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June 13, 2013   17 Comments

Snack Girl has an aversion to shopping. I hate the indecision, time, and money involved.

Farmers markets

There is one venue that I can tolerate. My town’s weekly farmer’s market is a pretty fun place to shop. Find yours on Local Harvest.

Why? Everything there is good for me! Carrots, beets, rhubarb, spinach, turnips, lettuce, kale….right now all sorts of root vegetables and greens are coming into Massachusetts farms.

There were even some local strawberries (started in a greenhouse). Whoa!

Here is a photo of some lovely greens:

My favorite mode of attack is to buy what looks good (in fairly large quantities) so that my refrigerator is filled with vegetables. My town, Amherst, MA, holds its farmer’s market on Saturday morning.

I love that it opens at 7:30 AM so that I can get there and get out before my family notices that I left. Saturday is also a good day because I am off from work and I have time to plan how I am going to cook the veggies.

There was a great video (which I cannot find) of a chef who comes home from the farmer's market and processes her veggies immediately. She washes the lettuce, roasts her beets, peels her carrots, etc. so that her refrigerator is a source of healthy food all week long.

I wish I could be as industrious as she is, but Saturday has too many soccer games, birthday parties, and dance recitals for me to want to do all that work at once.

Do you shop at your farmer’s market? What do you like about it?

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I used to shop at a Farmer's Market in Boston and my favorite food was from a farmer in Lunenburg who brought celery. It was unlike anything I had ever seen in the supermarket and have not seen since. It was thinner and sweeter and not all chewy - it was wonderful.

I love the Farmers Market! I haven't gone in a couple of weeks! This weekend I'm heading to Napa Valley, I think I'll google and see if they have a FM! Thanks for the great post!

I shop at our local Farmers Markets every week. We have several here in Berkshire County. Not only can you buy vegetables, but bread, meats, plants and even wine! I love supporting local farmers and knowing where my food comes from.

I shop at the Farmer's Market here in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I don't go often because of my WW meeting on Saturday morning. But my dad will go when he's home from work. It's not as big as some as the other farmer's markets in the province, but it's nice to get some local food. Even though I don't eat meat, my dad gets meat from the butcher there. We can get ethnic food that we can't get normally at our market. Not a lot of vegetables or fruits are out yet in Cape Breton. That'll come later!

Farmers Market, sounds great. I'm going to look one up in my area and pay a visit. Love the Snack Girl site it's part of my day. Look forward to the newsletter every morning.

Thank you for this and the local harvest link! I just discovered a new farmers market within walking distance from me (:

Funny that this comes up as I just found my monthly box of veggies and fruits from They deliver to my door for not a lot more than shopping at the stores. And it is all organic. I tell them to surprise me each month and they always have something interesting. Looks like melons and plums among the veggies today.

Wow, I am now even MORE impressed with Snack Girl... don't know how you consistently put out such a great blog with kids and all the activities! My local farmers market is great, I just wish the prices were better (Madison, CT). Maybe I'll visit the site you mentioned and check out some others too. Thanks, SG!

Last year I got a CSA box and had so much food that I didn't even need to go to the Farmer's Market (and I even split the box with someone). But I love them and am excited that our local one opens this weekend!

I just adore my local farmers' market. We're lucky enough to have one open all year. I don't know what I'd do without it!

My 3 daughters have made going to the farmers market a great bonding time. Our oldest is a great chef. They stroll along getting ideas for a new recipe, pick up some local fresh fruits and vegetables and then stop in for a pastry and coffee at the Clock Tower Bakery. When they get home we always expect something yummy to start simmering!

Holy Cow! Snack Girl lives right around the corner from me!!!!! I'm dying, I love it!! I wish I could pick you out at the farmers market! I love your blog now I love it even more!!!

I live in San Luis Obispo, CA and we take our farmers markets very very seriously down here. San Luis, or SLO as the locals call it, has a famous farmers market every single Thursday evening rain or shine. And throughout the county there is one almost every day. I definitely want to try and be industrious because I feel I would eat more of my greens and veggies if I had already prepared them. Keep up the farmers market craze!!!!

I love the crescent city farmers market in New Orleans on Saturday morning. Musicians play....gourmet cheeses...herbs...veggies...baked goods...Indian smoothies...ah...makes me happy just too talk about it.

My local farmers market just outside Philadelphia is the best place to go to get quality mushrooms. Besides just the idea of health food I like supporting local growers and it allows me to experience a small town feel.

Hi, I've been a longtime reader of your blog but had never commented. I noticed that you wrote in this post that you live in Amherst. I'm going to Amherst College this fall and I'm very excited! Do you have any recommendations for healthy clean eating restaurants or grocery stores or the like in the area? I would love any tips especially since it'll be my first time on the east coast having lived in Southern California my entire life. Thanks!

I absolutely love farmer's markets and think they're highly underrated here in Seattle, the places are always so empty... but hey, maybe I just have bad timing? Thanks for that link by the way! I found some farmers markets that are even closer to me than the one I've been visiting!

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