Green Coffee Bean Extract - Your Diet Pill Savior?

August 3, 2012   67 Comments

Do you wish you could take a pill and all the extra pounds would just melt off your body? Join the club.

Green Coffee Extract Fraud

Man, that would be great. I could just eat all day and not worry about gaining weight. Hello, ice cream sundae :)

I receive many e-mails about dietary supplements and weight loss pills. This one is from Marie:

I just came across a post on Green Coffee Extract. I tried to look up some research on it, but most of what I found had a link to the product. According to a Dr Oz clipping it's supposed to help you lose weight and all sorts of other stuff.

Warning bells were ringing in my head the whole time I was listening as it sounded too good to be true. Since I look to you as a reliable source on healthy eating, I was wondering what your thoughts were on the Green Coffee Extract and if you knew of any studies being done on its benefits/problems.

Marie, you are one smart woman. I watched a video of Dr. Oz talking about this pill and he used the words “magical” and “miracle”. That scared me as well.

How many times have we been pitched something miraculous only to find that our credit card bill is enormous and we are the same size?

I don’t want to get into a discussion about Dr. Oz and his choices. I used to be a fan when he was on Oprah showing us lungs that were corrupted from lung disease, but I haven’t watched his new show.

I went looking for more information on the study that Dr. Oz cited in his video. I found this great post - Dr. Oz and Green Coffee Beans - More Weight Loss Psuedoscience.

The research study, based in Bangalore, India, that convinced Dr. Oz of the magic beans efficacy is very flawed. Not only was it funded by a supplement manufacturer (RED FLAG) it had only 16 people in it.

The study claims that there was no difference in calorie type or intake, yet the participants lost an average of 17 pounds in 22 weeks.

ummmm, how does that work? You see, I can see an appetite suppressant aiding in weight loss. Of course, you would be eating less because you weren’t hungry. But, these people ate the same amount and lost weight? Or, the pill revved their metabolism SO much that the pounds melted off?

Perhaps, the pill blocked the absorption of calories. How could that happen without side effects? (like lacking energy)

Or maybe it is really magic!

The author of the study theorizes a chemical in the unroasted bean called chlorogenic acid could be responsible. Other experts suspect the stimulant properties of caffeine could be the culprit. (ABC News)

The participants on the Dr. Oz show (who both lost weight taking the supplement) said that they felt fuller. Were they eating less? Their experience seems to contradict what the research paper indicated.

There are just too many questions that remain unanswered to say that this actually going to make a difference in weight loss.

Hopefully, another group of researchers will do a study that is scientifically sound. Until then, I would follow the advice of this reviewer of Green Coffee Extract:

Don't waste your money. It is all in your head. None of theses things really work. When will I ever learn? Hopefully this is the last time I will be taken in. If these things were for real, everyone would be thin.

Exactly!! We would all just take pills and look like Elle Macpherson.

My advice is to ignore this stuff. Treat it as “noise” and keep making small changes to your diet that will lead to losing weight. You just need to keep doing the hard work.

What do you think of Green Coffee Extract?

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"My advice is to ignore this stuff. Treat it as “noise” and keep making small changes to your diet that will lead to losing weight. You just need to keep doing the hard work."

I couldn't agree more, Lisa.

Doug Lisle (author of The Pleasure Trap and speaker in a great, related "How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind" video here: proposes swapping out unhealthy foods/beverages for healthy choices. Couple that with moving in some way (walking up and down the block is a great start!) and YOU WILL see progress.

Jason Vale is an expert on addictions and I like these quotes of his:

"If you say, 'I want it, but I can't have it.' -- you will suffer.

If you say, 'I can have it, but I don't want it,' -- you won't."

"Make life a 'get to', not a 'have to'."

It (very likely) took a long time for your pounds to show up; it's going to take some time to get healthy. You CAN do it. You ARE worth it.

Don't waste your money. The other new thing is the Pure Raspberry miracle weight loss supplement. It doesn't work!!!!

Healthy eating choices, exercise and balance. There isn't anything more magical than that formula.

Good morning Snackgirl, Thank you for the article about Dr. Oz,and the green coffee extract pills. I had wondered about them it worth a try ? I have been working on losing a few pounds. And a bit of help would be great. When I am at home,I have cravings of foods I want to buy at the store. Once I get there,I seem to change my mind and chooose healthier options though.So...maybe I can do this on my own,and save myself some money too.I still see diet pills,and wish something would help. But,I have a feeling they do not.Thank you Snackgirl..for all you do.

Right after I read this I was looking up a recipe from the NYT and up came a huge ad from Starbuck's talking about their drinks with green coffee extract in them...yikes....

I'm sorry there is no magic pill to help you lose weight, it comes down to exercise and eating right, plain and simple!!

What about Sensa? Anybody know anything about that?

There is not ANY magic pill or supplement that will EVER aid weight loss naturally and safely. Not only do these things not work, they are DANGEROUS. Even if you don't have any immediate side-effects, they do damage that could cause problems long-term.

The key to weight loss is exercise, and a healthy, balanced diet of real, whole foods. End of story.

I don't mean to knock Dr. Oz - oh, wait, yes I do. Why is it that when these guys get themselves a TV show, they go nuts? Is it just that they have all those hours to fill in order to earn their huge salaries? I watched a few Dr. Oz shows before giving up in disgust - if you bought everything he suggests, he would get richer and you would get poorer! Most of what he says about diet has been said before and better, including by Snack Girl :-) The bottom line is that if it worked, everyone would be using it - duh! Weight Watchers works for me with the help of websites such as this one to make sure that I use my points wisely to eat healthy. You can do WW and still eat all that artificial stuff (like the WW frozen dinners, snacks, etc) or you can really learn to eat better. I've learned portion control and to read labels, great tools for maintaining weight loss over time. Thanks, Snack Girl, for your invaluable input - keep up the good work!

You have to wonder what else it would be doing to your body - will it mess with your liver or other organs? Think about the drug commercials you see on TV with a list of side effects a mile long.

I am HIGHLY against taking diet pills of any kind. It seems really questionable that a certified Doctor, even one that's one TV, would push these fad diets.

I'm sad to say that I took these....I"m a 45-year-old who never had any weight issues until 5 or 6 years ago...I was still eating the same (healthy) and exercising the same (very decent) but had put on about 10 pounds more than I want. So I researched and started taking them...and I followed it exactly and what happened over 12 days was exactly....NOTHING....well, not nothing....I GAINED 2 pounds in 12 days. I mean, hilarious. So much for my one try of a fad. :)

I'm a sucker for anything Dr. Oz says....don't know why...NOTHING has worked yet, as I sit here and still drink my morning Yarba Mate tea because Dr. Oz says it will boost my metabolism...and just prepared my Matcha tea for the day...because it's supposed to boost my metabolism. Been doin' this for months with my usual exercise, healthy eating - no difference in weight loss cause I still like my evening Tasti d Lite indulgence and dark chocolate. I purchased two bottles of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract...didn't lose a pound. :-( No surprise, but I was I always am. I also purchased that liquid stuff that Montel Williams endorses...SafSlim - I might be nuts, but I actually think that PUT weight on me considering it had 60 calories a tablespoon and you had to take 2 tablespoons a day. I am one of those people who has a shelf FULL of Dr. Oz suggestions: Chia seeds, Flax seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Almond Milk, Caraway Seeds, Hemp Seeds, White Kidney Bean Extract (carb blocker), Bach Rescue Remedy, apple cider vinegar, OH, and you should see my cabinet of TEAS!!!!! CRAZY!! The guy at Whole Foods literally laughs as I walk in and ask him for the next Dr. Oz supplement...actually he says, "What did Dr. Oz tell you today?" I'm still looking for the Saffron Extract with Satiereal to suppress appetite. Will I EVER learn - such a sucker!! Always a dreamer!!!!

I also heard about this pill from Dr. Oz and decided to try it as it's not really a diet pill, its with the vitamins. I've never taken any pill for weight loss but since I was planning on trying to loose weight by counting lories last weekend I decided to try it. So far I'm not noticing anything different, no side effects and it's not suppressing my hunger so we'll just have to see. Thanks for your input though.

My husband and I both lost weight but not from any miracle pill. We both eat better and move more. Now I'm a holistic health coach and that's how I get my clients to lose weight. Of course we all wish for a magic pill but it's still a fairy tale.

The Dr.Oz show where this was discussed actually aired this past week.

One thing that Dr.Oz stressed was that there are all DIFFERENT types of coffee bean pills on the market and if one is going to purchase them, they must be "PURE" Green Coffee Bean appears that types such as those that are currently sold at Starbucks are NOT PURE.....

He implied that they can only be bought online (I am not sure about that), that they are expensive and to be sure it says "PURE".

That being said, anything that is supposed to have a "magical" quality is suspect in my book!

The best fat blocker is to go to a dollar store and buy a tennis ball and stick it in your mouth every time you are tempted to eat something fattening!! This is the only fat blocker you will ever need!!! {:-)

I am in my 50's and tried everything to lose weight. I lifted weights, bought a stability ball, and workout DVD,s and didn't drop a pound. I tried eating smaller portions and didn't drop a pound. I saw on Dr. Oz a "miracle pill", Raspberry Keytones. I tried them and dropped 23 lbs! They took away my sugar cravings, and really curve my appetite. The weight loss saved me from having a knee replacement. I follow Jorge Cruise (one of Dr. Oz's guest) on Facebook. He posts free meal plans. I make smoothies in the mornings with coconut water, frozen spinach, Kale, berries, whey protein, peanut butter, ground flax, Greek Yogurt, and add either oatmeal or x- gum for thickness.

I haven't felt this good in years!

Dr. Oz has lost all credibility to me. All he does is push supplements and weird stuff that no one ever heard of. I wish he would take one topic and deal with it in depth. The women all swoon and I think his show is a waste. Sorry Dr. Oz! Eat whole foods and exercise - how about that for advise?

I also stopped watching, listening Oz when he got into the 'magic pills' of all kinds. It's about making money for him and others who push these and other pills. Smart choices, healthy activity, clean eating... perfect recipe for weight loss and maintanance.

I did a search a, a site sponsored by the National Library of Medicine. The only reference to chlorogenic acid said that it inhibits the absorption of iron. This is probably not a good thing.

There are no magic pills. Eating fewer calories of a balanced assortment of foods or burning off more calories in a sensible moderate exercise program or a combination of these two activities is the only healthy way to lose weight.

Moderation...You don't have to eat the ENTIRE bag of chips or eat a mondo sized chocolate bar. Fill up on veggies, find the protein that works best for you and guzzle water. There is NO MAGIC PILL but there is magic in how you perceive who you are...right now! Love who you are now. Fat, lumps, bumps included. Thanks Snack Girl. I <3 your posts!

I actually just went to a Genesis Pure (Dr. Lindsey's supplement line) party on Monday night and they were pushing the Green Coffee Extract. As a scientist, I'm skeptical and had no interested in purchasing anything. The "research" "study" conducted is right on par with what I expected. The presentations on these supplements are all buzz words and no science. I can't take that seriously.

If you want something that works, use Weight Watchers. Weight loss is not going to be easy - there are programs that work, but you have to be willing to make changes.

Laura you are sooo right! Weight Watcher's is the ONLY thing out there that works! I had lost 44 lbs with it, I have since gained back slightly over 10...but that is NOT the fault of the program, it is the fault of ME!

I actually buy green coffee bean extract--which is pretty much decaffeinated so it's not the caffeine. Is it a magic weight loss pill? NO. What it IS, though, is a source of a dampening effect on blood sugar spikes. My husband is a type 2 diabetic who was on a combination drug of metformin and glipizide, which he used with diet and walking for glucose control. He was well controlled on this combination until he had to go off the metformin part due to a side effect of the drug. Taking this supplement has helped him manage his blood glucose levels.

I have had the borderline "prediabetes" levels in the past and through slimming down and exercising more, brought my own glucose more into normal range--but my levels rose a bit when I entered perimenopause. So I too use the chlorogenic acid supplement, when I go out and don't have full control over the ingredients in my meals--and so far it's kept diabetes at bay.

I exercise, eat healthily, and although I seem to have put on a persistent 10 pounds after I started my change, my BMI is 23. I have aunts and cousins on both sides of the family who are diabetic--and the ones on my mom's side are not/were not heavy, it was purely heredity. I didn't want to start drugs to prevent diabetes and this is a good option that does make a difference--my fasting glucose is 10 points lower than last year and my a1c levels are solidly high normal instead of on the border.

I have the feeling that YES Dr. Oz has overhyped it and there are many people looking for a magic pill that lets you eat whatever and lose weight... sorry that's a fantasy. But if someone is insulin resistant, which many overweight people are, it might be a good supplement to take to stave off type 2 diabetes.

Well done, Caren! Congrats. I lost ~65lbs on WW. I gained a few back at the end of my dissertation (my friends have baby weight, I have dissertation weight), but I'm pretty much back down to my target weight.

"dissertation" weight, I love it! I have "step daughter got married this past June and I ate out of stress" weight lol

PS the effects on diabetes aren't proven by large enough studies yet although I personally can say that I don't have the usual "famished" feeling a few hours after I eat when I take it--it seems to not spike and then crash blood sugar in my personal experience.

But here is a link that says that they DID study it for mild hypertension and it has a statistically significant, dose dependent lowering effect on blood pressure--much better than medication, in my opinion.

I do watch Dr. Oz & love it when his wife comes on. I saw the show with the green coffee bean extract & was quite interested but I never followed through however he did talk about another supplement that I absolutely love called Relora. I took it for stress & to help decrease belly fat due to high cortisol levels. I do not take it every day & sometimes not for several weeks but when I really need a good night's sleep - that's the ticket! There is no morning drowsiness with it.

Great comments- reminded me of the old addage, "Definition of insanity: keep doing what you've been doing and expect different results". Don't we ALL wish that a magic pill would take it all away! LOL - my internist reminded me that the only thing that will work is eating healthy, and exercise. Anything worth having is worth working for.

Personally, I have enjoyed a periodic Daniel Fast for a relationship I have, and the side benefits of getting rid of all the processed stuff and junk in our foods has been weight loss. Obviously, a change in eating like a Daniel Fast would need to be segued by a healthy eating plan like WW, but its a definite eye opener to how much extra stuff is in our food that nobody needs in their body- especially our kids!

Snack Girl you rock! Thanks for the great links, healthy recipes and honesty in your writing that indicates just because something is advertised doesn't mean its TRUTH!

Exercise & smart food choices are my pill for being healthy & weight loss. Love smoothies!!


I know I'm not the only gullible person in the world because they wouldn't keep making diet wonder drugs. But I never seem to meet other gullible people, especially online. Everyone online is skeptical and perfect in every way. Thank you for your post.

Have you heard of the app MyFitnessPal that can be downloaded for free? The program will figure what calories are required for you to achieve your desired weight and you keep track of all food that your consume. Database of food nutrients contains largest listing of foods that I have encountered anywhere else. Program also tracks exercise and gives you extra calories to consume as a result of your efforts. Seems to be working and is not limited to what someone thinks you should eat - all your favorites and types of food are allowed.

Have you ever looked at the first three letters

of diet? They are die! Or have you ever seen an

ad that said, lose 30# in 30 days!

Call 1-800-stupid! (made that up). However,

walk away as fast as you can. The ads are

looking for desperate people. The only way to

lose weight is healthy eating. Listen to Snack

Girl... she has great ideas.

Thanks for the answer Snack Girl!

I am trying these - and I think what is going on is that you are told to take the pills twice a day, 30 minutes before a meal, with a full glass of water. That probably is why people feel fuller. so far, I am seeing no difference. I was trying them to supplement my weight loss due to changes in lifestyle and eating habits - 25 pounds so far, but wanting and needing more - but have hit a major plateau. I was hoping for a little boost off the plateau, but so far nothing.

It probably has been mentioned, but the study Dr. Oz quoted had only about a dozen and a half people involved and was not done very carefully, to say the least. Also, his ND guest on the show also owns a company which sells supplements, including--you guessed it--green coffee bean extract.

I'm suprised that Dr. Oz would stoop this low.

I gained weight on the green coffee bean diet. I'm finding posts on the internet from people who take synthroid - a thyroid med - who say the same thing - perhaps it negates the meds just like coffee does- something to think about. so exercise and eat reasonably (but the weight gain did make me mad!)

The lady asking about Sensa. Don't take it. Lots of bad side effects. Just google it and you will

find lots of information.

Their customer service is not too nice either .

Comes down to push away from the table and

go out and walk, do exercise. No easy way to lose weight. Only easy to gain it.

I've finally lost around 10 pounds of stubborn belly fat without exercising, and sugar no longer bothers me (hypoglycemic). I've taken an 800mg capsule of PURE green coffee bean ext and Raspberry ketones for two months (1/2 hour before two meals with water as directed) and I really do feel better. A lot of things didn't work for me. I have back trouble and can't do a lot of exercises. I sleep better, no more sudden blood sugar lows in the daytime that made me drowsy. My weight is where I want it and I'll continue taking these two supplments. I wonder if people aren't taking it properly, and also I don't have to go online to buy there things.

I would like to say that I have been taking green coffee extract/Yerba mate for a month. I have not changed anything else in my daily life. I am down 2 sizes. My belly and back fat are reducing considerably. I weighed 240 size 20/22 I have lost only 5 pounds but my "Apple" shape is reducing. I was taking a low dosage now I have increased and the fat is reducing even more!

Dr. Oz has become the "Snake Oil" salesman of our time.

Every month he has a "healthy" or "miracle" product he is recommending. At this time I believe his credibility is zero.

I get it! We are constantly being lied to at the expense of our health and in effort of urging us to spend as much of our money as possible. I'm also a natural born sceptic. I will watch exactly what you are doing and witness your results and still not believe you. Yet! I am here to tell you that a lot of these products DO help with weight lose. Here are my findings: Trimspa and Sensa will help you to lose weight at a steady rate but you have to change your diet (low fat, low sodium, no/low sugar, fruits, veggies, and lean meats. Green tea works well too, same diet improvements, be prepared to utilize the energy the pills spark. Raspberry Ketones work but the more pills you take the better, take them religiously, same time everyday with every meal. Yes, improved diet and MOVE SOMETHING. Since a lot of RKs are non-stimulants you can take them at bedtime without them interfering with sleep but for the same reason when you need an energy supplement. Now for the latest weight loss miracle Pure Green Coffe Bean Extract.The key, the percentage of the active ingredient must be 50% or more. This is how RK and PGCBE peddlers make their money, the more filllers they add and lower the percentage of the active ingredient, the more pills you have to buy. Either you take more than their recommended dosage or you experience no to low weight loss while taking the recommended dosage. AND it is TRUE you do not have to change your diet or exercise while taking PGCBE, but, you do need to drink lots of water and always make sure the restroom is close by due to the laxative effect. Hahaha!!! Do I have to spell out why you would lose weight?

REMEMBER I am providing my findings to add clarity not to build up the "weight loss miracle" hype nor to help promote excessive spending on products that clams to do what good old exercise and good food choices will accomplish. I never expect something for practically nothing. I HAVE used all of these products at some point to accelerate my a "clean diet" of 7 balanced meals daily and "3 day on 1 day off" cardio and weight training regimen. While I no longer have any concern for my weight, I have used or still use a few of the products to maintain a body fat% between 12% - 18% (still use GT-fat burner, RK-bedtime fatburner, PGCBE-competition cutting). 150 lbs of muscle really looks GREAT with low body fat. 150 lbs of muscle looks dramatically different from 150 lbs of fat on the body. Remain mindful, even if you use a weight loss supplement you can accelerate the results with a clean diet and exercise. Never resort to the conclusion that a product doesn't work if you still have pills in the bottle, you're not sure how much of the active ingredient to take, you forget to take them daily, or you have been on the product for less than 30 days. Be willing to devote at least 90 days to the product and make sure you can get your MONEY BACK. I hope this info is helpful to someone.

dr oz is the new snake oil man of the day,he is one of many.......avoid his advice if you ask me.......

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the new "miracle pill." I admit that I was almost sucked in and needed a reminder that overall health takes work; there is no such thing as a miracle pill. Thanks again.

Dr. Oz never said this would solve your problem, he only stated that could produce results in the short term and that you would never take this all your life so dont expect the results to last all your life without making real changes to your routines.

I have tried the Green Coffee Extract (following the guidelines given on the Dr. Oz show) and it made me feel more full so I ate less. It also seemed to change my desire for 'sweets.' I only purchased a one month supply and lost 2 lbs each week, which took me to my goal weight loss. In the meantime, I got back on track with long-term life style changes. The bottom line (no matter how you get there) is calories in vs. calories out along with commitment to life style changes which include healthy eating and exercise. No magic...just an age-old formula.

Sadly, I was taking green coffee extract and the raspberry keytones...the first few days i did feel slimmer. Later on however I have fattened up with muscle underneath. Disappointing. I did want the magic bullet. I'm plain eating too much. I'm going to finish the bottle as i bought them, holding out desperate hope that they are helping. They do seem to curb appetite despite my smorgafest when not taking them.

I thought Dr. Oz was a doctor! But he sold out on these bogus claims. Why would he do that? Dr. Sanjay Gupta wouldn't stoop that low and I used to think him and Dr. Oz were on the same page. I used to put Dr. Oz as credible but I am seeing too many ads that Dr. Oz endorses and one shows a picture of a woman with a really fat flabby hanging over the belt type belly in a before picture and then the "after" picture looks like you would look after liposuction. No way would a pill do that. That is hogwash. Why do they get away with all this? Even on TV. When I see ads like that, I automatically don't believe them. They are just snake oil salesmen and Dr. Oz is now one of them. I thought doctors were about your health. But Dr. Oz is only about making a profit at the expense of our wallets and our health. Shame on him!

A long time ago an "old timer" gave me this bit of advice after listening to me complain about a worthless product. He said, "What are you complaining about,? "It does exactly what it was designed to do".. When I protested and disagreed he just looked at me and said, "You bought it, didn't you"? That is exactly the purpose of all these products, shame on snake oil salesmen.

I'm 48 and need to loose 20+ lbs to look fit. Saw the hype about green coffee beans on Oz, and thought why not. Took an All Natural Brand that popped up while watching his video on-line. Seemed affordable. . . Well after 4 weeks, I'm 7 pounds heavier. As I'm researching, I found out my product is a scam and doesn't contain the "real" green coffee bean ingredients and apparently only 2-3 companies make a worth-while product. Conveniently, these brand names are not listed. Guess we should all go into marketing and become rich. I'm with the rest of you . . . there are no magic weight loss pills or capsules and Dr.Oz probably gets paid millions for everything that comes out of his mouth. I will request a refund, but more than likely an out $120.

I have been going to Curves and using their new diet and excercise program for 5 weeks now and have lost 15 lbs. Diet and exceise are the way to go :)

I just tried the Green Coffee Bean Extract for 1 month from GNC; and yep, no weight loss, but I didn't gain either. Just another fad I guess, oh well, it's a learning experience.

im soo confused right now...

Ditto. Took it and nothing happened. Not a nothing. I was into that show to. And it's plastered all over. Same withe acciberry as well.

All these diet pills just contain caffiene and make you pee more. They are all a scam imo

I've often wondered if Dr Oz truly knows how much his face is plastered around the net by affiliate marketers trying to cash in on his endorsement. I suspect he would be appalled if he knew how he was being used.

Yeah, if I want to eat less I'll use caffiene and tobacco ;)

To say this Dr. Oz only endorses certain products (ones that make him money) is silly. He never endorsed any product and only recommended thst the product you do take have at least 45% chlorogenic acid .... my point is if you are trying to lose weight you should be open to new "miracle drugs" like this especially when backed by the FDA! I'm just saying if two different studies showing the same results isn't enough for you then nothing will be. Its not about whether something worjs or not either, what works for you may not work for me. .. it's about getting healthy so try something new and wait till you get results (good or bad) before you start bloging about it .

I agree that it takes a healthy diet and exercise to truly win the weight battle.. but for those have benefited from such 'tools' as green coffee bean they do swear by it.

i tryed my self ,and i lost 20 ibs .i also followed a diet but i did lose 20 ibs .

@Jaci- as a sceptic, the only reason people 'swear' by it is either because they are paid to endorse the product, or else are part of the scamming companies themselves. No-one I know who has tried it has been satisfied with these. Either they never receive it (thus being cheated out of their money) or it simply doesn't work. Try exercise and replacing chips with carrot sticks or similar. It always works.

I think everyone is forgetting this product is more for increasing the metabolism. As we get older no matter how well we eat or exercise our metabolism slows down. So yes, it has worked for me based on this and eating a wee bit healthier. Many women look for a miracle pill, that simply does not exist and if you listen to Dr. Oz he emphasizes on the part that this product increases your metabolism. Try it, and start a more healthier routine, it will work.

I actually called and bought the green bean coffee. It was a bottle with 1/3 of little supplement pills in it. It costed me about 30$. Later, i started receiving bills, 16$, 5$, 25$ on my credit card and even received some

"Work out" cds that i didnt even want! I tried to cancel my subscription and it took me 3-4 times before it actually worked. Then, yesterday (1 year later) I received a bill (5,50$) on my credit card from green coffee... Its a scam.

Btw, i didnt lose weight. And this ad was on virgin radio, montreal.

I have been taking green coffee bean extract along with a number of anti-inflammatory nutrients and phytochemicals recommended in the Nicolas Perricone books. I've taken the other supplements before with weight loss of about 10lbs/yr but the green coffee bean extract seems to make a much bigger difference. I learned about Green Coffee Bean Extract after seeing it on the Dr. Oz show and I've lost 25 lbs and I'm not done yet. I've always had a very difficult time losing weight, burning fat, weight loss has always been a very slow and arduous process for me. That's probably at least in part due to PCOS, which I'm now being treated for, but I didn't start experiencing the dramatic weight loss until I started the supplement. This has made me think that anything is possible, that I could actually not be overweight anymore. It seems to help me access and burn stored fat so that I don't get hungry and have energy, yet I still have plenty of energy and no blood sugar dips which I'd normally experience otherwise (and get from too much regular coffee). It's just easier than it has ever been for me to eat dramatically less and make healthy choices. I feel full faster, and am content with less. There is really not much caffeine in it, just 15 mg for 2 400-mg pills. I had some tests done and my health indicators have all improved on things like cholesterol and triglycerides (likely from weight loss itself), I have lots of energy, and have been healthy and exercising. It has had very beneficial and noticeable effects for me. It's hard when you are looking for info on this stuff because you see people knocking things because there isn't enough research, who have never tried the substance. Just because there isn't as much research as we'd like on it does not mean it doesn't work! Pharma companies won't research something they can't patent, and it's even hard for supplement companies to justify spending the money on something they can't claim exclusivity to. The research that has been done shows benefits, it may not work for everyone or it may, I don't know, but it is definitely working for me. I'm not selling anything, so you can take my anecdotal story at face value. With the experience I've had, I would encourage anyone who is struggling or has struggled with weight loss to give it a shot. Just be sure to get from a reputable supplement company/source. Don't knock it if you ain't tried it...

It is my understanding that the only person accountable for the content of the paper is the author. Since when have sponsors been dictating the content?And then, why do universities give that much weight to publications, if researchers can hire others to write the papers?How do publications written by other academics verify the scholarly work claimed by a researcher?

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