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November 2, 2012   57 Comments

Do you see that guy up there? That isn’t me, but I can relate.


I am making a change here on Snack Girl because I am beginning to feel very tired. I am going to stop putting a new blog post up on Friday.

Most of you are saying, “You post every Friday? I had no idea!” and about four of you (my diehard fans) are going “What am I going to read on Friday?”.

When I started Snack Girl in 2009, I had intending to post three times per week. Then a pal of mine pointed out that if I wanted it to grow, I needed to write more so I went to fives times per week.

Here we are in 2012 and I am a bit exhausted.....zzzzzzzzzz.....

Also, I have taken on another project which is consuming me. Combine my new project, the website, my children (aaah!) and various other responsibilities and you have a recipe for hitting the Dunkin Donuts multiple times a day.

I hope to bring back Fridays when I get it together. You will continue to receive my thrilling posts Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You get THREE days off to study them (there will be a quiz!).

This is about balance and, sadly, I have found out there are limits to my Snack Girl powers.

Thanks for understanding!!

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I hope you get some rest!

You deserve a break

Might Snack Girl be modeling good self-care???

I will just read old posts on Friday like I do on Saturday and Sunday....

Great job of modeling good behavior!!

poor divil! at least you recognise your limits before its too late.. yet another inspiring post from our favourite superhero!

I do look forward to your posts! What is your project that is taking you away from us? :-D

I'll miss you but you being charged up is much more important! :)

Good for you for taking care of yourself & setting a good example! You have so much info on your website that we could spend Fridays (& many other days) finding lots of good info we may have missed previously! Get some rest & do something good for yourself!

You do a lot! Rest up, and stay away from DD- well, the coffee is good!

taking care of our self is number 1 priority if we are to take care of our family and others and be productive members of work and society, oh yeah and stop giving money to dunks above and beyond the daily dose

I get ya! I'm tired to!! I think it's a great idea to take Friday's off!I think I should do that on Wednesdays! Enjoy your day, we'll miss you, but we know we shall see you on Monday!!

I say good for you for recognizing that you need more balance in your life. We should all follow your lead.

My boss takes one day each weekday to work on marketing, writing and sometimes, just goofing off - I think you have made a great decision and will find that you are happier and more productive than you have ever been!

Just a note to say....I really appreciate reading your info, 4 days a week is still great and I hope this lightens your schedule a bit. Have a great weekend!

I will miss you on Fridays, but I totally understand:)

Nothing wrong with that! Great decision - balance should always be a priority. Also enjoy those babies because the time goes very fast :) TGIF!

Good for you! If you realize when you need to slow down, no one else will or it will be too late. Still a fan!

Good call - balance is everything. I wasn't sure how you were churning out consistently great stuff day after day as it is! We'll tune in any time you have something to say - it's well worth it.

Of course we understand! You need to take care of yourself first. We appreciate all that you do, and on Fridays we will look forward to Monday's post! Enjoy your weekend. :)

Good for you. You have to take care of yourself first. I have no idea how people can blog every day.

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