Make Your Own Gogurt For A Healthy (and Green) Snack

November 4, 2011   15 Comments

Gogurts, in case you didn't know, are tubes of yogurt made by Yoplait. Every time, I pass the yogurt section with my children they demand them.


My son has started kindergarten and he has noticed that other children in his class bring Gogurts for lunch.

The whining, crying, and general carrying on about Gogurts has been annoying. (I wrote about Gogurts back in June 2010: Is a GoGurt a Healthy Go or a Junk Food No?.)

Some of you out there are probably wondering why I pay any attention to this childish RANT over a treat. Well, I think I can learn something from Yoplait here and get my kid to eat a healthy version if I am creative.

If we can harness the power of food marketing to get our kids to eat healthy food - then aren't we smart?

What if there was a product out there that was the shape of a Gogurt, BPA free, dishwasher safe, and had lids? All you have to do is fill it with some plain yogurt and your favorite jam and your kid stops whining! (see Save Money, Calories, and the Environment with this Yogurt )

Here is the photo of my happy child with his new homemade gogurt containers (AKA Kinderville Little Bites Ice Pop Molds).


Kinderville sent me a package of these to review for Snack Girl. And, as you can see, we have one happy customer.

He has made his own yogurt pop a couple of times now and he is having trouble sharing them with his sister :)

They are super easy to use and REUSABLE which you can't say about a Gogurt. Also, if your child only eats a portion of his snack then you can save it for later. Less food waste - hurray!

We put them in the freezer and they made a great yogurt popsicle. This is also a good way to keep them cold for lunch when you pack them in a lunch box.

The price on these is a little steep (there was a lower price on a different brand) but these are very high quality and I think we will get a lot of use out of them.

They should pay for themselves pretty quickly if you buy Gogurts on a regular basis.

You can buy them on Kinderville's online store here: Kinderville Ice Pop Molds or below.

This product was received for review consideration. No other compensation was provided.

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Thanks for the review! My oldest loves Stoneyfield's version but I am tired of the expense! I read about people doing this with food savers but don't have one. I can do this!

Would You freeze these and send them to lunch with your son without other icepacks so they melt by noon, or how to you pack these On the go?

Awesome! Sure wish you would have been around when my kids were younger, they loved Gogurt! Wasn't thrilled with the packaging and some of the ingredients, but compared to other snacks they wanted it was a pretty healthy alternative.

My "reusable container" drawer is almost filled at home. While I love them, I really hate washing dishes!

Oh my word....I am so excited. My daughters have never had Gogurt as I refuse to give them junk. Can't wait to try this with our plain vanilla yogurt combos...gonna be tons of fun! Thanks Lisa!!

Your son is adorable (by the way)! :-)

The only thing is I worry about the yogurt going all over the lunch. Any tips to prevent that?? I've had my kids "test" even the most leakproof of containers so I'm carefull what stuff I use. :)

I looked at the article on gogurt and then I looked up the nutrition on Yoplait's canadian version Tubes. Just thought it was worth mentioning because ours has 7grams sugar (still more then needed but a bit less) and has no artificial colours or flavours. Makes me wonder why the products they offer to us and canada different. Anyway, thought it was worth mentioning. My kids sometimes like them but usually prefer the natural kind I get for them cause it has fruit chunks. I do buy the Yoplait tubes every now and then because I can eat them...they have no gelatin and since I don't eat meat I can't eat most yogurts. I also prefer the natural ones too, not gelatin and taste yummy!! also has some ladies who make some nice reusable tubes shaped just like the gogurt tubes. They suggest applesauce and more to put in them. Neat! Check 'em out!

Are the lids easy for little fingers to open? And close? Sometimes I buy the Trader Joe's yogurt tubes for my son's lunch (also in Kindergarten), but they always come back because he isn't able to rip the tubes open by himself and is too shy to ask for help. These look like a solution, if they're user friendly for a 5-year old. (As an aside - that picture of your son is absolutely ADORABLE!!)

@Sweet and Savvy - I'm not sure how long they would last in a lunch box. Perhaps you could try it at home first?

@Sarah - My 5 year old had trouble opening these so maybe wait a year?

Oh SG, I love you (if I didn't mention it before!) My dairy-free children will love their soy yogurt in these! And applesauce!

Cool find! I won't let my kids eat the Gogurt either due to the ingredients. This looks like a great alternative. Also, your son is super adorable :)

My kids are in 5th and 6th grade and love yogurt. Would this hold enough for them or should I go for a container that they could eat with a spoon?

this is wonderful and I'm def thinking about trying it! However, I must say that it does not make one a bad mother to give your child a gogurt. My Lord.

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