DIY Microwave Popcorn

September 16, 2019   12 Comments

This DIY microwave popcorn recipe is for all those people who buy popcorn in little pre-packaged baggies.

DIY Microwave Popcorn

Do you want to save some money? I figure you will save about $5 for about 8 servings of popcorn with this little trick AND your popcorn will taste better.

You do not get flavored popcorn with this method but you can add whatever you want to the final product like my chocolate drizzle popcorn.

I find that I don’t need anything added when I pop popcorn via this method. Popcorn on its own is pretty tasty. I think most of us never try it without salt or butter.

First, you must assemble the proper tools - paper bags, tape, and popcorn. Toss about 1/4 cup of popcorn into a bag, fold over the top a few times and tape it up.

Place it in your microwave on high for about 2 minutes (depending on the power of your microwave) and wait until there is about 2 seconds between pops. Take it out and enjoy!

Don’t want to use tape or paper bags? No problem!! It turns out that you can pop popcorn in any bowl. I happen to have a Nordic Ware Microwave Corn Popper (which you can find at Target or Walmart) but it is completely unnecessary.

You can use any bowl and a lid that will let a little steam out to make popcorn in your microwave.

Here is my Nordic Ware Microwave Corn Popper.

Put about 1/3 cup of popcorn in the bottom of the bowl and cover it. If you don’t - you will have a popcorn mess on your hands.

Again, place it in your microwave on high for about two minutes until there is about 2 seconds between pops.

The bonus of popping the popcorn in a bowl is that now you can take it to your TV and watch your favorite show (and no bag was used).

Do you make DIY microwave popcorn? How do you do it?

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Drizzle: to pour in a fine stream. Drizzle is a super cool word because you can hear it....

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How many points is the 1:4 cup of popcorn in the paper bag?

Its nice to have this Nordic solution but Invented for myself another method, I hope this does not harm the sales of the nordic bowl and actually the Nordic bowle can be still used; use the Nordic or large or small Pyrex bowl, put a single layer of popcorn at the bottom of the bowl, add two table spoons of warm water and cover in a way that will not let any steam out but also will hold on strongly to the bowl. cook for 5 or 6 minutes in the hottest temp in your microwave. Stay next to it until you note that the noise of the popping grains have stopped. If the microwave still works, shut it up immediately, if you see that there are many grains still unpooped, add a little more time cooking time. Great results, can be salted and eaten immediately. You may add some butter cubes and shake if you are not dieting, as soon as you take the popcorn out while it is steaming hot.

@Cheryl - so it is 3 SmartPoints for 7 cups and the 1/4 bag makes about 2 1/2 cups - so I would say 2 SP. Thanks for your question!!

I have used a bag for popping corn for several years now. I fold down the opening but I don't tape it. I put the folded side face down in the microwave and I haven't had a problem yet.

I have been doing this for YEARS! Both in the paper bag and I had the Nordic Ware Microwave Corn Popper until I dropped the bowl and it chipped...and it is too big for my current microwave. People are CRAZY to buy the pre-bagged microwave crap...yep it's CRAP. Full of chemicals. I pop mine in the brown paper bag (or as you said any bowl with a lid) and when it is popped I drizzle parm cheese and olive oil.........I control my sodium and there are no crazy chemicals!

I've also been doing this for years. Someone on TV cut open one of the microwave bag popcorns and it looked so gross I have never used them since. I do the microwave bag or sometimes my H makes it the old fashioned way in oil on top of the stove.

I use one of the silicone microwave popcorn poppers. Works great. Takes just under 3 min using the popcorn setting on my microwave. Then I add a little "Can't believe it's not butter" spray for the flavor and so popcorn salt will stick. It's 3 pt for the whole bowl (about 2 Tablespoons or 33 gms of kernels, 110 calories).

PS. The silicone popcorn poppers are collapsible so easy storage.

I use one of the silicon poppers...I got it in Amazon for about $10. I put brewers yeast on my popcorn... It's kind of a cheesy flavor...mmm..

I use a clear, hard plastic MW corn popper bought at Aldi's several years ago. Does a great job, costs less, and know it's healthier as everyone else has said.

I like olive oil on my popcorn. How many points would a couple tablespoons add to a bag of popcorn?

I grow popcorn ears in my garden here in Ohio. I'd like to share what I do. When I harvest ears, I place the whole shucked ear in a glass bowl(covered) in the microwave and watch it pop right on the ear! It's amazing and the kids eat it right off the "cob". We sprinkle salt or spray a little butter on it sometimes. Just wanted to share.

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