A Delicious and Reasonable Ice Cream Treat

January 8, 2010   3 Comments

Ice cream is a dreamy concoction. It tastes best when you make it yourself right out of the ice cream maker. But, who has time to make it? The supermarket seems to have an endless aisle of choices to answer our craving.

Haagen Dazs Snack Bar

If you think about it, after the first couple bites, you kinda forget about that first delicious moment of eating ice cream. The coldness takes over and sometimes you can't even taste it any more. How do you create a reasonable serving?

Answer: Haagen Dazs snack size ice cream bars

The ones photographed here are coffee and almond crunch flavored. They feature identifiable ingredients such as cream, sugar, egg yolks, almonds, chocolate, and they are only 190 calories - which for ice cream is pretty great. You don't have to worry about portion size because Haagen Dazs has done the work for you.

I applaud Haagen Dazs for downsizing their delicious ice cream bars. Of course, they cost the same as the regular size bars (a bit of a scam). But, I don't care because I really like them and the smaller size satisfies me.

A little bit of high quality ice cream is much better than ALOT of bad tasting alternatives. Ice cream isn't supposed to be low-fat. But, if someone serves you 1 cup of Ben & Jerry' you are looking at 460 calories. Yikes!

The key is portion size. I recently took my daughter to Friendly's and I absolutely adore their Peanut Butter Cup sundae (yummy). The regular serving has 3 (yes, 3!) scoops of ice cream. I asked if I could have a smaller one - and they made it for me. I didn't even notice the difference and I felt much better after eating it. It cost me a dollar less, too.

What's your favorite ice cream snack? Please share!

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I love all types of ice cream treats. It is by far the best dessert for me!

Well, for Christmas we got the Zoku popcicle maker, not exactly ice cream by pretty close if you put something milk based in it, like egg nog, yum! We haven't bought any ice cream since then (not that it has been very long), we've also made "fudge" bars with nf milk and some chocolate syrup and of course lots of juice bars, we like to add some fresh fruit in too. The Zoku takes less than 10 minutes to freeze your pops and I think my son might finally be starting to understand that it isn't an instantaneous process:-)

Such a beautiful ice cream treat - I love the little, portion friendly size! :-) Such a great idea to ask for a smaller sundae at Friendly's - I love their PB cup sundae too! :-)

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