Flirty Apron Winner

Flirty Apron Winner

March 11, 2010   1 Comment

The winner of the Flirty Apron is Kerri! (via a random process) I asked people to talk about their motivations for cooking and I was really impressed. My motivation to cook is that it is my turn :(

Kerri said:

That is cute!! instead of going to resturants and getting food how they make it I use what I want or add or take out what I want also I know how much fat salt ect I'm adding :) I have the chopping gadgets too so it's not hard to stay motivated to cook but making it easier and trying new things is how I do stay motivated.

I asked Kerri what a chopping gadget is - and I still don't know - but I'm sure it makes life easy. Enjoy the apron!

And if you didn't win it, you can buy it here:

Flirty Aprons Women's Original Blue Chocolate Apron

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1 Comment:

thank you! im excited to get the apron!! :) here is a link with pictures so u know what i was talking about heh…

on March 11, 2010

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