What to Give Out on Halloween

October 21, 2014   16 Comments

I choose to go to Target for Halloween treats because it is nationwide and I am attempting to find a solution for everyone in the USA.

Halloween Goldfish

Last year, I was unable to find anything but candy so I chose what I deemed to be the healthiest. See here:

My children went bezerk for these pumpkin shaped York patties and I felt okay about the choice. I must say, they did taste good.

This year, I found ¼ aisle of healthier choices including the above Goldfish and these:


Of course, the Goldfish cost $5 for 25 packets (as opposed to Snickers which was $2.50 for many more) so they are a bit of an investment.

These are my main tips for choosing Halloween candy:

1. Look for stuff that isn’t sticky (like Laffy Taffy) because they stick to children’s teeth and you KNOW they aren’t the best at brushing.

2. Choose the smallest giveaway item. They get a ton so small is good.

3. Look for ones that have a strong taste so they can’t eat a pound in one sitting (like the York patty).

What are you giving out this year?

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Great suggestions! Kids want variety & they need some options to break up the pure sugar overload they get from everyone else's houses. :-)

I give out Duckies, the kids really love them! I have regulars that come every year to get a duck. Sometimes the kids do not yell trick or treat they ask if I still have ducks. Since the ducks come in different costumes, princess, cowboys, santa and his reindeer, monster ducks and they get to choose their duck, it makes it very fun. No food involved.

Where do you get the ducks? how much are they? I got a big plastic jar of the Utz pretzels at BJs (like Sam's Club or Costco). There are 70 baggies and I think they cost $7 or $8.

plain mini Herseys chocolate bars....these days you can't really give out much that a person won't be allergic to, youngest daughter has issues with's in just about everything....she's an adult so knows all the names corn can come by, so plain chocolate here and it's up to mom and dad if the kiddo can eat it and how much

Small boxes of raisins are my choice. :-)

@ Jennifer, I just did a quick Google search for "duckies costumes" and found some online via Oriental Trading, Amazon, etc. @ Cynthia, they are cute, I agree! You can get Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas packs. @Snack Girl, thanks for the tip about peppermint patties that a kid won't eat in huge quantities. That was valuable.

PS - I just saw a cute idea where you stick a black olive in the center of a deviled egg, then add slices of black olives arranged around the center to make "legs" -- and it looks like a spider sitting on your deviled egg. That's a good craft I can do with kids this week! It might be too messy to give to Trick-or-Treaters, but good for a home or school treat.

Great suggestions. And for the parents: a chart that helps you figure out which wine to pair with Halloween goodies,…. (Not that I encourage such behaviour! But Halloween DOES fall on a Friday this year ;-))

I make sure my kids eat healthy year around but Halloween is the exception. It only comes once a year and I say go for it! Candy, candy and more candy.................

the Ducks probably come from Oriental Trading Company in Omaha, Nebrask. - the ducks ARE fun!

A couple of years ago, we started giving out glow bracelets, like these… from Amazon. Few kids are disappointed, and I figure we're also promoting Halloween safety by making trick-or-treaters easier to spot in the dark :)

My parents used to keep our bag of candy my sister and I could have 2 pieces a day. Of course my parents were snacking on it all the time. Go out and do your own trick or treating! lol

I like the gold fish cracker ideas. I just moved into my house, so I won't be giving out candy.

We always do individual wrapped microwave popcorn. The kids love it. One year, we had both popcorn & candy. More kids chose the popcorn.

I found organic, dye free, gluten free lollipops at Target. They were $3 and change for 30 pops. I don't get a ton of trick or treaters but I figured this was an allergy free healthier candy choice. (the sugar wasn't too bad but they're small).

Wow - I am surprised at the number of folks here that give out things they wrap or bag at home. Where I live, parents throw out anything that is not store bought and wrapped. Even schools require that treats be store bought - nothing homemade!

Pretzels and Goldfish are NOT healthy. I'd rather give out fun toys, like pumpkin shaped erasers.

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