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October 28, 2018   12 Comments

I know what you are thinking. You don’t have time to sit on the beach in a cross legging position chanting.

Headspace Review

I hear ya! While I love the above photo, it seems like an ideal that is far, far away from my actual life. Here is an image that looks more like me:

I got this image from an app called Headspace. Do you feel like that too? Things are just flying at you and you are overwhelmed?

I am always looking for ways and spots to calm my mind see: Where Can You Decompress? A Surprising Place.

Headspace is on your phone - the exact piece of technology which is driving you to need an app like Headspace. Ironic, no?

But mindfulness meditation is not a joke. There are thousands of studies that have shown mindfulness meditation can positively impact mental and physical health. Whether it’s by reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing focus, or improving relationships, research shows mindfulness works.

And it is on your phone!!

I gave it a try for a couple of weeks and I really liked it. The voice that explains meditation is so calming and the concept is simple (but hard to do).

You sit in a chair, pay attention to your breath, and allow your thoughts to come and go. Did I feel a result after I meditated? YES! I felt calmer and I approached my tasks with more focus.

It is a little bit amazing how you can train your brain to calm down and get it together with five minutes of mindfulness meditation.

But - as this screen shot reveals:

Headspace tries to get you to create a practice with a very easy entry into meditation. You can spend just three minutes a day with the app - sitting in your chair like this dude below.

I think the animated guys are really cute.

There is a free plan for Headspace but to get to the good stuff you have to subscribe which is either $95.88 for a year or about $13 per month.

It does sound expensive to pay for an app to calm your mind but I think it is a good thing. If you commit $$$, you will be more likely to use it.

What do you think? Have you tried Headspace? Does it sound like something you would use?

Snack Girl received 2 weeks of free Headspace for review purposes only.

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We all need to relax. Okay, maybe some of you are chill but I know that I need to take some deep breaths multiple times a day to keep it together.....

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I absolutely LOVE Headspace. Of course I use it EVERY DAY. And yes, I pay for it but.....I am convinced that I am a MUCH better person for meditating daily. AND the best part also get a daily meditation, to do along WITH your pack that you have picked, or INSTEAD of it and it is full of idea's and inspiration that you probably did not know. I LOVE Andy voice and his wisdom. Do yourself a favor and get some Headspace today!!!

I use insight timer app, it’s free. There are all sorts of meditations and talks. You can save your favorites.

I use the Insight Timer app on my phone and I love it. It's free and is wonderful. It tracks how often you use it and how long you use it. So many different meditations, different subjects, different length of time. Lots of meditations to help you fall asleep too. It also has a timer function, so you can meditate silently. I absolutely love this app and I use it several times each day, especially at bedtime.

I also love Andy’s accent and voice. I paid last year for a full year (they’ll offer you coupon codes,etc if you show interest) but I lasted maybe 3 months despite multiple reminders. Tomorrow (Monday) starts the free 21-Day Deepak and Oprah meditation which I usually love. I’m also going to try The Miracle Morning on November 1. Come join me!!!!

Why would people who feel they cannot afford Weight Watchers subscribe to this? This is just another gimmick to suck money out of people. After a couple of months it will not be used. (See Kimberly's post.) Once you subscribe, sometimes it is hard to unsubscribe so I certainly would not throw away $100 to subscribe for a year. I say, save your money and invest in a book or get info online for free. Deepak is great. I went to one of his lectures once that my job paid for.

I use an app called Stop Breathe Think for mindfulness. There is a premium option you can pay for but I think the free option is pretty good. Just another one to check out.

I am not a meditator, but I use prayer apps. Echo Prayer is a free one and there are others for those who prefer to pray rather than meditate. It seems that prayer is not often considered as a stress reliever.

I'm a student, so on a tight budget, but I paid for the membership and am so glad I did. I'm now actually sleeping, which is miraculous and amazing. There's also a pack about mindful eating, which I will do after I complete the series I'm working on now. Honestly, it's one of the best parts of my day. I can appreciate how $ it is, but honestly it's well worth the price.

There's also an app (website, too) called Calm which offers a variety of things for free and more (not sure what because I haven't purchased) if you pay. I like the simple breathing exercises on the app, which you can set a couple different ways, just to help me "calm" down or help me relax before bed.

My daughter recommended Headspace to me and I am so glad I got it. You can pay for it monthly, too, so after the free trial period you could just pay by the month for a while to be sure it works for you and you would stick to it. The one nice thing about it is there are some short meditations you can do when you are suddenly super stressed - like your kids give you a hard time, etc. Also, I find that when I do other activities, I am much more focused on what I am doing rather than rehashing something that is going on in my life which creates additional stress. I highly recommend it.

I was recently given the suggestion to try Head space, as I too have been feeling lately like that picture you shared on your blog last wk.end. Yes, those "little guys" are very cute.I've never done any kind of meditation before, am having trouble both going to AND staying asleep, needing to 'calm my mind'.I don't however have a Smartphone to get the app.but my "friend" knows I have a tablet, so I Googled it and did actually manage to 'try it out ' and complete d The Basics section(was very glad to see that it was free, but then was very disappointed to learn you have to subscribe to finish the rest of the course. I agree with Monique and Sharon both excellent replies, totally worth it.I really liked it as well, I agree with you 100%,how calming Andy's voice is,the feeling of being calmer end your day on! It would have been something I definitely would have used if I could have. Thank You for bringing some attention to this your readers/fans!! Everyone should at the very least 'check it out'.

For Lara - If you want a calming voice, listen (watch) to the old Perry Mason reruns. I love Raymond Burr but he puts me to sleep every time. LOL

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