Bring These To Your Next Picnic or BBQ

May 21, 2015   1 Comment

How about some dessert eye candy before the big BBQ?

Dessert Skewer

As we rev up for summer, it is time to break out the skewers. Why do I like these skewers?

  1. No cooking – the kitchen is hot!
  2. Lighter than your average dessert.
  3. Gets some fruit into the kids and they don’t mind.

I bought circular brownie bites in my supermarket's bakery section because I thought that they would stick on a skewer better than brownies that I could make at home. They have a nice crunchy edge to them. They also saved me from having to make them - hurray!

I cut the brownie bites in half and stuck both of them on the stick with a marshmallow, 2 strawberries, and some blueberries. I believe this dessert took me around 30 seconds.

My concoction is under 150 calories (3 PointsPlus) and people go nuts when you bring them out. I had trouble shooting the photos because my husband kept trying to grab one. Sheesh!

Combining fruit with a treat allows you stretch the brownie bites and keep the calories much lower than if you ate three brownie bites (360 calories).

How do you combine treats and fruit for a satisfying dessert?

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1 Comment:

Love this idea! It is so red white and blue, yet chocolate! And portion size so nice. Thank you, Lisa.

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