Better than cookies but not as good as fruit

March 5, 2009   1 Comment

Graham crackers can be pretty yummy. There are a ton of different brands but they all average out to be about the same for the calories. Compared to Oreos, where 3 cookies are 160 calories, you are doing pretty good with graham crackers. You get much more food for your calorie count.

Graham Cracker

Why don't I love graham crackers? Well, I think that if you ate an Apples or another whole food you would be doing much better. There are many ingredients in a graham cracker, and they are really just a lower calorie form of cookie.

The helpful thing about a graham cracker is you can make it more nutritious by spreading something like cream cheese, peanut butter, or almond butter on it. Then, you add some protein and you have a better chance of the snack actually satisfying your hunger.

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I like graham crackers dipped in milk.

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