Cheeseburger Watch 2010: Day 14

February 13, 2010   7 Comments

Two weeks out it looks EXACTLY the same. It does not smell and is showing no signs of mold. I am keeping it high on my bookshelf in case my kids decide they are hungry. Honestly, except for the staleness of the bread nothing would stop you from taking a bite.

Cheeseburger: day 14

Here are the first 2 weeks of photos:

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i'm never eating another cheeseburger again...

Ugh, I don't want to eat a McDonald's burger again!

these are my guilty pleasure. not anymore! *bleah*

omg i love mcdonalds! maybe this will break me from going there.

I'm kinda hungry ;)

My (always skeptical) husband wants to know what you're using for a control. What about putting a regular bun, slice of American cheese and already-cooked hamburger patty out next to it? I bet they would start growing immediately!

What's the update today???? What happened to this stud?

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