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I love your website, your recipes and just your whole attitude toward

eating, cooking and living! Thank you.

Lisa, your whole family is beautiful! So sweet that you all do this family tradition, we had Friday pizza with friends when mine were young, our neighborhood was young too. I can offer a couple of movie suggestion: If you have Netflix, I watched a very good PG movie recently, Great Gilly Hopkins [2016] and last week ''Oscar'' a comedy from the 90's [Stallone's only comedy but he was GOOD]; the first is a touching, feel-good movie with lots of kids, the second is a farce, and silly. Anytime we turn off cellphones and computers and bond is a plus. My 2 [in their 30's now] and I still share films and documentaries to this day. Cretors Popcorn sounds like a special treat, will definitely be trying it. Thanks!

I agree. The G.H. Cretors "The Mix" is absolutely over the top. And you can get an absolutely large bag of it at Costco. Highly recommend!

Lisa, thanks for a heads up on this popcorn. I will look for it tomorrow when I go shopping.

Lisa, you have a beautiful looking family. enjoy your movie night with them as they grow up so fast. But then eventually happy days come again when the grandkids start arriving..LOL..

We call that popcorn Costco crack!

Lisa, You have an adorable family. I will look for this popcorn.

I also wanted to thank you for my "comment of the week " honors last week. I was thrilled and showed it to everyone!

It takes so little to make us happy.

Martha from Philadelphia

My gosh, I just tried this and it is absolutely delicious. Thanks for the suggestion.

The popcorn is addictive! I get it at Costco.

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