Healthy Greek Yogurt

July 23, 2019   16 Comments

Healthy Greek yogurt is easy to find if you know what to look for. It is everywhere!

Healthy Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is yogurt that has been strained to remove most of its whey. This means that the yogurt is thicker and seems richer than regular yogurts (even when the yogurt has zero fat).

Greek yogurt also contains more protein than regular yogurt making it a favorite for those trying to increase their protein.

In the USA, there is no legal definition of Greek yogurt and yogurt thickened with thickening agents such as pectin, locust bean gum, and guar gum can be sold as Greek yogurt.

You want the real thing, right?

Also, the flavored style of Greek yogurt can be high in added sugar. Years ago, before they started to cut sugar - there was a Dannon Greek with 27 grams of sugar!! Things have changed a bit and you can find options with less than 10 grams.

I like to buy plain Greek yogurt because then I can add my own fruit, jam, honey, nuts or whatever to it. Expect all of these plain, Greek yogurts to have 5 grams of sugar because milk has natural sugar (lactose). You don’t need to add very much to make these taste sweet.

The options below have zero grams of fat. This does not mean that they are healthier than the versions with fat. I think both the ones with fat and without are good for you.

FAGE is the most expensive and the most unique of my favorite healthy Greek yogurts. It has a very thick texture and it has 18 grams of protein and 90 calories. It is a bit chalky and I find that the zero fat version isn’t as tasty as the fattier version. It is sour but not too sour and I think it is a a great choice (if you don’t mind a little chalkiness).

This Chobani cost me only $1 on sale and was less thick and more creamy than the FAGE version. I thought it tasted pretty bland and not very sour but I did like the texture. It would be hard to go wrong with this one. I did like it and would buy it again. Chobani has 15 grams of protein for 80 calories.

Dannon Oikos is another true Greek yogurt. This one tasted the most yogurty of the plan Greek yogurts that I have tried. It was sour, tasty, and creamy all at the same time. If you really like yogurt (the sour punch) - this is the one for you! I think it is also one that I would buy again. Oikos has 15 grams of protein for 80 calories.

What is your favorite healthy Greek yogurt? Thanks for sharing!!

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Thanks for comparing the different types - it assured me that I was picking the best one for my taste. I usually make my own yogurt, but when time is short I have been buying Chobani in the large container. I save a bit in the freezer to use as starter when I have time to make my own.

Mine is actually Siggi's Icelandic Style Yogurt. The plain 0 fat one has 90 calories per container and 16gr of protein. The ingredients are just pasteurized skim milk and live active cultures. It's even thicker than the other greek yogurts. Have you ever tried it? More info here:

I really like the Fage. I think it works best if your making the two ingredient dough

FAGE is hands down my favorite! The little container is the perfect size to fill me up and I mix it with cut up strawberries. Also, you can count it as a protein OR a dairy. How versatile is this product ! Yum

I was a Fage fan until I started making my own in the Instant Pot. Now it’s my favorite.

I love Greek yogurt. As a WW member, for zero FSP, I use it in practically everything. I even make a zero point "cheesecake" using eggs, Greek yogurt, and sf pudding mix. Thanks for the reviews and comparisons. I will try them all, including Siggi's. So far, I have been using the store brand or Costco's and BJ's - whatever saves me $$!

My new favorite low sugar/high protein yogurt is Wunder Creamery, which is Quark-style yogurt. It's less chalky and tangy. Their cows were also grass-fed. It's not a fat-free yogurt, but it's always nice to have a little fat to absorb the fat-soluble vitamin D :)

140 cals, 4g carbs and 16g pro per 5.3 oz cup.

Best Nonfat Greek yogurt I have found, over the last 6 yrs I e tried them all. Is Trader Joe's nonfat plain Greek yogurt . It is so creamy, thick and not as tart as others. 32oz for $4.99 super good.would love for you to try and do a review.

We like Kirkland Organic plain nonfat Greek yogurt from Costco! It is creamy and tastes good. It has 18 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. There are 100 calories in 2/3 of a cup. I also buy Dannon’s Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt. It has 6 grams of sugar and 12 grams of protein. You can add a few spoonfuls of the flavored kind in with the plain yogurt if you’d like.

Thank you Snack Girl for all of your recipes and suggestions!

Fage is the most authentic hands- down. I grew up in a home where Greek style yogurt was home made. It’s pretty close to Labne, a middle eastern form of cultured milk. I don’t think Fage is chalky at all. The others are all too thin, milky and sweet- all Americanized.

I love Fage (0%, 2% or 5%) plain Greek yogurt. I occasionally purchase the Costco Kirkland brand but it isn't as thick. Depending on my day and how I'm working WW, I generally do the 0% or 2%. I haven't tried making yogurt in the Instant Pot yet, but plan on doing so. I don't like my yogurt too sour/tart.

I am with Terri. I buy the Siggi's Icelandic Greek Yogurt. I used it in the broccoli apple salad recipe, Snack girl!

I need a yogurt with no sugar. Is there such a thing?

@Donna - All yogurt has natural sugar in it. It is impossible to find one without it. Thanks for your question!!

My friend has motivated me to make my own Greek yogurt with my Instapot. It is SOOOO easy and much more delicious than any bought brand. My Instapot has a "yogurt" button. All you have to do is put in the 1/2 gallon of Fairlife milk and 2 tablespoons of any unopened plain yogurt to add the cultures. It stays in pot for 8 hours on "yogurt" setting. Then in refrigerator for 4 or more hours, then drain the whey out of it using a teacloth or I put it in a coffee filter overnight. It's a long process, but not hard. I put it on before I go to bed, and it's done in the morning. Then I refrigerate it while I'm at work, then strain it when I get home. I have FRESH delicious yogurt for the week.

**** Instant Pot

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