A Fantastic Way to Spend Sunday Morning

November 3, 2015   10 Comments

Some of you, I am sure, attend church or some sort of religious service on Sundays.

5k with Dogs

I am forming my own spiritual group called the “Gotta Get Up and Run Tribe” for the people who need a place to call home.

My latest 5K was on a Sunday morning and it featured:

  • My children
  • Dogs in costumes
  • A deep feeling of satisfaction as I crossed the finish line and did not throw up

My husband ran the race and won for his age category (umm, annoying!) and I slowly but surely got my 5K finished. He earned a medal and a $25 gift card that I am hoping he spends on me.

Here is a dog dressed as a lamb:

Aaawww adorable! The run benefited our local non-profit animal shelter and there were prizes for the best-dressed dog and owner. The course was a bit littered with dog poop but other than that – the dogs behaved themselves.

Here is another dog dressed as a monkey from the Wizard of Oz:

Should you run a 5K if you have been thinking about it? Yes, you should. Many 5Ks are designed to fund a charity and then they have a party at the end. This one featured hot apple cider and pumpkin pie (oh yeah).

When else can you exercise, meet new people, support a good cause, and have delicious food? Go out and find a local 5K right now and work up to it.

Have you run a local 5K? What did you like about it?

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I have run 5K's for years. Especially ones for charity. One in particular is the Gobble Jog in Marietta GA on Thanksgiving morning. It has become one if not the largest 5K in its class. Loads of fun, 1000's of people dressed up like turkeys pilgrims slices of pie (lol), etc. A great way to kick off Thanksgiving and help a great local charity.

I love it! My sister and I are run/walking a hot chocolate 5k this Sunday in Chicago.

My 13 year old daughter and I will be running our 4th 5K together this weekend. The Great Pumpkin Run!

After researching where money goes, I only participate in the local 5K where the money is given directly to the family/person in need. I was disappointed to learn of the small percentage of money that goes to these commercial 5k's. Even though I just started doing them I've found there are plenty of locals ones to keep me busy

How fun!

I wish I could run but with my back issues I can barely walk.

Lisa, I just want to say you have a beautiful daughter and you are teaching her very good standards.

I love running 5K's! Ran my first 5K at age 70...6 yrs later I'm still running and keeping myself young. If I can do it so can you! Serious thinking of running my first half marathon at age 77... 😎

@annie - thank you! She is my sunshine. I am so sorry about your back.

I just ran my first 5K at 60. It will be my last! So happy to be healthy and able.

Only did one 5k. Cried when it was over 😊😊 I could not believe I did it.

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