Want to Drink Less? Try This Trick

July 30, 2015   9 Comments

I get some pretty crazy e-mails in my inbox from people wanting me to promote their stuff.

Half a Beer

This silly glass can be found on a website called and I DO think it is pretty fun.

I am always looking for ways to feel like I am having MORE when I am actually having less. All I have to do is turn the glass:

and voila! – I have a full pint of beer. I bring my glass to parties and everyone thinks I am keeping up while actually I am successfully maintaining a reasonable portion (unless I keep filling it up).

Using a smaller glass does influence how much you drink as well as using a smaller plate. You can “trick” your mind into thinking you are eating or drinking the same amount by filling a smaller sized vessel and eating or drinking all of it.

Your eyes tell you that you are finished, and, hopefully, your stomach will agree.

It is far easier to drink a smaller glass of beer than to stop yourself from finishing a large one.

Need one for yourself? Buy the half pint glass for $9.99 on

Do you have fun ways to eat or drink less?

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I'm allergic to a protein created during fermentation so not drinking is not a problem for me. As for eating less: dessert fork and dessert plate for my meals. It's so true, you feel like you're eating a ton, but in reality you're just fooling yourself into thinking that and it works! A small fork makes you take more bites, so you think you're eating more. A small plate makes it look like you have a huge serving when really you're not. This was something I learned back in my TOPS days which got repeated in every program I tried thereafter. There is so much truth in the saying "We eat with our eyes first."

I'm not much of a drinker myself, but when I do have one, I never really knew how much to pour. I'm allowed (to maintain my weight) 3oz of wine (according to 21 day fix) and I found online a wine glass that had measurements on the side, lol it was too perfect. Now when I do want some wine I know the amount and I know the measurement in the glass.

For eating they always say don't eat in front of the TV, but that helps me because when I'm not watching I just shovel food in, but with the TV, I pause because I'm normally watching the ID channel and I'm normally sucked into it, so it slows me down and it gives my stomach enough time to tell the rest of me that I'm full. I do eat from smaller plates and depending on what I have made I'll eat with Chop sticks. I also use a lot of color when I make my meals. For me when I see a lot of color I feel like I have more to eat and I'm more satisfied.

Ha ha ha. You know there are "real" half-pint glasses. ;-) LOL. Love the illusion.

Love this!!!!

This is by far the most hilarious thing I've ever seen! I love it...I don't drink alcohol, I never have but I would certainly purchase these for some of my family and friends...I am the only person in my circle who has never drank alcohol so I'm sure they'd get a kick out of my gifting these!!! Lol

Too cute! Do they make a half wine glass too? That's the one I need :)

I often ask servers to bring me just a taste of wine (or moonshine at Hendrick's Barbecue) because that's all I really want. There's usually no charge, and I tip a bit extra to balance things.

This is really clever. Portion control is something I definitely struggle with, so using smaller glasses and plates should be helpful. Thanks for sharing!

If only there was a way to neutralize the alcohol before you drink it. That would be awesome!

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