Corn, oil, and salt combined to fill you up

March 13, 2009

Hey, wait a minute! Almost 600 calories in a bag of Fritos??!! That is ludicrous. Yeah, it is. Maybe YOU will be able to stop yourself from eating the entire bag. You can measure out 32 chips and get to a much more manageable 160 calories. However, Fritos will never be a low calorie snack.


You could buy a smaller bag if that will help you. I didn't see one at the convenience store where I bought this, but I know they exist.

Fritos taste really salty to me, so I am able to curb my consumption fairly easily. I like snacks that taste really strongly because they remind me that I am eating something and I'm able to regulate what I eat.

Fritos are actually a better choice when you are looking at the chips aisle because they only contain: corn, corn oil, and salt. Just 3 ingredients! They use salt as a preservative so they don't need any others. I like these much better than Doritos and Cheetos, with all their added chemicals.

I would call these a once in a month or once every 6 month treat.

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