Doughnut - stick it on your thigh

March 5, 2009   1 Comment

I love donuts so much that a friend once suggested that I become a police officer. I realize this is a slander against police officers, and I apologize to them, but the connection has to do with staying up all night and getting a snack from the only place that is open at 3 AM.


Why do I love them? Puffy, sweet, warm, dripping in sugar, they are truly a luxurious confection. Aaaah, but there is a down side. There is just fat, sugar, and no nutrients. You can eat one and feel hungry again really soon.

I live by a doughnut shop, and I walk by it often. Every time I walk by, I have to actively make the decision not to go in. This is not easy. And, if you co-worker brings in donuts on Friday for a treat. I would think it would be impossible to resist. A free doughnut?? That is fantastic! Hurray!

But, they should be saved for maybe a "once a month" indulgence or maybe even a "once in six months" food.

When I eat a doughnut, I enjoy it, but I know that it is a "stick to thigh" food. Just stick it to your thigh because that is where it is going to end up anyway.

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1 Comment:

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