakfast I make it the night before, then in morning add a tsp of lite mayo. Very good. Of course season it with pepper or smoked paprika.

I love Daisy cottage cheese, too. I like to use a bit of S&P on it then add blueberries and almond slivers. Or add tomatoes. Most any fruit is good but cantaloupe is my fav with cottage cheese.

I add a squirt or two of Italian salad dressing and S&P. Ummm! May have to go get some!

I also like Daisy doesn't have any weird ingredients.

I like the Lucerne low sodium low fat cottage cheese. My favorite way is to mix it with chopped apples, celery & walnuts, similar to a Waldorf salad. I usually add diced chicken and a dash of cayenne pepper and make that my lunch.

I love the Nordica 1% cottage cheese and add pineapple, or blueberries and strawberries. Looking through the other comments has given me some tasty ideas.

I stopped eating cottage cheese years ago when I had to start watching my sodium. Instead, I eat plain fat-free Fage 0% yogurt. Not only is it lower in sodium, it has more protein than cottage cheese. It can be eaten as a sweet or savory dish, used in place of sour cream - great in dips or on a baked potato, and makes a great smoothie.

1/2 cup has 130 calories, 0 fat, 42.5 mg sodium, carbs - 4.5 grams, protein - 11.5 grams. WW points - 0 on purple and blue, 1 on green.

My favorite brand is Darigold 2% small curd cottage cheese (a Pacific NW brand). I either eat plain or mix some fruit in it (pineapple, blueberries). Don't like FF. If I can't find Darigold, I buy Daisy.

I like the store brand cottage cheese (in general) better than the “brand names.” I grew up eating Hood cottage cheese as a kid, and it was one of those foods I was determined to like. Unfortunately, I never liked the Hood brand, so I tried it MANY times before I decided I liked it! I really like the 2% Daisy, especially since Costco carries the large tub. I make lasagna with cottage cheese and ricotta cheese, my favorite is a bagel thin toasted, spread with cottage cheese and Everything But The Bagel seasoning- or cinnamon/ pumpkin pie spice.

I recently tried Good Culture brand and loved it! I’m also crazy about Friendship brand (found at Whole Foods) sodium free and Breakstone is my all-time fave. Kroger brand is also excellent, as is Walmart’s house brand. I go for 1% when possible or 2%. I do not like fat free at all.

I love cottage cheese on its own, but also with a handful of nuts. It’s wonderful with fruit, especially cantaloupe. When I was a kid, my mother would whip cottage cheese with a hand mixer and spread it on raisin toast. Amazing!!

I add cottage cheese to FAGE plain yogurt, add 1 teaspoon of raspberry jam mix and enjoy. I am eating this every day in hopes of more calcium helping my bones strengthen. A med I have to take from having cancer, thins them out, so I also take calcium daily, drink milk which I do not like, and take boniva once a month. Hope you enjoy the cottage cheese yogurt combo.

I like to top mine with Everything But the Bagel Seasoning!

Fat free with drained and rinsed pineapple tidbits is the bomb!!

I like small curd with steamed broccoli and chopped tomatoes, topped with grind of pepper and Catalina fat free salad dressing.

There are some great ideas on here!

I love to put cottage cheese in the avocado hole, add some mustard to the cottage cheese- it’s delicious 😋

I like it mixed with cinnamon and sugar and then used as a crepe filling. The other way that I eat it everyday is with chopped chives stirred in. In the winter, I use freeze dried chives.

Ok. So I served my brother’s favorite treat at his 70th birthday party for hors d’oeuvres: potato chips dipped in cottage cheese. Very fancy. Made him smile!! Thanks, Lisa, for this great reminder! Calcium! Protein!! Good!

Since learning this year that I have kidney stones, I have started to eat cottage cheese regularly to boost my dietary calcium. I mix no fat no sodium( sodium is bad for stones) cottage cheese with yogurt and a banana( yea! Potassium) and sometimes a few blueberries or strawberries. I may try those cottage cheese waffles!

My favorite cottage cheese recipe of all time..1/2 cup cottage cheese,1/4 tsp. Vanilla and couple sprinkles of cinnamon..add chopped apples.. yummy..

My favorite cottage cheese recipe of all time..1/2 cup cottage cheese,1/4 tsp. Vanilla and couple sprinkles of cinnamon..add chopped apples. I usually add some sweetener also. yummy..

I grew up with Breakstone, so that’s what we are all used to. I love the 2% (and the 4% but, lol) - my favorite thing, which is wonderful on a hot summer day, and the kids will eat it too, is what I call “Farmers Market Plate”: one scoop of cottage cheese with unlimited cucumber or kirby spears, mini tomatoes, sweet yellow peppers, chickpeas, carrots, etc, with either sea salt popcorn or rice cakes on the side. It goes savory which is how we prefer cottage cheese and also makes a beautiful and colorful presentation. We love to put either paprika or freshly ground black pepper on the cottage cheese. Drink a huge glass of water with a squeeze of fresh some-kind-of-citrus juice, a bowl of melon or berries, and a square of dark chocolate. It looks good & tastes great.

Oops, I guess that was a meal!

I cannot eat cheese for a snack, because I will not stop eating it! :)

I like the Daisy 2% with a chopped apple, cinnamon, a bit of almond extract and a sweetener or sugar

I like to mix cottage cheese with cooked chicken breast, celery, an apple and some chopped walnuts for a Waldorf type salad for lunch. I usually sprinkle a little red pepper on it too. I also like it with fresh nectarines. I usually buy the Lucerne low fat low sodium.

I love to mix it with a boiled egg and some ranch powdered seasoning for egg salad! I had found the Friendship brand at Publix with only 45 grams of sodium and now they no longer carry it 😞😞. Sodium has to be watched at our house. Any low sodium cottage cheese brands you recommend?

I like cottage cheese with lemon pepper.

Darigold is my favorite and usually buy 2%. Daisy is my next go to. Love fruit in my cottage cheese, especially pineapple. Think I'll try the suggestion of adding to tuna to make the tuna salad creamier since I've cut way down on mayo.

I love cottage cheese with Lemon Pepper. Someone mentioned above Everything but the Bagel seasoning, I will have to try it!

love pot style large curd cottage cheese It's hard to find in california, Freindship brand on the East coast

Good Culture 2% cottage cheese with frozen grapes

I too love Daisy, with pineapple tidbits! Absolutely to die for!

I like Great Value 1% cottage cheese with can peaches, yum! Apple chunks are also good.

My favorite cottage cheese may be its kissing cousin: Friendship farmer cheese. Second choice would be Friendship 2%. It used to be labeled "Pot Style" and I think the earlier product was drier/less liquidy, which I prefer.

Apple slices with peanut butter and cottage cheese!

My first fave is cottage cheese with flaked tuna on top, with a little salt and fresh ground pepper! Great protein snack! I love using 4% when I can find it.

My second fave is Everything but the Bagel seasoning sprinkled on top. Yum

I love it with PB2 and fresh fruit (like a PB&J).

But my all time favorite from childhood (we grew up in apple country 🍎) is mixed with apple butter.

I love cottage cheese with chopped onions, peppers, radishes and celery. I eat it with wasa crisps or just alone. Sooooooo very tasty, try it, you’ll love it!

I love my cottage cheese with chopped apples, cinnamon, 1/4 tsp vanilla and Splenda...delicious..tastes like a dessert!

Daisy 2% is my favorite too - if I can’t find it, I’ll buy Breakstone. I buy fat free in a lot of items, but not cottage cheese. Thanks for the ideas!

I like it with fresh chives and ground pepper. Dried chives are okay in the winter but I have chives in my garden once Spring comes! I also love it on a baked potato instead of sour cream or butter. I use it as a salad topper also and often don’t need any other dressing.

Cottage cheese on toast with pepper! Use it as a dip for Melba toasts or tortilla chips!

I love to hear everyone's ideas! As soon as I found out I had Celiac I also found out I had a diary issue for many year have been without cheese. Found out it was the lactose. They make lactose fee cottage cheese, stand back, it tastes so good. Now I need to try everyone's ideas. Thank you all for your suggestions.

I cut a cantaloupe in half, scoop out the seeds and fill it up with cottage cheese! yUmMy!

Ever since WW made fat free cottage cheese zero points for me I LOVE it as a snack! With Penney’s Foxpoint seasoning. I LOVE that stuff, and feel so virtuous eating it!!

Love cottage cheese with lots of pepper. Sometimes I add tomatoes if they are fresh from the garden. If I want sweet, I add my own home canned peaches, but limit myself to one whole peach. I eat cottage cheese almost daily and love Triscuits with it and especially the black pepper variety.

The Hood honey & pear is delicious ... it is 4%, but not so many extra calories (130 for 1/2 cup). For savory, the dill or chive are yummy with wheat thins.

Cottage cheese is great straight out of the container. I love it with everything. I top off every vegetable salad with it. Most days I eat it for breakfast with tomato's and a little sweet French or Italian dressing or just with pineapples. I fed it to my children when they were babies - they LOVED it.

My preferred brand is Walmart Great Value. It tastes best to me.

My family loves what we call cottage cheese salad!

Equal parts of cottage cheese and cool whip with a box of flavored jello in powder form and for those who like it you can add fruit or fruit cocktail.

I love cottage cheese. I'll toss in chia seeds, flax seeds and some berries. As a topping on your mushroom lentil burger recipe, I'll spread a 1/4 cup then sprinkle on some dill, so GOOD!

I do a special to make it a bit "desserty". I make heavy whipping cream and put sugar free jello powder in (can use regular too). I add whatever fresh fruit i have like blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, or combination. Its like eating a great dessert. If you don't mind calories add cinammon praline pretzels. They would be added immediately before eating to save crunch.

I love Daisy Cottage cheese the best! I like it plain or I finely chop onion, celery, radish & peppers and stir it all in. I eat it on wasa crisps. Lovely savory snack.

I like cottage cheese with any kind of potatoes. Baked, mashed, french fries, anything. I use it instead of sour cream.

Also great with peas, just as a snack or light meal, or mash them together with or without spices, for a lovely party dip.

I also love it as a side dish to scrambled eggs. Yum!

I like Breakstone 2% with fresh fruit.

Finding out that I had Celiac was one thing, then I found out I had a problem with Lactose. Dairy was out for me. Then I found Lactaid which is dairy products without the lactose. Thank you LORD! I can have Cottage Cheese again. I Love everyone's ideas, I need to try them! Thank you everyone! I normally like straight out of the container, but lately I have been enjoying it with strawberries! Yummy!

I like cottage cheese (1%) with mixed melon balls and Everything But Bagel seasoning (often for breakfast)

Aldis 1% cottage cheese is lower fat and very creamy! Good price too.

I love cottage cheese especially as a protein choice. I have to watch sodium and it makes me sad that it has so much sodium in it. I buy Friendship brand 1% as it has no salt added. Hard to find since only the Publix supermarket carries it. I love to put 1/4 cup in my eggs!

My favorite is Friendship 1% Whipped. I sit down with half a cup and a half serving of Good Thins…..some flavors give you twice as much as others. Read and use the straight cottage cheese as a dip for the crackers

I like Lemon pepper on it with tomatoes for salad style or fresh fruit is always a winner..


Trader Joe's Small Curd Low Fat Cottage Cheese.

I LOVE it with peaches!!

I also make egg salad using mostly egg whites, cottage cheese and/or fat free plain yogurt and a little bit of Dijon mustard instead of mayo. Delish!

I buy Aldi’s brand 4% fat cottage cheese. My favorite CC snack or meal is to add grape nuts cereal and whatever fruit and nuts I have on hand.

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