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June 4, 2012   11 Comments

Yo! Snack Girl and Ellie are going to be hanging out and I need some help.

Ellie Krieger Questions

Yep, my limo is taking me down to NYC, where Ellie and I are going to sip some Appletini's and talk about her latest book. Not.

The truth is I have a 10 minute interview with her scheduled for Tuesday and it is over the phone - but at least I get to talk with one of my heros.

In case you didn't know Ellie Krieger is a Food Network chef, registered dietician, and promoter of eating healthy. Her recipes are a wee bit gourmet, but they are excellent. She has won cookbook awards and helps out with Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign.

After the interview, I will be given a video of our chat to put up here on Snack Girl. Do you have some questions for Ellie? I've got a few of my own but I would love to hear what you guys want to know.

Please post your question in the comment section below or e-mail them directly to me at


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My wife is having breast cancer surgery and then radiation and chemo. What snacks are heathy and ok for her to eat?

What are your thoughts on GMOs and what are the best way to avoid them?

I'd love to hear her opinion on the current cutting-out-of-carbs-craze (ie. gluten-free diets)for the general population, and how extreme to go with trying to cut down on sugar consumption, plus I'm curious as to what she thinks of raw milk.

Thanks for this opportunity, Lisa! (I wouldn't mind hearing your ideas on these topics either, though I guess they might not fit into your blog theme!)

And ask her what she thinks of white rice (I love love love white rice!)...

I would love to know what her secret guilty food pleasure is...

We just found out my husband needs to be on blood thinner and avoid foods with vitamin K. I however have had cancer and need to be eating the foods he is suppose to avoid. Any suggestions on web sites or books to help us come up with a balance?

How many meals does Ellie recommend to eat per day? Three full meals or several small ones? Would like to know her regimen, and also how many servings of say vegetables, fruit, etc. of each?

How does she meal plan for her family? Batch cook? Does she have any favorite inspirational blogs for recipe ideas?

I, too. Love Ellie!!! I have her books, too

Question -- does she think juicing is worth buying juicer and doing every day??? Or, just e more veggies??


I would love to hear her opinion on juicing, too! Is it okay to shove several servings of veggies into my juicer and drink them, or is it better to literally eat them?

I love to eat food and can't stop I trIed veggies but they don't taste good to me what should I do

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