Healthy Halloween Tips

October 19, 2016   6 Comments

I should win an award for my healthy Halloween tips. Do you know how hard they are to come up with?

Healthy Halloween Tips

I can see the award now – A Golden Pumpkin with “Snack Girl” printed on it. Cool.

We are swimming in candy!! I made the mistake of walking down the wrong aisle at Costco and thought a two story pile of bags of candy was going to clobber me as I pushed my cart by it. I couldn’t imagine where all that candy was going to go.

Over the years, I have caused a real stir with my healthy Halloween ideas. One time, I suggested single wrapped prunes instead of candy and that landed me in the Minneapolis Tribune (perhaps as a joke). The reporter literally laughed in my face (well, in my ear because he called me).

Here are some better ideas:


I saw these Halloween themed pretzels at Costco after I made it by the candy pile (they also had small cans of PlayDoh).

These Halloween goldfish are super cute and the parents of toddlers will love you for giving them out. The tweens will roll their eyes.

My choice for best ACTUAL Candy are these:


1. Don’t have nuts (those lousy allergies).
2. Won’t stick to kid’s teeth like taffy or other sticky candy.
3. Taste strongly so you aren’t tempted to eat too many of them in one sitting.
4. Not so bad on the calories.

One fun-sized York patty is:

60 calories, 1 g fat, 0.5 g saturated fat, 14.0 g carbohydrates, 11 g sugar, 0 g protein, 0 g fiber, 5 mg sodium, 3 SmartPoints

I don’t have to buy candy for Trick-or-Treaters and I suggest that you don’t buy it either……..until October 30th so it doesn’t sit there looking at you.

A few tips:

  • Buy candy that you don’t like.
  • If there is leftover candy, give it away or toss it out.
  • If you can’t give it away then put it in the freezer where you can’t see it.

Here are the instructions for how to make the cute healthy Halloween treats.

Mandarin Pumpkins

Peel mandarin oranges (smaller ones with no seeds) and shove a small stick of celery into the center to make a stem. Wrap if not serving these immediately so the mandarins don’t dry out.

Banana Ghosts

Cut banana in half and press Cheerios onto flesh. Eat immediately or soak banana in lemon juice before putting on Cheerios so they don’t turn brown.

Pretzel Brooms

Slice a cheese stick in half and cut several slices into one half of the stick. Shove end of pretzel stick into flat end of cheese stick to make a “broom”.

Please share your healthy Halloween tips! We can use as many as we can get.

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This year I am giving out little boxes of tattoos and wax fangs that ooze "blood." Don't forget to put out a teal pumpkin if you are handing out non-candy items for kids with allergies.

I am always disappointed that lemon juice is the go-to product to keep sweet fruits from browning. Orange juice is so much tastier and accomplishes the same thing. Give it a try!

I buy my halloween the kind I like to eat. After the trick or treaters are gone, I take out what I want to keep, then the rest go to my church the first Sunday I go back for fellowship time. A great way for me..but maybe not the other families. There are also places to donate leftover candy to go to the military, etc.

I am going to the gym Halloween night....thus, saving myself some money, feel good about working out, and no leftover candy to tempt myself with post Halloween!

How cute are these Orange & Black 'Halloween' Fruit Kabobs:…

or these Jackson Pollock Candied Apples which are more apple than candy:…

How cute are these Orange & Black 'Halloween' Fruit Kabobs:…

or these Jackson Pollock Candied Apples which are more apple than candy:…

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