Lost 15 or 20 Pounds? How Did You Do It?

November 25, 2013   64 Comments

Snack Girl has been featuring readers who have lost weight to inspire and teach those among us who want to do the same.

How Did You Lose Fifteen Pounds?

All of the readers I have interviewed have lost upward of 40 pounds. Julie lost 145 pounds! These people are proud of their weight loss and want to share their story because they feel so wonderful.

I received an e-mail from a reader who has less to lose. She wanted to hear from people who took off that 15 or 20 pounds that hangs around and doesn’t budge. I rarely hear from people who have accomplished this amount of weight loss – maybe because they don’t think it is a big deal.

It IS a big deal!

My weight loss story is in the 15-20 pound range and has many components and took years. The mountain may have been lower but it was still a challenge for me to climb.

Almost every day on Snack Girl, I share insights that helped me get there. How about you?

I am positive that many who read this site would love to hear about other readers took off 10, 15, or 20 pounds.

Will you share in the comment section below?

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I have lost 15 pounds in the past year simply by weighing myself every Sunday morning right when I wake up and recording in MyFitnessPal so I can keep track visually. Knowledge is power!

I will fairy dust to people over 50 who have lost 15 pounds. it is very discouraging....I spent a lifetime being the skinny girl...and then I was at a great weight from, say, 30 to 45....but once I hit 50...really a bummer. Over the past 5 years, I've picked up 12 pounds by doing absolutely nothing different. I walk 7 days a week, do 3 half-azz workouts a week (hey, that's better than most people :) and I believe I have a healthy diet. But ugh!

This year I lost 45 pounds and it only took me six months. I attribute it to working out twice a day (I became obsessed with the gym!); giving up meat and seafood, I'm a strict vegetarian now, and logging all of my food; and my support team which consists of my mom, who had gastric bypass surgery), and my two best friends who hit the gym with me at least 3 days a week. You gotta have a support team!!

The news of cancer has a profound effect on almost everyone that has experienced it. Cancer in part was my wake-up call; Type 2 diabetes in the family was the other. I decided I wanted to be cancer free post treatment and that better eating choices would handle the threat of diabetes at the same time. So far, so good. I've dropped 60 pounds in a year by reducing my portion size, eating 3-4 meals a day, almost eliminating starchy carbos & dairy. Now and then I'll allow myself those foods I've loved for decades but for the most part, I'm committed to a healthier eating lifestyle. It's not easy but I take it one day at a time.

I'm 35 and for the first time I joined weight watchers to loose 20 pounds. Since I had my children I have gone up and down 20 pounds over 10 times!! I am tired of gaining and loosing and wanted to learn how to loose weight and keep it off. It has been a struggle to learn balance, but I believe I will see long term results. I use so many recipes from snack girl! She is part of the reason why I decided to join weight watchers. Some of my favorite recipes are the baked oatmeal, no bake cookies, and roasted broccoli!

I have been using since June and have lost 20 lbs. The key for me is the diary and keeping within 1200 to 1400 calories per day. If you write it you own it!

In May of 2013 - I volunteered to walk in the Susan B Komen walk for breast cancer in Detroit MI. I'd been exercising 3 - 5 days a week faithfully for over a year (diagnosed with high blood pressure and doc put me on meds - sad)and the weight just wasn't moving. My cousin (whom I walked for - she is a breast cancer survivor - took pictures to commerate the walk) and I saw pictures of myself and was appalled - I was @ 178# and at 5'4" I was enormous. My cousin recommended a dietician that she was going to and she had lost 30# - I thought I would give it a try I had nothing to loss - right? Crystal (the dietician) introduced me to the Candida diet - I lost 18# eating whole foods and drinking lots and lots of water - I was so encouraged - I have continued to really watch what I eat - I've lost a total of 33# since that faithful picture in April. My weight loss has slowed considerably but I'm still losing a # a week and am encouraged to continue for the next 20# I want to lose.

With this I encourage everyone to try something new - realize that what I do may not help you but try something - eating whole (unprocessed foods has worked for me) and you learn to find quick easy meals and continue to cook this way - I feel much better.

I lost about 13 -15 pounds over the past six months.

I took an Eating Mindfully course which helped me be more aware of my eating, and helped me slow down.

I added some walking during the summer, but not every day.

I stopped serving myself the same sized portions that I served my husband!

I switched from white breads to sprouted grain bread only (Ezekial).

I signed up for weekly organic veggie delivery.

I try to snack more mindfully...fruit, nuts instead of a bagel or ice cream.

I stopped bringing ice cream into the house for my family! I was the one eating it!

I do line dance two to three times a week. It is the first exercise I have enjoyed! Fun music, easy steps, no partner needed. These classes are available at most senior centers and open to all ages.

When I crave chocolate I have home-made hot chocolate at night, made with skim milk, for my dessert.

I've lost more than the 10, 15......I'm 60..and since mid January...I've lost 60 lbs....I'm doing WW. I measure/weigh everything I eat. It helps not to eat out very often because of the hidden sodium in foods, and you don't know if the cook in the kitchen has a heavy hand and you are actually getting a bigger portion than you should be.

Some weeks the scale doesn't budge, but the next week there is usually a great loss.

I'm a food addict...and this is the 3rd time in 10 yrs that I have lost a significant amount of weight. I think I have finally figured out how to deal with food addiction.

I lost 25 pounds in 2012 and have kept it off all year. I started by trying to run my first mile ever - at 37 years old. Worked my way up to running farther, doing cardio of any kind (Zumba class, treadmill, elliptical). I worked out 5 days a week doing something, even taking a long walk or doing YouTube exercise videos (free). I have counted calories, removed treats (carbs for me) from my house and eliminated dessert. I just started eating a Paleo plan and it has been wonderful for weight maintenance and digestive issues.

I learned that food is not comfort, joy, sorrow, love, pain, a friend. Food is the fuel for my body. I only drink water, tea, and unsweetened almond milk. I decided I wanted to be an example for my preschool children. I did not want to be a fat mom who couldn't ride bikes with her kids or walk them to elementary school. I am a fit mom now, running in a half marathon in February! That will be the 2 year anniversary of my first mile ever run and now I can run a lot farther.

You are in charge of you. You decide what to eat and how to treat your body. I took control of myself, I feel happy with my new life. And it must be a LIFE change. No diet, no pills - you can change the course of your life!

I've lost 15#'s since the first week of October. I joined weight watchers the week my youngest turned 1. It had worked great for me after my 2nd child. Track, track track! No excuses, write it all down. It makes you mindful of every choice you make. Got 15# more to go, have to be patient but I KNOW it works.

I struggled with an extra 10-15 lb for the past ten years or so. I tried exercise and counting calories, but it never worked well. I would lose a couple of pounds, then get frustrated and give up. Finally, this year, I signed up for Weight Watchers online and it worked! In about 3 months, I lost 16 pounds! And it really wasn't that hard. I recommend Weight Watchers to anyone looking to lose weight, because you eat real food and it really works. And you don't have to give up all treats or eating out at restaurants, either.

I have lost about 60lbs since January this year. I have mainly done it through running but have been doing weightwatchers too. I write a blog called 'The Fat Girls Guide to Running', which follows my journey and also provides lots of advice and support for other plus size runners. Check it out!!

I have lost 25 lb . As the first person said the slow weight gain is frustrating. But My husband had all the bad high cholesterol , high triglycerides ... . So we are doing WW together which is more of a change in attitude. Just to say I do not exercise.

1. track what you eat

2. change my Juice to water with lemon and vanilla

3. Add veggies and fruit to whatever I eat.

4 Have a stock of oven roast Veggies in the refig. at all times. 350ºF with a bit of salt and light dust confectionary sugar (to promote browning)and or non salt seasonings. Carrots , butternut squash, onions, kale , mushrooms , eggplant consider slicing with Mandolin .

4. Never go to a meal ravenously hungry

I have lost 23 pounds and it has taken me 13 months to do so. I have been on Weight Watchers and it came off slowly, but I think I really have it in my mind what I must do to keep it off. Like others, I have lost the weight 2 other times. This time I have a support group at WW and know that there are others just like me who struggle with food. Tomorrow I will hit Lifetime- which means I don't have to pay anymore! I simply weigh in once at month and still receive all the support. I highly suggest going to meetings instead of online- due to this big difference of going Lifetime.

I am very conscious of portion sizes and eat lots of fruits and veggies. My energy level is so much higher now! I am 43 and a teacher.

I have lost 25 lbs. over 11 months. I used to keep track of everything I eat. At my age (47) I have found it difficult to lose weight quickly. I have had to cut my calories to about 1,000 per day and I exercise on my elliptical 4 days a week. I have about 15 more pounds to lose but feel that I can keep up this "diet" which isn't really a diet at all :) My favorite snack that I eat is from snackgirl: strawberries drizzled w/melted chocolate and sprinkled w/ sea salt. Yum!

I lost about 20 pounds when I was 53 just by counting calories for the first time - duh. I use Sparkpeople and really like it. What an eye opener! I found tons of low calorie snacks that satisfy me to replace the mindless consumption of things that seemed "healthy." I also like tracking my consumption of carbs, fats and protein, as well as whatever nutrients I choose to track, which inspires me to make even better choices! Full disclosure, I gained about 10 back but have lost it again, the same way :-)

I've lost 20 pounds on The Fast Diet, and my triglycerides are back into the low/normal range after two years of being rather high. What's more, I've lost my fear of feeling hungry. I've written about the diet on my blog here

in case you'd like to read more about my experiences with intermittent fasting. Two thumbs up from me, and two pants sizes down!

I lost 15 lbs in 6 weeks (the last 10-15 I felt I needed to lose) by cutting out starchy carbs and dairy and focusing on lean protein and non-starchy carbs. I added in 1-2 protein shakes a day (Beverley International Muscle Provider. I have altered my food choices in such a way that I no longer crave sugar and carbs and feel like I will be able to maintain this lifestyle easily.

I lost 15 and I basically cut out sugar for a month. I also ate raw for a week once a month. And I kept my body moving. I also started eating off of smaller plates. I also started eating breakfast in the morning even if its just a piece of fruit. I'm not a breakfast person, but I learned that by lunch I was starving, so I started eating a little bit of something in the morning to tie me over.

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