Why You Need To Get Rescued

April 24, 2014   19 Comments

Snack Girl is on a mission. I have spent hours talking with radio personalities about this subject.

Get Rescued

What are they talking with me about? My book, Snack Girl To The Rescue!, is in bookstores and you need to buy a copy.

I spent three days talking to America about getting healthy AND losing weight at the same time. Doesn’t that seem so much better than trying a diet, losing the weight, and then gaining all of it back again and maybe more?

This book isn't just filled with recipes, it is filled with real advice about sustainable weight loss that allows you to enjoy your favorite food. This is a LIFE guide.

I have created affordable, easy, and delicious recipes that cut calories and make your favorite foods healthier. I worked hard and I am starting to get feedback from people that this book is a game changer. (Here is a partial list of the recipes: Snack Girl to The Rescue Recipes)

You need these recipes and if you love this blog, you will love the book because it is funny, encouraging, and smart.

An anonymous comment popped into my inbox yesterday:

Your book is one of the best books I have purchased!

I am not making this up. Of course, if she had said this is one of the worst books I have ever read, I probably wouldn’t share that with you.

You do not have to take this random person’s word for it because there are more objective reviews out there.

Read any of these to get a feel for why this $12 purchase will support you in getting healthy:

There are two book giveaways (and reviews) on these websites and you still have time to enter!

Finally, I have had the great privilege of appearing on television and radio to talk about healthy eating. So, if you want to SEE me or HEAR me instead of reading my words – check these two clips out:

This book is everywhere books are sold. Give it a try and let me know what you think. I hope it inspires you!

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Lisa, your book is great!! I've used recipes and scanned some of Part 1: Encouragement & Guidance. I can't wait to dive into more!

Congratulations, Lisa, on the wonderful reviews. I don't want to miss a recipe so I just ordered your book.

I pre-ordered your book and received it the other day. Love it! Can't wait to start making some of the recipes. Congrats!

I read the book from cover to cover and every page was a treasure of healthy information. You owe it to yourself!

LOVE your book! The recipes are something the whole family will eat...including a picky teenager! Plus they are easy, tasty and healthy! LOVE IT!

I life in Canada and have been notified that my copy of Snack Girl to the Rescuite will arrive today - I can't wait. I love your site and follow many of your tips. I am certain I'll follow the book for healthy, lower calorie and often less expensive eating. What a concept!

Congratulations on your success, Lisa! I've been a subscriber (and occasional commenter!) along my so-far 80lb weight loss journey and hope to win a copy of your book!♡

Hello Snack Girl,

Is your book available in Canada?

It is available in Canada!

The recipe for the Cocoa Chili alone is worth the cost of the book! Delicious!

It's great that you've written a book & I'm glad you are doing well, but it seems like it's the entire focus of your blog now. I'm trying to hang in there & not unsubscribe, but I'm craving the "old" content that you would blog about.

@Maria- The book has just come out so I am promoting it a lot BUT I have recipes and content that I will be sharing as usual. Don't worry - this isn't going to become "Snack Girl To The Rescue!" the blog. I have to sell it to keep going - the book is helping to pay the bills.

Thanks for your comment!

love your book, Lisa, and have shared a number of recipes w/others, who also love them! keep up the good work! come to Phoenix sometime(in the winter's good) and speak!

Told my wife about your website...she went and bought the book yesterday and is loving it...her snack boy is gonna love some new tasty treats...thanks, your hard work is appreciated.

I purchased this book to work in unison with my Weight Watchers Point + program and I am very disappointed the book does not contain point values. Why is this Lisa? Your online recipes contain WW points. I'm sad I won't be using this book very much because I have to figure out all the points myself via WW Recipe Builder. Too much work :(

Lisa, please let me know why your book does not contain WW points but your online recipes do. Very disappointed. :(

@Julie -

I couldn't add WW pp to my recipes because of copyright restrictions. Weight Watchers would not allow me to publish those numbers in a book but will let me publish them online. You have to ask them why they won't share.

Here is a partial list of the recipes in the book with PP numbers:

I hope you will try to use this list and enjoy the book. Thanks for your comment!

Love the book but I too am disappointed there are no WW points plus.

It is a shame that weight watchers wouldn't allow you Lisa to publish point values since so many people obviously like to have that info. Short sighted from their point of view since you are supporting them. I will use the recepies with MyFitnessPal for which they are perfect. Thank you for your work! Could you perhaps produce a downloadable PDF with the info people who have purchased the book can request in some way?

Thanks again for your work on healthy eating - you're a pioneer.

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