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What is the serving size?

In the ingredients list 1/4 teaspoon salt but do not list it in the directions. I am assuming that you just add it in with the sugar, cinnamon, oats, almonds and butter, correct? Also, how many servings are you using to figure your WW points?

@Marie and @Suzi - this was one of those days that I clearly was running too fast. I have added the number of servings (8) and the serving size - 1/4 cup. I have added salt to the directions.

Thanks so much for your questions (and help)!

If you left out the almonds (hubby doesn't like) do you just make it up with the whole oats? It will be less volume without so I'm thinking you will want to add more oats... thanks

You have some nice sounding recipes, but I have to say: One serving is only 1/4 cup? Frankly that strikes me as absurd. An honest serving (1/2 cup) is going to be 250 calories per your tally, and that still isn't bad at all for a healthy dessert.

Hi,How do I make this in a 9x13 pan

For Kim... To make it in a 9 x 13, double the recipe. An 8 x8 pan is 64 square inches and a 9 x 13 is 117 square inches. Doubling should be alright and work well.

This is by far the absolute worst crisp recipe ever. My mother and I have both made numerous crisps and your directions and ingredients made no sense.sure enough, it never crossed up. When to scrape it off put it back in the oven under the broiler we're nearly burnt, had to scrape it off again put it into a bowl to try to get it crispy. Due to time constraints because she was on her way to church with it, we had to call it good. Will not use this recipe again.

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