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The 'be delighted' box would be perfect for me. I love to snack, and having healthy snacks on hand would be great! :)

ugh! These look so good but don't have a decaf option and their protein shake is whey based. :( great idea though!

Definitely the Be Delighted box. Snacks and teas sound awesome.

The Be Balanced Box sounds the best.

Be Delighted looks great -- love this idea.

Be Balanced is what I need!

Be Delighted would work for me be cause I like tea and don't snack much.

the Be Fit box....not a tea drinker and this one would be perfect

Loving the beFit box! Having those items on the shelf would help keep me from the junk!

Wow! These boxes look terrific. The "Be Delighted" or "Be Mindful" seem like such fun options. I've heard of other snack companies before but this company seems to have standards that I truly appreciate.

"Be Delighted" box is best for me because it is most affordable and I do like tea!

Be mindful sounds like the perfect camping package for me

The Be Mindful box looks good to me. I'm not so good with eating breakfast, so something like this would make it so easy.

I'd pick the Befit box, I need more protein in my life!:)

Be Mindful looks awesome to me! I have a hard time finding nutritious breakfast so this box would be very helpful.

The be fit box sounds perfect for me! I stay active at work and at home and the protein in this box would help keep me going all day!

Be Delighted box would be perfect for me. This looks great!

I think the be delighted box sounds great. I would love to have something different for an afternoon snack & the examples sound delicious.

I like the Be Delighted box. These look like they'd fir with my clean eating strategy

I would be delighted with the "Be Delighted" box!

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