Got A Blender? Try This No Cook Soup For Instant Deliciousness

August 23, 2012   24 Comments

Do you have any relatives who say that they cook and then they just open cans? Yep, this recipe was inspired by a “Can Chef”.

Easy Black Bean Soup Recipe

I am always looking for a way to store healthy meal components in my pantry so when I run out of food, time, etc. - a meal is just waiting for me.

If you look in my cabinets, you will find cans of black beans and cans of tomatoes. I wish I had the foresight to cook my beans from the dried version because I would save some money. Also, I could control the sodium which is a problem with canned beans.

There is about 400 mg of sodium in ½ cup of canned beans. To reduce it, you can drain and rinse them. You can also buy “Low Sodium” canned beans in the supermarket. I’m not sure why all canned beans aren’t low sodium.

Diced tomatoes of every flavor can be found next to the tomato sauce in your local store. There is fire roasted, basil and garlic, chili and name it! The great thing about the infusion of flavors into your can of tomatoes is that you don’t have to buy the basil, lime, etc.

I found a can of diced tomatoes that was flavored with cilantro, chili, and lime and added it to two cans of rinsed beans in my blender. WHIIIRRRRR.


This isn't just any soup. In one cup, there is 20% of your daily value of iron and 11 grams of fiber.

Actually, my husband thought it was dip and started to get out the chips. Hey, stop ruining my healthy lunch! In it’s room temperature form this soup is thick enough to be a dip. Heat it up and you have a hearty thick soup.

Serve this with some tortillas or crackers. Put this in a thermos for your lunch. Everyone will think you are a real chef! (don’t tell them about the cans)

How do you make black bean soup? Please share.

Easy Black Bean Soup Recipe

No Cook Black Bean Soup

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(makes 4 cups)
2 15 ounce cans low sodium black beans
1 15 ounce can diced tomatoes with flavors (for example: fire roasted)

Drain black beans and rinse them. Put them into a blender with the can of diced tomatoes including the tomato juice. Blend until smooth.

Pour into pan and heat to soup temperature or use a microwave safe bowl and heat.

For one cup = 227 calories, 0 g fat, 40.2 g carbohydrates, 3.1 g sugar, 14.3 g protein, 11.0 g fiber, 395 mg sodium, 5 Points+

Points values are calculated by Snack Girl and are provided for information only. See all Snack Girl Recipes

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Wow, now that is simple!!! I would love it!

LOVE black bean soup and this sounds yummy!

Thanks for this post! Quick, easy 2-ingredient vegan soup!

Add a couple more ingredients (e.g. seasoning and garlic) and you have yourself a black bean dip for homemade pita chips, etc. No heading required :)

This is genius. Thanks! I feel like I always have leftover black beans lurking in my fridge. Now I can put them to another good use!

So simple,yet fabulous! It's much like the chutneys we make.

Seriously, i could kiss you. i spent about an hour yesterday google-ing black bean soup recipes and didnt have much luck finding one that wasnt chalked full of beer, or bacon, or a handful of ingredients i would have to go out & buy (versus just using what i already had). Can't wait to try this!! topped with some shredded cheese and a spot of fat free sour cream... mmm mmm mmm :)

This is terrific! Thanks, Lisa!

Sounds yummy! Sun Vista has NO sodium black beans in a can. Will use those along with Hunt's no-sodium-added diced tomatoes, along with some fresh chopped green onions

Looks good! This is my go-to black bean soup, I thought it was pretty simple till I saw yours ;-)…

Gonna try this for supper tonight! Thanks!

Try substituting a really good Salsa for tomatoes, too!

Thanks SnackGod! You always!

Cheers `*>~[

Just made this for lunch.....Delicious and soooo simple!!!! My 2yo wouldnt stop eating it also!!!! Thanks again for another awesome mommy friendly recipe:)

Make sure you check the label on the back of your tomato cans. I found out awhile back that an Italian style I was buying inexplicably contained high fructose corn syrup. I ended up having to drain and rinse all the cans I had, just to feel ok using them!

This is a kind of fast food I can get behind!! You can also stir in a spoonful of low-fat cottage cheese while you're at it....

Follow-up: We've made this almost every other day.

Our recipe is:

- blend well one can of (rinsed and drained) black beans with a cup or two of salsa (more if you like "watery" soup, less if you want something like black-bean dip)

- add another can of (rinsed and drained) black beans and lightly blend so that those beans have some "body" to them

- enjoy!

I spotted some corn-lime-water-and-nothing-else corn tortillas at Trader Joe's, so we quarter those, toast them, and have yummy, healthy chips and dip.

Thank you for this simple and terrific idea, Lisa! :)

Wow! Does not get any easier than this! LOve it

This is brilliant! Our oven is on the fritz and I was looking for something easy for lunches this week. Helloooo soup. I'm planning on adding chopped broccoli or peppers and some frozen corn I have on hand. I am psyched!

Try the makeovermoms recipe noted above with the addition of some pureed black beans. I really thank Susie for this link! The soup is fabulous!

I just whipped this up using chili seasoned tomatoes. Blended it in my vitamix and topped with fresh salsa and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese. Yum!

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