Healthy Alternative to NutriGrain Bars

June 3, 2018   12 Comments

A healthy alternative to NutriGrain bars is needed for those who run out the door. Plenty of people eat these without being aware of the sugar in them.

Healthy Alternative to NutriGrain Bars

Last year, I wrote Are NutriGrain Bars Good For You? and many wrote in wanting an alternative to a this bar. NutriGrain Bars are 150 calories and they include 11 grams of sugar so it shouldn’t be hard to find a better choice.

Except that it is! I have spent too much of my time standing in the “cereal bar” aisle perusing all the options. I’m pretty sure the security guard at the local Stop & Shop was beginning to wonder if I was sane as I couldn’t seem to stop picking up boxes, yelling, and putting them down again.

First rule of a healthy alternative – you have to leave the cereal aisle.

So here are some suggestions that I have come up with. I know you want to put something in your backpack, purse, and/or briefcase but it isn’t that easy to find a food that isn’t packed with sugar and other crap and be in a package.

These are in no particular order.

  • Some Kind Bars will work if they have less than 5 grams of sugar.
  • Make your own trail mix with almonds, raisins, peanuts, and cashews. Shove ¼-1/3 cup in a Ziploc sandwich bag.
  • Grab an apple and a small bag of nuts.

There are a bunch of healthy options now to buy – like a fresh fruit cup, hard boiled eggs, or a couple of cheese sticks with an apple. You just have to get out of your head that you need something that looks like a BAR. There are so few bars that taste good and are good for you.

If I am in a hurry, I always grab a banana and hope to eat more later in the day.

Do you have any suggestions for healthy alternatives to NutriGrain Bars? Thanks for sharing!

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i know a lot of sugar isn't good for you but you can also drive yourself nuts reading all the packages. so that just adds stress to the stress you already have. LOL!!!!!! sometimes i'll just eat one of the bars and just get on with it

How about Larabars?

I usually keep a small bag of some kind of trail mix in my sports bag as well as the car so we can munch a little if we go too long between meals. The kids (teens) also love dried mango or homemade Lara bars (google recipes....lots of flavour variations). I wrap Lara bars and freeze them but you can’t really keep them handy in the gym bag like you can nuts and dried fruit. I usually add extra nuts to the trail mix as I find there are usually too many raisins in them for my taste. Allof these options are high cal so be careful with the amount you eat. At least the fat in the nuts is healthier fat....not sat or trans so less likely to accumulate in the abdomenal area. Oh, yes, apples rock! Kept one in the car to munch on on the commute home.

I'm looking for your recent post about grilling veggies on the BBQ with a device from Amazon. I can't locate it in your list of posts. Want to get it and have seen it before but would like you to get the credit for suggesting it.

A Faithful Follower,

I hear you Judy Young!

So true, some days I just eat whatever is handy and get on with it!

Can be overwhelming to always look at nutrition labels.

Before you discount this idea, hear me out; Protein Pucks. They're huge, but half of one puck fits the bill (really are like 3 bars in one puck). The trade off? You get a chewy bite not a crunchy bite. They taste good, but are densly packed even for grab and go bars. Worth a try, and if you don't like them the soccer team will :-).

Trader Joes has a new "bar". Very similar to a Larabar. Dates and nuts only, great tasting, easy to grab.

I find that on the mornings that I go to my workout class I am always over sleeping and although I do not like breakfast I have to have a little something on the way. I usually grab whatever fruit is handy, apple, orange, watermelon (today it was strawberries) and a bag of almonds. It is easy and gives me energy until lunch.

QUEST BARS. I'm not crazy about erythritol, but I'm on Weight Watchers and find more satisfaction in half a dense, flavorful, low-sugar bar (many fruity or chocolatey flavors from which to choose) for 2 pts than to have a few nuts for 3 or 4 pts that leave me wanting more (but can't have more because I'm unwilling to give up the pts)!!🌻

This might also help when trying to figure out what healthy snack bar fits our personal criteria. I just received a report comparing many Snack Bars available in our supermarkets today.…

I especially liked the Scorecard (the rating criteria is on Pg 17 of report).

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